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  1. I have a Colecovision with a mod for composite that I installed a couple of years ago. I think I bought the mod on ebay. Lately I am noticing some red bars on the screen. Is this a common failure? What should I check?
  2. If only they would get off Facebook.
  3. My daughter grew up on these around 2005 with my old Apple IIe becoming one of her best friends when she was about 1-2 years old.
  4. Sorry, Facebook (and Google) are blocked on my network.
  5. 80 Column card. I have an 80 column card, but nothing is in slot 3. You are probably seeing the sound card in slot 4, that one is lit up too.
  6. The accelerator card. I highly recommend it. You can fine tune your speed, say for a game that is a little too slow at stock speed but would be unplayable at super high speed. Xevious is a really good example. I prefer being able to fine tune the speed to other accelerators that are all or none. I have had it for I think a couple of years and it has been bullet proof. You do need a little noodling to get basic to accelerate, but overall it is excellent.
  7. What did you think of the clear keys from the guys that make the case? I did not order them as I think the clear case with the original keys looks cooler
  8. What? The Fed says inflation is less than 2%!
  9. Could someone walk me through the steps of putting a spacebar on a IIe? I am confused as to the metal bar, do you thread it through the holes in the black tabs in the space bar first, then try to put the spacebar in (seems too easy to drop the metal bar into the case, difficult to snap it in place), or do you snap the metal bar into the keyboard then try to thread it through the holes in the black tabs (can't see anything)?
  10. What sort of printer do you use? Do you use the printer much? I have an ImageWriter gifted to me in a box but I have not hooked it up yet. I do remember liking to print code on continuous paper and draw lines with color markers to get a birds eye view of what was going on in the code, something I do not think I can do with a modern printer.
  11. Partially because I see other boards on here for other computers showing off, and partially because I really love my new clear case and want to show it off too... Reply with your setups! Right now running with A2Heaven FastChip //e , Mega Audio and a CFFA 3000, new ReactiveMicro power supply. The monitor is a prison monitor (clear) that I found on eBay. I wish it had speakers built in, but alas only a headphone jack. The Disk Drive you see under the laptop is actually hooked to the laptop via USB for Applesauce.
  12. If you are getting a clear case for your IIe , I assume you got the notice that it is delayed. I recently purchased a prison monitor to use with it (it's clear too). But my Kensington System Saver fan is not. I was thinking about trying to do a 3D replica of the fan as having the beige one attached might look out of place with a clear case. Anyone ever try to print 3D Clear?
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