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    Ok, here we go, besides all my real life stuff, my interests Include (at the moment): 2600, 7800, Colecovision, NES, SNES, SEGA Master, Genesis, Turbografx, N64,Gameboy and the GC..
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    Genesis titles I've been missing out on over the years, and some original GB games on the Super Gameboy.
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  1. Spy Hunter for the NES is a fantastic port. Anyways my top 10 in no order. -Little Sampson -Jackal -P.O.W. -Contra 1 & 2 -Kid Nikki -Road Blasters -Legend of Kage -Double Dragon 2 -Rolling Thunder -Tecmo Bowl
  2. 1.Superman 2.Firefly 3.Any Sword Quest 4.Indiana Jones 5.Laser Blast 6.Mini Golf 7.Sssnake 8.Hide n Seek 9.Haunted House 10.Karate Maybe I should give some of those a little more effort, but out of what I own those never get played.
  3. Hello everyone, Yea so, I've had my FB2 since lanch & I remember even then one of the joysticks just quit working..Then both. I know it wasn't the console, as other pads & joys work just fine. Also, the FB2 joys wouldn't work on an actual 2600 either. I mean nothing. Fast forward to today & all of the sudden the same issue. I had bought Replacements(FB2 ones) years ago since the original ones failed. First one of them just quit working , then shortly after the second one. They were gently used with zero wear. Ive tried using on an original 4 switch Woody & Vader as well , nothing. Mind you other pads & joys work just find in the FB2 so it's not the flashbacks ports . Anyone else have FB2 joysticks just straight up die for no reason or am I just extremely unlucky with these things to have 4 just die. Is there a way to fix them maybe? Thanks for any input.
  4. I've been waiting for Bentley to become available for quit some time now, is there a date for release, and are there only a limited amount being made? Thanks.
  5. Dude, no offense but those prices are a joke for some of those games. Like lowballer prices.
  6. Really cool, are the select/start wired to anything?
  7. Late 80s, a closing down movie theater in Charlotte NC, had an arcade auction which included a Blaster Cockpit Cab that went for peanuts, that I nor my dad put any bid on.
  8. Pretty sure the portable will not play 7800 games. The best FB to acquire is definitely the 2 not the 2+, if your looking for true 2600 game experience.
  9. OP, if you know all that, what exactly are you asking? I think you got a deal.
  10. The train level on Bad Dudes..most underated nes track ever.
  11. Sure, let me send you all my consoles and game gears..no need to show references, I trust you.
  12. I'm definitely not myself tonight ...more Jekyl than Hyde ...

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      Especially cheap vodka

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      Heheh... I was thinking Jekyl was the evil persona... never read the book or anything... Jekyl just SOUNDS evil...

  13. Hello Everyone, Just checking to see if anyone has a nice s-video and RCA modded Genny console for Sale..if it's a Model 1, I only need console only..If model 2, will need console and ac adapter .. Thanks for your time..
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