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  1. Thanks, Thanks to both of you, that's exactly what I need to know.
  2. (sorry for double post) Well, I seem to have found the answer to both questions 1 and 3. Still the question remains does the Expansion Module 1 work with video mods? If the way I type makes me look like a spambot just say so too.
  3. I am considering buying a Colecovision w/ Expansion Module 1 for 2600 games but, I have three questions about it. 1. What (if any) compatibility problems does the Expansion Module have with 2600 games? 2. I've seen that the component mod is a bit hit or miss in terms of working w/ correct colors or at all. Has it been improved since? Is it currently a viable option? 3. If I so choose to get some sort of video mod done, can I use the signal from the mod for Atari games, or will I have to revert to RF? Thank you, for any and all answers. EDIT: Fail on spelling in the thread title. *facepalm* EDIT: Fixed
  4. Dant

    Atari 400

    Thanks for the offer man still considering. Now on to the other news: My Q,A,and Z keys are dead, or do I just need to clean the keyboard somehow?
  5. Dant

    Atari 400

    Thanks for the advice! That's likely because the necessary chips to convert the signal would make it over complicated, and/or too expensive, and/or too big, or just impossible. Mainly because SIMMs act much differently from Standard D-ram like the 400 has, I believe.
  6. Dant

    Atari 400

    Thanks, anyway I swore that only the 800 had the Ram slots but I'm apparently wrong Also will this do? http://cgi.ebay.com/RAMPOWER-32-FOR-ATARI-...93%3A1|294%3A50
  7. Dant

    Atari 400

    Well, I have no basic cartridge and most 16k Ataris I've seen had a 16k sticker on the bottom which mine doesn't. On the other hand I did find a good deal on a 810 floppy drive, a 410 cassette drive, and a SX express modem so I can dial into the BBSes here.
  8. Dant

    Atari 400

    Thanks for the advice! I believe I have the stock 8k I did some reading and it really sucks that I have to learn how to solder to upgrade it Yeah I kind noticed the 400 turned off when I opened the lid. I have a really old but reliable AA-powered digital camera, and once again I have only the stock 8k.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm brand new to this forum and have an Atari 400 here that I dug up out of storage recently with no cartridges, no cassette drive, and no disk drive (although there were 3 joysticks). After getting the thing plugged in for the first time in a while I noticed that the switch box used those prongs instead of the standard screw-down coax connectors. So after an 3-min argument with the guy at RadioShack about "Yes the RF modulator is indeed built into the Atari." I finally got an RCA-to-Coax adapter and pluged it into my TV. So now here I am typing this as I look at a blue screen with the phrase "ATARI COMPUTER - MEMO PAD" at the top on my little 13" TV I have next to my PC. So to end this my only question is "Now what?". Because quite literally I have no idea where to go from here.
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