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  1. A thought ... can the .a78 binary be disassembled to asm code? May be possible to hack the music that way
  2. Boss enemy needs to be Mezmeron, an evil wizard from the Pac Man cartoon. https://www.deviantart.com/mrmachination/art/Pac-man-Mezmeron-311766843
  3. If it comes along ok, I will add the music in. It will need to be retooled to fit into the game's format tho. Break time music won't change. But the level music will need to be redone to 3 8-bit channels as in the original Bentley Bear game. Also, the arcade high score music can be repurposed as the title music.
  4. In addition, Arkanoid uses pokey and tia, tho the tia and pokey use seperate sound routines.
  5. Bentley editor doesn't let you change the music does it? Not that what I have done can easily be fit in without retooling the engine. Bentley's music is 3 8-bit POKEY channels with a 4th for game effects. My examples here are a 16-bit channel and 2 8-bit ones, leaving no room for game sound fx unless we use TIA.
  6. Doing the castle music next. This will leave the homeward music, game over, and high score tunes to be done.
  7. Pac-land "Break Time" music. Same setup as the main theme, and again, real hardware only please ... or if you must, at least use ProSystem for it, it plays the closest to the real thing. Binaries for POKEY @4000 and @450. A test on real hardware is appreciated, as always. pacland-break.A78 pacland-break.asm pacland-break.bin pacland-break-450.A78 pacland-break-450.asm pacland-break-450.bin
  8. Hey ... Just found your project and it looks really interesting. Had thought about rewriting your software to run on the Atari 7800. It would likely go on a POKEY enabled cart and use TIA and POKEY both. What joystick registers are used by your hardware, and how are the midi functions mapped? Also ... I have updated the pokey note table significantly... i have note tables for $2x and $4x (two iterations) in 1.79 mhz mode, $8x in 16-bit mode using 9-bit polycounter, and also $2x, $4x (two tables), $Ax, $Cx (two tables) in 16-bit mode. Attaching a link below in case you wanted to update your software
  9. Ideally i'd likeva retool of the bentley engine for wider sprites. But for proof of concept, the 8 wide will work.
  10. It can to a degree. There is some draw tearing still on Rikki and Vikki. I am not familiar with that hardware.
  11. Well if the sprites are of differing palettes it eats into DMA time the same as using 160B
  12. Again these sound so much better in real HW than on my Altirra emulator.
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