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  1. Anyone have success running any cart images from Mame? Do you have a link to those images? Everyone I have and tried just gives me a message saying that it's an invalid image and an internal error.
  2. I thought politics was a no no on this site.
  3. In 2004, I had released game for MacOS X and wanted to send a copy to every Apple newsgroup to raffle. Apple gave me a large list, so they were still around in 2004.
  4. I forgot some stuff. I threw away a boxed copy of The Bilestoad, Sherwood Forest, Star Maze and Lucifer's Realm among other titles with the Apple II. I helped a friend throw a PDP-11/40 processor and random terminals into a dumpster. This does not really count, but I passed on an Apple Lisa in a thrift store 25+ years ago because they wanted $35 and would not take $30.
  5. Ashamed to say I tossed an Apple IIe with 2 Disk II drives into the TRASH. I also donated a NeXTStation Color Turbo and monitor in the to Goodwill. This was in the 1990's. I was trying to set an example for my hoarding girlfriend at the time.
  6. I have seen many classic computers ruined with streaking and blotchy retrobrite jobs. Not to mention it makes the plastic brittle. Most are quickly put up for sale on ebay. I would just leave it alone.
  7. This is kind of a technical question, so perhaps a programmer can shed some light. Why is the scrolling on the Colecovision so jerky? Zaxxon jumps to mind, but there are other examples too. It's like the background is moving too many pixels at a time. It's pretty far from the smooth look of the arcade and even other platforms.
  8. Interesting, I used mine and one from archive.org
  9. Interesting, this one was short though it was called test.bin and did not work. Different checksum with the newer one Richard posted
  10. Thanks Richard, that one worked! What was different?
  11. It did happen to be called Test.bin instead of test.bin .... but no change. Just a blank screen instead of Linearity Pattern. Machine gets super quiet when it goes blank.
  12. When I start the test cart and it is supposed to go to the Linearity Pattern, I just get a blank screen. I tried pressing buttons to go to the next test, and get nothing, its like the program just locked up or something. I am using the VecMulti and I press reset and get the menu, and the really odd thing is all the games and other software I run seem to work fine. I tried the test cart image I am using in Mame and it comes up fine. Any suggestions?
  13. I hope no one bought a Microvision on ebay or wherever thinking they could get a replacement screen from this April fools joke of a thread!
  14. Looks like the "8 bit guy" used your book to make a video for his channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UzTf0Qo37A At least someone in the comments listed your book as a citation 🙂
  15. I remember releasing software for the BeOS many moons ago, an adventure game called Hopkins: FBI.
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