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  1. Centipede. It is so damn smooth and fun on the 7800.
  2. sgrddy


  3. That's absolutely badass. I cant wait to try it. Very nice work.
  4. This is an amazing feat. It's just incredible given how much work must have gone into this. Miyamoto ought to personally congratulate the programmer (I know it won't likely ever happen). Could you imagine how many copies this would have sold in like 1986? It would have been staggering.
  5. Thanks. You know I played Toki once in the arcade. I never was into it until I saw the 7800 version surface. Now, I've been playing it on Atari ST, Amiga, Lynx, C64 and MAME nonstop.
  6. Of course 160B. I forgot. I tried making somethings in 160B before but I was never able to get them to work.
  7. That's very cool. I think you would need to use superimposed sprites on top of a background in order to get that many colors, but I'm not sure.
  8. I just saw a YouTube video of this. Very impressive work.
  9. This is just a single screen. I used the tiles from the C64 version. The colors need to be fixed (if any wants to play with the palettes, the 7800 basic code is in the .zip file). Toki_7800.zip toki.bas.a78 toki.bas.bin
  10. I love it. Sharp title screen. I can't wait to see what you do with it.
  11. Hmm. I also remember having to make sure the tilesets were in a single row and that they had to be indexed before I imported them into Tiled. I also had to "embed" the tilesets in Tiled, otherwise it would result in compile errors. Have you gotten any 320B graphics to work? Can you use a format like I did with doublewide on? Also if you have too many unique tiles, the program will not compile. If you want, you can upload a zip file with your tiles and Tiled files and I can try to get it to work, but it's been a really long time since I've tried this.
  12. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/267116-plotmapfile-fun-with-mario-and-shantae-tiles/page-1 If you look at the above post, scroll down to the INXS and Ghosts n Goblins screens, the code is there for download for the 320B screens. I will look later also. Edit: If you have setdoublewide to "off", shouldn't the tilemap be 80 tiles in width? I might be wrong about that. In the INXS example above, I have setdoublewide to "on" and the tilemap width is 40 blocks. I think that's right because the width of a character in 320B is 4 pixels, so 4 pixels x 80 tiles = 320 pixels. I think then your plotmapfile command in your code should have the parameters: 0 0 80 14. Your Tiled map also must be 80 by 14.
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