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  1. Been away for awhile myself. Wishing you the best. I know aging is kind to us "old timers" and you are still a youngster.
  2. Going to this site is blocked by my security. I was able to get on using another computer, but it blocked me from dowloading the roms. Is this website malicious? Too bad, Im interested in a couple of the games. Necromancer for one.
  3. I am in the same exact situation as Albert. Mine is still sitting in a box waiting.... Can PM me as well. Thanks,
  4. got my atari max. Now, I have another question. Is there a list of 8bit conversions on this site.?
  5. I'll open mine up and see what I can do. But, I ordered an AtariMax as well.
  6. Thanks for the advice gents.
  7. After a couple of moves and not playing my 5200 for about 5 years, I hooked it all up and discovered my menu driven multi cart doesn't work. I believe it was made by Sean Kelly. I have a DIP switch cart from him as well. It still works, however, I really like the menu driven one better. Is there a good alternative out there? I've heard that the Kelly carts are are notorious for failing. If possible I'd love to add some the of the 8 bit conversions onto the cart. Thanks for your help.
  8. I played the heck out of this when it was first released. Finished it. Like alot of shooters, it's a pattern memorization thing. But mess up on the controls and its game over pretty quickly. I got the rapid fire controller and could complete the game much easier. Definitely a button masher.
  9. Interesting. My Pong Case came with a Sears Telegames unit.. Newer I suspect. No chrome. It also came with a sears battery eliminator. It too, has the Atari Switch. I actually asked about the case when I found it many years ago and no one responded. I assume it is quite rare. Its a nice little momento for my collection. Original post (Pong Suitcase)
  10. Excellent. I have many of those. Looks like I missed out on some the schmups.
  11. Title says it all... After the DC was discontinued, what games made it out, what homebrews, etc. are there. There seems to be a big dev scene, but I must admit, I have not kept up with it. For Example, Some late releases that never made it: Propeller Arena Half Life
  12. Ok folks, Update. I moved nearly 3 years ago... bigger home. No longer in the log Home... I really miss that place. Long story as to why I moved. But... Finally got most of my game room unpacked. Here are some pics of the main area. I also have an area that I call the library. Basically, the library is the museum type place where I have all my classics on display. However, I find more and more that everyone congregates in the main area. If you see the pics, I think you'll understand why. Of course it's always a work in progress. It has changed a bit since these pics. I have more posters up and new monitors and more systems setup. Trying to find space for my Atari Kiosk.
  13. Made Zero 5 fun, but too easy. Poor game design IMHO. I have to check Trevor.
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