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    Ok, here we go, besides all my real life stuff, my interests Include (at the moment): 2600, 7800, Colecovision, NES, SNES, SEGA Master, Genesis, Turbografx, N64,Gameboy and the GC..
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    Genesis titles I've been missing out on over the years, and some original GB games on the Super Gameboy.
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    Only God knows..
  1. Spy Hunter for the NES is a fantastic port. Anyways my top 10 in no order. -Little Sampson -Jackal -P.O.W. -Contra 1 & 2 -Kid Nikki -Road Blasters -Legend of Kage -Double Dragon 2 -Rolling Thunder -Tecmo Bowl
  2. 1.Superman 2.Firefly 3.Any Sword Quest 4.Indiana Jones 5.Laser Blast 6.Mini Golf 7.Sssnake 8.Hide n Seek 9.Haunted House 10.Karate Maybe I should give some of those a little more effort, but out of what I own those never get played.
  3. Hello everyone, Yea so, I've had my FB2 since lanch & I remember even then one of the joysticks just quit working..Then both. I know it wasn't the console, as other pads & joys work just fine. Also, the FB2 joys wouldn't work on an actual 2600 either. I mean nothing. Fast forward to today & all of the sudden the same issue. I had bought Replacements(FB2 ones) years ago since the original ones failed. First one of them just quit working , then shortly after the second one. They were gently used with zero wear. Ive tried using on an original 4 switch Woody & Vader as well , nothing. Mind you other pads & joys work just find in the FB2 so it's not the flashbacks ports . Anyone else have FB2 joysticks just straight up die for no reason or am I just extremely unlucky with these things to have 4 just die. Is there a way to fix them maybe? Thanks for any input.
  4. I've been waiting for Bentley to become available for quit some time now, is there a date for release, and are there only a limited amount being made? Thanks.
  5. Dude, no offense but those prices are a joke for some of those games. Like lowballer prices.
  6. Really cool, are the select/start wired to anything?
  7. Late 80s, a closing down movie theater in Charlotte NC, had an arcade auction which included a Blaster Cockpit Cab that went for peanuts, that I nor my dad put any bid on.
  8. Pretty sure the portable will not play 7800 games. The best FB to acquire is definitely the 2 not the 2+, if your looking for true 2600 game experience.
  9. OP, if you know all that, what exactly are you asking? I think you got a deal.
  10. The train level on Bad Dudes..most underated nes track ever.
  11. Sure, let me send you all my consoles and game gears..no need to show references, I trust you.
  12. I'm definitely not myself tonight ...more Jekyl than Hyde ...

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    2. Armonigann


      Especially cheap vodka

    3. brenski


      except that, Henry Jekyll was the calm lucid guy, and Edward Hyde was "evil"...so how would cheap vodka make you calm and lucid?

    4. Torr


      Heheh... I was thinking Jekyl was the evil persona... never read the book or anything... Jekyl just SOUNDS evil...

  13. Hello Everyone, Just checking to see if anyone has a nice s-video and RCA modded Genny console for Sale..if it's a Model 1, I only need console only..If model 2, will need console and ac adapter .. Thanks for your time..
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