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  1. Crazy listings locally ... I haven’t checked my local listings for a while, but as always, plenty of sellers still on the pipe.
  2. Whattup Dave! The collection looks awesome. Any major new v-case discoveries in the Atari world of late?
  3. nofrills100


  4. Was that Aussie ebay... I recall seeing it recently
  5. nofrills100

    Mind Link

    Thought this might have been posted a few weeks back already, but couldn't see anything as yet - but there was a guy on facebook who found a lab loaner bionic breakthrough
  6. Sorry Shawn, It's up to the buyer to divulge that information if they wish.
  7. Sold. Happy to say it will be going into a top-notch collection.
  8. I am always happy to provide my insight and opinion, which is mostly limited to Taiwan clones and oddities. My contribution to atariboxed is a drop in the ocean compared to the work the guys have put in.
  9. After years of putting this collection together from far and wide - it is now for sale. Please see my post on the marketplace. Cheers
  10. Hi, just putting out a call of interest. I'm selling my collection of v-cases, over 250 cartridges for the 2600. About a quarter are boxed, and among them are some very rare and valuable cartridges. These were mostly bought for AU$10 to $20, but the rarer ones Funvision and Ultravision for eg. up to $150. Ideally I'd like to sell them as a whole collection, but I understand that means a large outlay of cash in one hit. In any case I will hopefully have time to take some more photos this weekend and can send you some shots etc if you PM with expressions of interest. Priority will go to keeping the collection together. Regards Tom Collection at: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/182519-v-case-pirate-cartridges-for-the-2600-cracked-the-250-mark/
  11. Déjàvu eBay Auction -- Item Number: 112218956973 Not sure if it's the same seller ID, but I bet it is the same scammer
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