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  1. i know its controversial to post c64 stuff on here but i also know that quite a few of you have played our other atari 2600 conversions so here is the vid of the latest one.
  2. c64 conversion of the Kitchen brother's 2600 game has gone beta
  3. Hi, our latest activision conversion to the c64 Crackpots is nearing the test phase and we are looking for some experienced 2600 version players willing to test the c64 version in Vice.
  4. the c64 art reduced to the same 5 colours with plenty of scope at the top of the screen for some creative colour rastering above the column tops to give the illusion of more colour.
  5. the DLI demo... there appears to be more that 4 colours in that as the raster effect is thru one grey but not another?
  6. yeah the backgrounds are basically 4 colour plus effects on anything but the bedroom art and title screens are very much "free pixelled" so i would guess the c64 art would convert to 4 colours easier because the c64 palette has 3 luminosity levels plus black so any given colour will convert to either light, medium, or dark plus black which would be handy in converting it to 4 colour atari bitmap. the beeb has no such luminosity and all its colours are full on rgb so converting it will be more painstaking.
  7. when you get to the cutscene stages, if any of the c64 art would be of use as a base, PM me, its probably alot easier to convert the c64 stuff to 4 colours and add colours by raster than it will be to decipher the pixel dither patterns of the beeb colours.
  8. you can indeed push and hold and the little guy will pogo up and down the screen yes.
  9. last post on the subject... proper gameplay video:
  10. the igloo door flashes at only at night as its quite apparent in the daylight mode when a large black hole appears on the white igloo but not so much in the night mode, so it flashes then.
  11. Just a heads up to say the c64 conversion of Frostbite has been released and is now available free from: https://csdb.dk/release/index.php?id=183742&fbclid=IwAR0iXZVo1MwnarlpjWA5XhTs5iMM_Mp-5nq9VBOH5GTOfpXgCHwbeE65sXw
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