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  1. Ah, it is the Euro spec! I can see the 220 plug and the Atari Gamepad. I still wonder why the US never got that Gamepad?
  2. The Taiwan Cooper "popeye" cart arrived today, so I have some more pics. That back description, LMAO ! 🤣 Also, a couple other uncommon carts in my collection, a blue label "Atlantis", and "Name this Game" (US Games)
  3. Wow, that's quite a collection there! Those funky MB controllers are especially cool! Also, I didn't even know about the "16-n-1" carts. Are those PAL?
  4. Nice! when you think about it, any Japanese market Atari items would be quite rare!
  5. One that always stuck out to me was "Tunnel Runner" by CBS Electronics. Granted, it is a "Ram Plus" game that uses an additional chip to get it to 12k. still, the idea of a "3D", first person maze game on the Atari 2600 is still an incredible feat, especially in 1983. Also, almost all of the Starpath games. I would especially say " Escape from the Mind Master", which is another "3D" first-person maze crawler. (Tunnel Runner, CBS, 1983) (Escape from the MindMaster, Starpath, 1982)
  6. As big Atari and classic gaming fans, i'm sure just about everyone here who collects has at least one Atari 2600 in our personal collections, and some games. Yesterday, I acquired a rather interesting title on eBay: "Popeye". However, this isn't the normal Parker Bros. release, this is the unlicensed "Taiwan Cooper" version. I bought in in the box for $11. When I think about it, this would be just about the rarest 2600 game currently in my collection. So, how about you guys? What's the rarest game you currently own? (Ps, Photo is from original eBay Listing, I can post additional photos once the game arrives in the mail).
  7. There were a few, for example the APF TV Fun "Color Match" 406F. I have one of these myself. I cannot tell you how many used color though. The earlier Color PONGs using the GI chips used the 8515 Color chip as an add on to the standard AY-3-8500(-1) the later color pongs replaced both of these with the AY-3-8510 chip, which was also released in a cartridge format for the "PC-50x" series of Consoles, such as the Hanimex SD-070 Color TV Programmable, and the Soundic SD-050 Programmable. the 8510 had 6 games, instead of 10, but had color built into the chip.
  8. I think it's more of what you like, as far as aesthetics on the console, as most of them are the same game wise, mainly due to the General Instruments Ay-3-8500 chip that about 90% of them ran. As far as one type I like, are the APF Tv fun series. I personally have the 2 rarest models in their lineup (which are "uncommon" at best), the 402 "Sportarama" (with the extra detachable paddles, and the Light gun), and the 406F "Color Match", which has the additional GI 8512 Color chip . Unfortunately, the 406 is in bad shape, and currently not working. The pic below is of My APF TV Fun 402 "Sportarama". The Detachable Controllers are for Players 1 and 2, players 3 and 4 use the knobs on the console. The gun plugs in the side. (the pic was taken at my work, I had just got it, and no time to go home before work.)
  9. Me personally, If I have something on eBay, then it's the only place I will have it listed. I never try to sell it elsewhere, not even in my family's physical store, if I have it listed on eBay. Now, I usually eBay items I know will be a hard sell at the store, so stuff like Xbox 360 games usually don't get listed, as they sell fairly well in the store. Of course, true retro stuff rarely makes it onto the shelf, or ebay for that matter, as I usually buy the retro stuff that comes in for my personal collection! (although I do eBay the dupes from my collection)
  10. I was wondering if anyone actually got one of these yet. So far, not ebay or Amazon, or anyone other than Hyperkin seems to be selling these. I was beginning to wonder if they were actually selling these things yet, or if they ran into a delay like with the Retron 5 at first. Well, thats good to know people are actually getting them.
  11. Polybius

    RetroN 77

    Wow, I am surprised, that one, they actually are making this, and secondly, I have just now found out this thing exists, despite the fact that in the last 2 years, I have wrote to them about it, Petitioned on Change.org to make one, Talked about the idea several times, etc. I truly feel great seeing that this thing will be here July 7th! (and of course, i'm getting one, just like I told Hyperkin I would if they made one!) Also, the price on Hyperkin's website lists it at $69.99.
  12. Polybius

    My Game Collection

    Just some of the Games and systems I own.
  13. Dang, you picked up some really rare stuff! "Gas Hog" is an 8 on the AA rarity guide, "Glacier Patrol" is another 8 title and "Frankenstein's Monster" is a 5. ! I would say, the least rare game in that collection would be a 5 on the scale! Just wondering, how much did you give for all those carts?
  14. Very Nice! and yours works too! I have to find a rom chip for mine, it boots to a blank screen. I picked one of those up 2 years ago in a reality company house cleanup. Was hired by a realty company my aunt works for to clean the stuff out of a house so they could sell it. (old lady moved out, told the realty company, "Do whatever with the rest of the stuff!" So my father and I were called in. I found an sx-64 in the attic, among other cool stuff.
  15. I only have 3, 1.(1977 or 78) Sunnyvale Six-Switch "Heavy 6er" (S/N 17784F) 2.(May 6, 1980) Taiwan six-Switch Woody "Light Sixer) (Made by TRW Electronic components, in Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C for Atari Inc.) 3. (1986) Black/Silver Atari 2600 Jr. "Short Rainbow" ( Made in Hong Kong?) I also have a Atari Flashback 2, but I dunno if that would fall under the criteria. (Images in order of console) Heavy Sixer: (Light Sixer) Ill have to get the jr pics later.
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