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  1. If you are getting a clear case for your IIe , I assume you got the notice that it is delayed. I recently purchased a prison monitor to use with it (it's clear too). But my Kensington System Saver fan is not. I was thinking about trying to do a 3D replica of the fan as having the beige one attached might look out of place with a clear case. Anyone ever try to print 3D Clear?
  2. Is there a way from the Basic prompt in DOS 3.3 to see the default loading address of a particular binary file? If not, how would you have done that back in the day? Hex editor?
  3. Is your KEEP BBS named after the book/movie The Keep from 1983 as well or is that coincidence?
  4. mame64 ti99_4a -cart advent ioport:peb:slot8 bwg -flop1 ADV.DSK FAILS with: "peb:slot8" approximately matches the following supported software items (best match first): * Software list "ti99_cart" (TI-99/4A cartridges) matches: superst Super Storm pertest Peripheral Diagnostic Module exbaspl Extended Basic Plus supsort Super Sort prestate Personal Real Estate polepos Pole Position blasto Blasto exbasm Mechatronic/PS Extended Basic othello Othello supersk Super Sketch - Model G2400 exbasic Extended Basic exbas25 Extended Basic v2.5 demonat Super Demon Attack percseq Milliken Math Sequences - Percents readflt Reading Flight tombstn Tombstone City - 21st Century Error: unknown option: -<UNADORNED2>
  5. I added the ti carts to the rom path. Works now as you describe. Paths are separated with a semicolon.
  6. Confused about something the rom images (all carts) that arcadeshopper refered to for me vs .rpk files. I am using Mame .225 DOES NOT WORK: ./mame225 ti99_4a -cart all_carts/buckrog.zip Fatal error: Device TI-99 cartridge load failed: Invalid image DOES WORK: ./mame225 ti99_4a -cart TI99_MAME_MESS_Software_Pack_V3.1_by_TMOP/ti99_4a/SSS_Games/\[GAME\]\ Buck\ Rogers\ -\ Planet\ of\ Zoom\ \(1983\)\(Sega\ Enterprises\)\[PHM\ 3226\].rpk Game comes up and plays fine with the .rpk. Is there some other command line option for playing carts from http://ftp.whtech.com/Cartridges/MAME/all_carts.zip vs .rpk format ones?
  7. You must be right about having the cart in there. I can't get it do it again without a cart.
  8. Ok, I am confused. In the Windows TI99 classic99 , I select Scott Adams adventure disk image, it is 90K. I then restart the machine, no cart and Adventure is selectable (see pic) and I can boot the game by selecting it. I am trying to do the same thing in Mame, same disk image and it does not show up as an option. Is classic99 doing something special that Mame is not?
  9. Running mame .217. Does anyone know if the Ti IDE stuff working correctly? I can't seem to boot any disks. These are images that boot fine under another emulator. Disk does not show up in the selection for booting (just get basic as an option). I set ioport to peb, slot 3 is tifdc (TI-99 Standard DSSD Floppy Controller) with a 525 DD disk drive tifdc:0 with and image in it. No luck. I am a little new to using floppy disks with a Ti-994/a so may be missing something obvious.
  10. I figured out you need to add the speech module by adding a PEB first and then add the speech module to the PEB.
  11. Those cart images worked great. Grazie.
  12. If they can do it for David Crosby...Can’t they put you on a liver transplant list? Some local kids a few years ago went shrooming and ruined their livers , they ended up getting transplants. Best of luck.
  13. I am new to 6502, but I *think* this will do what you want. VCS_Modded.bin
  14. Anyone have success running any cart images from Mame? Do you have a link to those images? Everyone I have and tried just gives me a message saying that it's an invalid image and an internal error.
  15. I thought politics was a no no on this site.
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