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  1. It was an impressive tech demo at the time. I recall Igor(?) telling me at the conference (CGE? I beleive... yeah, I'm old timer) that it was an attempt to do real-time scrolling through a maze like wolfenstein and such. Funny part, is that that you had to turn your monitor 180 deg to play it properly. I miss EbiVsion, loved their games. This one, though, is a bit weird and an acquired taste for sure. But very interesting experiment. Thanks for posting the maps. I believe I only got through the first couple of mazes. I should go back and try this again now. Anything interesting happen once completed?
  2. From the https://rtypefinal2.com/faq/
  3. Best Buy... However, I posted on Amazon regarding the XBOX One and got this message.
  4. Ok, I'm a bit confused... is the xboxone version a physical release? I originally ordered the PS4 Version. Canceled my order because it stated that it'd be shipped may 31st. i then ordered the xboxone version. Now I see that on the official website it states that it's being released digitally only on the xboxone. The switch and PS4 are getting physical copies.. Before I cancel again, does anyone if there is xbixone physical copy. My order doesn't state this.
  5. Ok, how do I get one of the analog systems. Saw the Super NT came back in stock at 8 am PDT today. I set my alert at work, hoping to buy one.  I couldn't get one in my cart for 15mins... by the time I got my cart up it said they were sold out. Soo disappointing as I've been wanting this and the mega SD for quite some time now. 


    Can we get on a pre-order list? 

  6. Cool. I canceled my pre order and reordered. Says it supposed to arrive end of April. Cool.
  7. Isn't this a remaster of the PS2 R-Type Final on the PS4? It was/still is one of the best schumps on the PS2. I've had my copy ordered (Inaugural flight edition) for a long while now. Says may order is shipping May31.
  8. Love your first 2 ideas....
  9. I met Fred Rated (Shadow Stevens) back in the day. Somewhere I have a picture of him and I wearing these nose glasses at one of the in-store events in the Sacramento area. Even Freida Rated got in on the act. The commercials were a gas... Don Thomas from Atari was involved with the Federated group at one time as I recall.
  10. Hey thanks guys. This lively discussion gives me something to chew on. I am more of a casual user/gamer and don't really intend to develop on the system. Sold all my disk drives at one of the Portland Shows a couple of years back. Still have a cassette system (uugh) in the closet. I'll look around and more likely come back with some more questions. Like the cart port extended and such. Also, so I understand, the bulk of these carts take care of the bios differences in these machine? Or is it recommended to use an XL or XE over the 400/800? I could totally use my XEGS for everything.
  11. Probably just about all of them released commercially. The oddest ones are the XEGS and the 1200XL ( pic here of my pong unit sitting on top of the 1200xl). When I lived in the same neighborhood as Joe Decuir, he came by and signed my 800 when we did interviews for movies, PBS and local TV ... I think the 800 is the coolest of them all. I was never a collector of these or the commodores, they all fell into my lap over the years. Although, I still do have my 400 I got in High School ... on clearance for $75. Programmed the heck out of that. The darn cassette drive cost me $140 though.
  12. Thanks for the link. No insult taken. Good stuff in there.
  13. This looks more like what I am after. Now I need a good s video or better signal. Thanks for the prompt replies everyone.
  14. I have what seems like hundreds of games (disk/cratidges) for my 8bits. I would like to know if there is a one stop cart that supports all the games via SD card (bios differences and all). I really want to leave only one of my 8bits hooked up to play without the drives, cassettes, etc.. I must apologize if there is something. I haven't really followed the 8bit scene that closely. I recently got a an Atarimax for the 5200 and am having a good time with that.
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