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  1. as KK nears completion heres a short clips from the madness of level 15
  2. A conversion of the 2600 Activision title is now available to download for free from: https://csdb.dk/release/?id=180944 Open Source will be released shortly for anyone wishing to port it to the atari line of 8bits.
  3. its the old "because its there" thing CC started as a "short" project which looks easy but which in fact is extremely well coded and my coder Antonio Savona is mucho impressed with these 80s activision bods. KK was decided to be converted because someone asked for it in the CC thread Again looks easy but has some interesting tough bits with sprite priority and the masses of raster split colours required to get it looking anything like the atari version oh and CC will be an open source release so you guys can make an A8 version relatively easily.
  4. thats not ours. we havent youtubed ours yet. thats an older one this is ours and no it isnt emulated its a look and feel port with the logic from the original
  5. thats for the VCS map but I have that already. As the c64 version of Chopper Command nears completion, next off the blocks will be Keystone Kapers. it would make life easier to have the A8 map
  6. does anyone have or could anyone do me a PNG of the game map to Keystone Kapers A8 please? thanks for any help in advance. Steve
  7. come on boys, this is your glory period of 84-85. cross platform book. no bias, so if any of you know any contacts for ex epyx, lucas, accolade etc devs then 'fess up
  8. ...and.... the upcoming c64 version of level 2
  9. these are my interpretation of the c64 colours converted to a 256 colour atari palette in indexed colour mode. they can maybe be tweaked a bit, but apart from the green being a bit dark by comparison to the c64 this conversion of my wizball screen which uses all the colours seemed to work out fairly well
  10. actually FYI the comment has nothing to do with machines, it's not machine specific but a very general swipe at the all too common belief on most retro forums that "modern coding" is in any way more advanced than 1980's coding. when in actual fact it's generally nowhere near as good. What most of it does rely on however is "bolt on" devices and vast amounts of more RAM than were available "back in the day". So actually the message in my comment was "always take with a pinch of salt, any comment which goes something like "if only XYZ coder was around in the 80's how good could our games have been".
  11. yeah its amazing how modern coding ttechniques and about 256k more than you would have had to do a game in the 80's can make a difference isn't it?
  12. Bruce is not green on the c64, thats just a suspect palette in the emu. he is yellow. and aside from veiled racist overtones, there is absolutely no reason for him to be yellow if its a hardware sprite, other than programmers preference. maybe it showed up better on a crt tv. Pink on med grey is a close luma match and could in fact be blurry on some tvs.
  13. You shouldn't need any masks for the sprites. the transparent separators for the legs etc will work perfectly adequately without masks, as they do on the c64 version, because, predominantly the sprite is drawn over colours darker than itself (black usually). The eye can be got around in the same manner that Andreas did it, presumably. by making the hair and the eye dark brown instead of yellow. Steve
  14. David Crane and co also got wiped out by the "games crash" that only occurred in US. The UK's games industry boomed for 10 years so who would you say had the best business plan?
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