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  1. lighten up. I'm not being an ass I'm trying to figure out whether I want to buy this or not. Let my comments stand. There is nothing in them that is not Tit for tat or abusive. Jesus man we are having a conversation here so let it roll.
  2. No actually it doesn't but It's pretty clever. What stops the scan if the file doesn't exist ?
  3. If TIPI is @ CRU $1000 and you old DSK1.WHATEVER then the folder assigned to TIPI's DSK1 is searched for WHATEVER. If it is found then It's loaded and your off to the races. If it does not find it on TIPI then TIPI's TI side DSR ignores the error and continues on with the scan @ $1100 ?
  4. So you can OLD DSK1 from your TIPI and immediately OLD DSK1 FROM your FDC ? I call BS.
  5. You can use TIPI storage and FDC storage at the same time ?
  6. That's fine and was a bit of a cheap shot by me in response to your venom. Water under the bridge.My personal take on this project is that the side car was brilliant as it allowed those without a PEB to have a DISK system and more. The PEB version looks like a clone of the side port system which is fine but does not take into account the different environment. I would bet that most if not all PEB's contain a FDC and drives. Shit canning them in order to access TIPI drive storage is a little bit over the top for me especially when you consider how easy it would be to resolve the conflicts. That's just me though. Doesn't mean it's a bad project or it won't get used as I'm sure the hard drive ability will attract many as well as the other features. It appears on the surface to be either an attempt at forcing a paradigm change or a some ignorance on Matt's part as to how cards could be and have been compatible. And then, I could be full of shit on both counts.FYI (Matt) Maybe this will help for the next revision.AFAIK the only times a card needs to preempt another card with lower the CRU address is when a hard disk controller is holding a valid DSK1 emulation folder or a card has a power up routine that takes control of the system. Name tables have nothing to do with the CRU.The HFDC had the ability to be a chameleon. If the CARD was set @ CRU >1100 then the disks were called DSK1....DSK4. If the card was set at a Different CRU address then the ROM was paged and the drives were DSK5....DSK8 (My explanation may be flawed but the gist is the same.) This allowed two floppy controllers to exist in the PBOX without causing issues. That would have been a good tidbit for you to know. Maybe on your next revision ?HRD's because they have RAM in the DSR space do not work by preempting the CRU. They can exist with FDC's and hard drive cards because the user has the ability to name the drives whatever the user likes(example DSK1-9...A-Z.) This allows the card to exist anywhere in the CRU space. Now obviously you cannot get away with duplicating names but you are not forced into a situation where you can't use both. Removing good hardware to accommodate new stuff is a bit of a stretch for me currently but hopefully this will get resolved down the road.Lastly (and this is not a shot at Matt but an over all observation as it happens here on occasion) but claiming that a project was "built for your personal use and needs" is fine and acceptable until it starts being offered as a product. At that point the statement becomes a little disingenuous and appears to be an excuse as to why something is broken. DSK storage on the PEB TIPI is most definitely broken. I hope it gets fixed and takes off like a scalded dog. MARC
  7. So we're I to buy one of these I could simply change the D's in DSK to T' s as in TSK in the EPROM and be good or does the PI side need the DSK string passed ?
  8. I'm not ripping on anything. I'm asking questions and Matt is answering. You will still get your opportunity to make money on the PEB version so lighten up.
  9. So. A reference to DSKx is actually a reference to a sub directory on the PI ? Reread your reply and think I understand better your answers. How about you rename your TI side to TSKx. You get to keep your DSR as is and you can shit can the whole DSKx clash. Outside the box Matt. It looks good , then It's ugly, good again then fugly and back to good. But definitely a different approach to TI land. You're on to something. Polish your scheme.
  10. Maybe I am misunderstanding. Correct my assumptions. If I have a TIPI set at cru $1000 then I can access the Emulated DSK1-4 on TIPI but I cannot access the FDC or physical disks ?
  11. I sounded shitty and did not mean to but I do believe that if you are making a PEB card then it should play nice with the rest of the rack. Removing a working device to accommodate TIPI is not a good solution. What I meant by DSK5....8 was to rename TIPI's device names to 5-8. That should alleviate FDC clashes. DSK1 emulation on the TI would require a cru of $1000 with a scan starting at $1000 and not $1100 but that is standard fare. Those software changes should make your device compatible with everything except an HFDC set at $1000 ?
  12. Well good luck then. I'd like to play in the TIPI pool but you seem to not care about fitting your project in with existing hardware. It's been done before but what do I know ?
  13. No. I was suggesting a tried and true method to avoid (some of) the device name clash that seems to be occurring. Background... The Horizon CONFIG program has the user select the drive Number. This can be 1-9 and/or A-Z selected by the user in a drive set up routine. Of course the Horizon DSR is in RAM so it's pretty natural but is really effective. Might be worth an exploration on how you could manage around RAM. If worse comes to worse then maybe you could rename your drive look ups to 5,6 & 7. That would at least alleviate the FDC conflicts. The only time you should require your card to be @$1000 is if your trying to do DSK1 emulation from a hard drive (e.g. TIPI.)
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