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  1. Doubledown, Did you ever get these? I have the Super Front Line Demo in .dsk format if you still need it. Here it is, in .dsk format. Gregg Sufrtlne.zip
  2. Charles, What are your thoughts on the IDE/ CF setup? I am working with Bob at this time on getting an ADAM 5.25 drive, very nice guy, a wealth of information. Also do you know if you buy the IDE kit, is it an easy process to just say, take an old IDE hard drive you have lying around and hook it to the ADAM? I would have to think the drive may need be formatted and partitioned in a certain manner. I was very interested in the ADAMServe application as well, to be able to do a serial connection from the ADAM, using an Orhphanware serial card, and an IBM pc, and then be able to use the IBM's hard disk and other peripherals from the ADAM. I am wondering if you could use this method instead of the 5.25 drive to trasfer disk images, software, etc from the IBM PC world and ADAM. -Gregg
  3. Do you have the file that needs to be programmed to an EPROM within the disk drive for this conversion? I wasn't aware that the EPROM needed to be reprogrammed. Oh, well guess that wouldn't be as easy as I thought.
  4. I read the opposite. The OS can support HUGE HD's, waaay bigger than anything available at the time of the ADAM's release. The HD's are regular Western Digital drives. It can't go up to the 250-300 GB drives of today but still enough space that you could never fill it up. ecoleco sells/sold a RAMdisk upgrade that was interesting sounding. I don't think the commercially released ADAM games are buggy. There are some that were released to the public domain after coleco stopped supporting the adam and some of those were unfinished betas. ecoleco: "Hard Disk Drives contain a permanently installed disk that spins at very high speed to save and retrieve data and boot programs. The Adam's House Hard Drive may be installed under the top cover of the Memory Console. Hard Drives are very fast using Western Digital 70 Mili-second 3.5" drives and IDE 16 Bit Controller interface boards. The Slot #1 interface card provides Hard Disk Drive interfacing. Our optional Printer Interface card provides an auto-booting PROM Chip socket to set up the Hard Drive after power is applied, or you may quickly boot the hard drive using a tape or disk provided. The Hard Disk Drive is available in a capacities of 10, 20, 40, and 60 Megabyte. A wide variety of programs are provided in TDOS System format, and set-up boot files for EOS System Programs like SmartWriter, SmartBASIC, AdamCalc, etc. Space is divided equally on the Hard Disk for use with TDOS (the CP/M alternative system) and EOS (the standard format of the ADAM computer. Programs can be transferred into the Hard Drive using the included utility program, FILE MANAGER V3.1. After the Hard Drive is quickly up to speed and brought on line, a Main Menu Screen appears that allows the user to move into any area of the drive to run programs, boot programs, or simply save and retrieve files and documents. Very little time is needed to become familiar with the operation and use of our new Hard Disk Drive." I have a couple 5 1/4" disk drives that I believe are non-working though they can be used to convert them into new 3 1/2" drives. You need to hook the control board from the dd to a new floppy so it's recognized by the adam. Anyone interested? I was wondering if you still had those dead 5 1/4 ADAM disk drives, I wouldnt mind one to make into a 3.5 Do you have any other ADAM equipment or software you would be interested in selling?
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