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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you have checked the jumpers of the hard disk that make it recogznizable by Atari PC1. Thank you
  2. Hi, I know that this thread is old but could you please inform exact which jumpers did you use, to make it work ? Thank you
  3. Hi, may i have one please ? Please let me know payment details by PM if you have a board available. Thank you
  4. Umm, you do know that you can format a 1 gig SD card so that its both Atari and Windows compatible, right? Not sure what version of HDDriver you have to have though. I've got 8.15 (need to update), and it works with that. Here is a link - read it for the guide. I used it and it worked fine with my setup: http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=15764 Thank you very much for your answer. I formatted the 512MB SD to FAT via the PC, then I created a partition to my Atari (using HDDriver 7.80), now the SD is accesible from PC and Atari as you said. The only problem I face is that I cannot boot from the SD. So, I boot from a floppy disk, HDDRIVER finds the SD and then I have access to the files inside the SD. I had experienced hard disk problems with this STE in the past. It's possible that I have the version of the problematic DMA chip, I am not sure. Anyway, thanks a lot for your advise. My Atari is a 1040 STE 4MB with TOS 2.06.
  5. Hello Atarians, I am new to this channel, but actually I am an old Atarian, using Atari since 1983. I have almost bought all models of Atari ever released. I am not a collector. Some weeks ago, I bought a second hand Satandisk and I have succesfully formated the SD with HDDriver 7.80. It runs great !! Lovely piece of hardware. Now, I read that there is a software that can be used to transfer files from my PC to the Atari formatted SD and it's called: satandisk pperas drimus ??!!?? As the site is not working anymore, could you please send it to my email, or place it somewhere to download it ? Thank you all and nice to meet you.
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