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  1. those of you who like this sort of game should look out for its "spiritual successor" in progress atm
  2. no he hasn't. he never does otherwise he wouldn't spout the utter bollocks he does. the game is running completely at 50 hz, in a movement and play resolution of 320x200, all sprites are hardware and the cpu is so far away from being taxed is actually laughable. This game barely even registers on the scale of taxing a c64. If you want to see a Tony Savona game that pushes the boundaries with a c64 you should look at Fix It Felix jr.
  3. well thats the "tween" level animation from the first level anyway. commando in the arcade features various between level animations which we added to the c64 version
  4. How are you guys who are producing boxed homebrew stuff packaging the games? we produce uk c64 games packaged in clamshells, which because of the beerbug and relations with china, are currently as rare as rocking horse crap. so we look for new methods like cartons and 2600 games were always cartons so i thought i would ask here.
  5. you post a "look at me" on a public forum mate, you get public opinion. its part of the deal. there is no other reason to post on a public forum a WIP.
  6. I am treating nobody like dirt. I am expressing a professional artistic opinion and defending it against numpties like you. I have every right to disagree with an artistic choice AND to say why i think it's wrong. personally, It doesnt matter to me if the coder finishes this or not. All I care about is that if it does get finished it is the most accurate version of PoP able to be done on this format.
  7. How do you work out that a screen showing a middle eastern arabian palace in a desert with arabic style filigree, arches and decoration, over which titles are displayed in a cinematic style, doesnt set the scene for PoP? which is a cinematic game, entirely based inside...an arabian palace. your logic escapes me...
  8. er actually I have been there and done that already 9 years ago
  9. here's my take on the intro from a graphic designer and "dev" perspective... to discard Avril Harrison's image would be a mistake. It's not just a bog standard loading screen, its part of the classic front end cinematic title of the game itself. It sets the scene and the feel for game using the games colours. To ignore this is to lose something of what it "is" to be a PoP game. Its what differentiates the game from something like a standard Ocean bitmap loading screen intro. oh and the steel jaw question on the other thread...option 6 without a doubt.
  10. yes thats what i meant by "varies wildly depending on what setting and bits bolted in" if the sound plays like the WIP3 movie its correct. if it sounds like Donald Duck like some of the live streams it isnt
  11. regarding the longplay videos, you cant trust the ones being played on c64 Ultimates, the 8 bit samples in the intro vary wildly in playback quality on this kit depending on what settings they have and what bits they have bolted in it. only Vice and real hardware can be trusted to play back the samples as intended. and yes the samples in the promo are the clean source sounds not the ones from in game but the ones in game are excellent quality for 8 bit machines and can be heard for real in this WIP video for proof
  12. Hi Guys, just an OT heads up that we released Fix It Felix for the c64 yesterday. I know quite a few of you on here "dual wield" but dont read the c64 part of this forum. download from https://brokenbytes.itch.io/fix-it-felix-jr donations are optional but all money goes to UNICEF
  13. ok its out and can be downloaded from here. donations are completely optional but are going to UNICEF. download from: https://brokenbytes.itch.io/fix-it-felix-jr?fbclid=IwAR1gYPG7epdOp8C6Q0riTl4etbxLIvoPpLQd6zYRgghHvgAPM3_SKp851fo
  14. errr.... i didnt intend to post again but i think i need to reiterate something from it... I never took ownership of being a friend of KH, indeed I have only met him once at revival. I actually said "friend, and sometimes colleague of Mr. WILKINS" 🤣 Indeed the only thing that i will take ownership of is the fact that it was possibly my questioning of his Thalamus articles which precipitated his vitriol against Chris and led down the path to where we are now it seems.
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