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  1. We have released new version of our productivity tool named uIPTool, which can shorten your development time on Atari TOS machines significantly and is quite handy for transferring files. With the help of cartridge based ethernet card (Netusbee/Ethernec) you can easily deploy binary built on PC with cross compiler and quickly transfer them via local network to Atari TOS machine and execute it remotely. Additionally all Atari console input / output is redirected to console on PC which is quite handy during development. Tool requires minimal amount of memory and it can run on Atari models with even 512kib of ram. Full write up about what's new is on nokturnal. More information and download section is on an official project page. We have reduced memory requirements significantly, so it should run even on models with 512kib of ram which wasn't possible on previous version. Regards, PG
  2. Hi, I've released the latest version 2.4 wip.
  3. Hi Grazey , you can try the direct link.
  4. Hi, I've managed to port pixel painter GrafX 2.2 to Atari Falcon, but it should work on Atari TT too. As it is SDL stuff it can be little slow on standard machines: http://nokturnal.pl/2011/01/grafx_atari_por/langswitch_lang/en It has few bugs though, so it's beta for now until everything will be resolved. Cheers,
  5. Hi, I've opened Atari coding wiki. Announcement is here: http://nokturnal.pl/2010/12/bus_error_wiki Wiki is here: http://bus-error.nokturnal.pl Not much atm (few articles and selection of essential materials in download section), but I hope that it will grow to something worthwhile. The idea is to have all things related to coding in one place. If anyone has some interesting things that should be put there then contact me. Regards, P.
  6. Hello! I've got ct60 for sale. Here is the auction. The current price is ~300EUR. http://cgi.ebay.pl/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...alenotsupported. As I need cash badly if I get the reasonable price offer I could sell it a little cheaper.. (item is in Poland) Contact me at: pawel.goralski@nokturnal.pl regards, Pawel Goralski
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