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  1. given my assumption that VBXE gives a serious amount of extra capability, can i ask why you have just lifted the graphics from the c64 arcade SE version unedited? are they just placeholder? I ask because I know that if i had had the opportunity to use c64 colour ram instead of complying with the legacy graphics code of commando 1985, the SE version would have looked very different to how it does. I am assuming vbxe gives significantly more opportunities than just colour ram would.
  2. No, Tony didnt do a full one just analysed the control method code to make sure the c64 version felt exactly the same (drift and scroll slide etc) other than that the c64 version is a top to bottom recode with 8 bit charset in mind and hires hardware sprites. we added extra visual tweaks to all our conversions and in CC its was parallax scrolling clouds. I would have liked to get the sounds to match pokey more. I am very jealous of the the way the C64 coder who just just converted Seaquest got the sound to "sound"
  3. Nice job, if you want to do a full on update for 800, i can provide you with the graphics from the 2019 c64 version.
  4. out of interest how does this compare to the c64 version? is the c64 version the "full" version or like the truncated one?
  5. nothing has been revealed. there was no WIP title art. it was written off many many months ago.
  6. havent seen any microprose offerings so.... Pirates! Gunship Red Storm Rising and a shameless plug if u like 80s arcade games... Fix-it Felix
  7. that wasnt my question tho. Jose is obviously using different colours to me. all his tones are coming from the same colour gradient whereas my light, medium and dark tones are all from different complimentary gradients to trick the eye into seeing more colour than is actually there.
  8. its a 5 colour png file done with the PAL palette. it will need running thru a converter like Jose used.
  9. is it possible for you to convert and test that in NTSC? I want to see if my colour selection is compliant and its just Jose's selection its having trouble with
  10. can someone explain why the ntsc screenshots have different colours than the PAL palette? i was expecting shade variations as standard but it seems to have whole colours wrong.
  11. LOL no right to indeed. u have had that image for over 12 months, what have u managed to do with it? bugger all. in fact you wrote it off. now everyone can see that its a viable option in 3 days. if theres one thing i hate it's quality artwork resources being wasted.
  12. you mean the dead picture that you couldnt convert if your life depended on it which i made work to most peoples appreciation? Including i have to say the original artist. and its not about pushing the fcking hardware its about making something that looks good. the whole damned game is done in about 5 colours. your palace bedroom is extremely mono but thats brushed off as "atmospheric" so just belt up
  13. yes it should. its a ghost image of the Prince I'm not 100% sure if the ghost effect on the right is designed to be animation motion or the shadow from the game. the effect works for either narrative so who cares? but yes it should be blue too. @José Pereira, try making the blue a touch less RGB blue by using the same shade of one of the other 2 blue tints,
  14. looks like you are in for the mouse then guys. ain't coder ego an awesome sight.
  15. what? apart from the fact thats as much colour as he can get on it its bloody wonderful yes. unfortunately its about 1/3 done and cant get any better. we can all do "fantasy island" art but unfortunately there isnt one of those modes on the a8 so compromise is the name of the game.
  16. yeah, the problem is the greys are not really grey, they are all simply tonal placeholders for light,medium,dark shades for each element. so managing to preserve them all is obviously not going to help you in the end as very few of them would stay grey in the ideal final image.
  17. it would help maybe if you converted it using the white as pmgs so we can all see what areas are too much for overlay
  18. another solution for adding colour without actually adding colour. In the print design trade we would call this "duotone" transitioning from the light tones of one colour thru to the dark tones of another. i quite like this effect tbh.
  19. will this convert? Note this is not mine it's Rune's i have just stripped it down a bit to enable it to maybe conform to a8. apologies to rune for the solid logo as i didnt have yours in bits to mess with. I am doing this only because this is far and away the best looking composition in this thread for a different title screen.
  20. bye then. @rensoup, is there a technical reason why u cant use a tinted version of the excellent greyscale image that Rune came up with as a design? he is using black, 3 greys and white highlight. did it fail to convert using those 5 colours?
  21. if anyone wants to have a play with this drawing in extra bits and sky. heres the usable bits of c64 source
  22. that flashing is not nice to me. very distracting. the only thing that saves it being even more epilepsy inducing is that the it doesnt scroll in 50hz and therefore masks the extreme shimmering until you stop still.
  23. interlacing is very old hat on the c64 as is interleaving lines of colour to use chroma noise to give the impression of more colours. the c64 community by and large will not use interlacing tho as its very noticeable and "flickers like a bastard" no matter what u may read elsewhere its a nasty practice.
  24. thats very interesting, i had no idea that you could mix and match colour depth like that on the bbc. i had wrongly assumed that to display on the 8 colour mode that you would have to store the sprites in 8 colour mode. This would explain the lack of sprite colours. I had thought that yellow might be a better skin tone choice and may well have worked in the dungeons but then would have gone tits up in the palace section. its interesting that despite the half res they managed to preserve the authentic weird run from the rotoscoped video of the original. Jordans brother does have that strange run in the videos . Not to say your versions more "disney" run doesnt look nice mind.
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