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  1. After a couple of moves and not playing my 5200 for about 5 years, I hooked it all up and discovered my menu driven multi cart doesn't work. I believe it was made by Sean Kelly. I have a DIP switch cart from him as well. It still works, however, I really like the menu driven one better. Is there a good alternative out there? I've heard that the Kelly carts are are notorious for failing. If possible I'd love to add some the of the 8 bit conversions onto the cart. Thanks for your help.
  2. I played the heck out of this when it was first released. Finished it. Like alot of shooters, it's a pattern memorization thing. But mess up on the controls and its game over pretty quickly. I got the rapid fire controller and could complete the game much easier. Definitely a button masher.
  3. Interesting. My Pong Case came with a Sears Telegames unit.. Newer I suspect. No chrome. It also came with a sears battery eliminator. It too, has the Atari Switch. I actually asked about the case when I found it many years ago and no one responded. I assume it is quite rare. Its a nice little momento for my collection. Original post (Pong Suitcase)
  4. Excellent. I have many of those. Looks like I missed out on some the schmups.
  5. Title says it all... After the DC was discontinued, what games made it out, what homebrews, etc. are there. There seems to be a big dev scene, but I must admit, I have not kept up with it. For Example, Some late releases that never made it: Propeller Arena Half Life
  6. Ok folks, Update. I moved nearly 3 years ago... bigger home. No longer in the log Home... I really miss that place. Long story as to why I moved. But... Finally got most of my game room unpacked. Here are some pics of the main area. I also have an area that I call the library. Basically, the library is the museum type place where I have all my classics on display. However, I find more and more that everyone congregates in the main area. If you see the pics, I think you'll understand why. Of course it's always a work in progress. It has changed a bit since these pics. I have more posters up and new monitors and more systems setup. Trying to find space for my Atari Kiosk.
  7. Made Zero 5 fun, but too easy. Poor game design IMHO. I have to check Trevor.
  8. Nice!. Can't beat the price!! They have them in smaller sizes? I'm looking for something 5 in deep as opposed to 8.5in.
  9. Actually, the xbox chair is not too bad. Hard to get up out of it. But, that may be age catching up to me. We all retire. It's just a matter of when and on what terms. 😀
  10. Hi gang, Great to see this thread again. Sure, I will get you those dimensions. I have moved 3 times since then and its currently packed away Sadly, in my current place, I have not re-built it. Nor do I have my Imagic Kiosk up. But I have tons of other kiosks and "trinkets" to play with 🙂 Unfortunately, too little time to play. Awe, 5 more years to retirement. Then I will have time. Maybe... too many hobbies, so little time.
  11. This is my 3rd favorite SC game right behind Dragon Stomper and Escape from the Mind Master. It is in my top 10 of all time favorite VCS games. I still have my hand drawn maps for the island and the maze from back in the 80's. Replay value goes down after you solved it and mapped it. But damn, back in the day, this was an amazing game, best of breed. To bad this was at the time of the crash. One could only imagine the games that the SC cold have produced. 99 multi-load levels of Adventure, Superman, Raiders of the Lost Ark type games... They could have done the Swordquest series better.
  12. I have some protos and atari test equipment, dev stuff ( including Surfs up , off your rocker, etc...). PM if interested. I'm looking for cash and I won't be giving it away cheap. I'll be clearing out a lot of my collection over the next couple of years as I am preparing for retirement.
  13. Same here... Never tried the pin hold trick...
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