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    Three things I've always kind of wondered about, and never really found information on. 1 - Does anyone know the whereabouts of the two jewel encrusted SwordQuest prizes that were awarded? The Talisman, and the Chalice? Are there any pictures of them anywhere? 2 - I was never really all that lucky finding the clue screens. Has anyone ever seen a walkthru or formula sheet for which items had to be carried/located at in order to get the clues? The only thing I ever saw were the correct clues for Earthworld (SPIRE IN TOWER TALISMAN FOUND) and Fireworld (LEADS TO CHALICE POWER ABOUNDS) 3 - In Earthworld, there were items that allowed you to slip right past Sagitarius' spears, Taurus' horns, and But I'd like to be able to get them in the game myself.
  2. If it weren't for the fact that I absolutely loved the comic book, artwork and would dream about winning the treasure prizes, I'd definitely add Fireworld to the list. I just couldn't stand the Fireworld game itself. There were challenges at every room, not just some of them, no real useful items, unlike Earthworld, and no matter how many hours I played, I never got a single "clue screen". (Never got more than 2 in Earthworld either) The game got it all wrong in my opinion, but the rest was pretty cool.
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