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  1. I'd love an Atari 8/16 with an 65816 and VBXE in a classic style case like the Mega65. I'd buy it.
  2. Galencia is a superb shooter for the C64. It's only a $4.99 at itchio. It's seriously incredible. Sam's Journey is also an unbelievable platformer. https://galencia.itch.io/galencia https://www.knightsofbytes.games/samsjourney Aviator Arcade II is also great fun. https://rgcddev.itch.io/aviator-arcade-ii
  3. I just bought a copy of this the other day. I've been playing it on the YAPE emulator. It's stunning. An excellent platformer. It even has some sort of parallax scrolling. I made it to level 6-1 so far. Some of the game is quite difficult, but the game thankfully has continues and a password system. I'd love to see a conversion of this for the NES (or 7800) or other system like they are doing with Sam's Journey from the C64. If this had been pack in for the Plus/4... gosh, everyone would have said the machine was revolutionary.
  4. sgrddy

    Analogue Pocket

    Hmm ok. We will have to see. I can't imagine that it wouldn't. Didn't Time Warner release all the rights to the Jaguar and Lynx anyways?
  5. Oh my gosh. This will play Lynx games also: https://www.analogue.co/pocket/
  6. Centipede. It is so damn smooth and fun on the 7800.
  7. sgrddy


  8. That's absolutely badass. I cant wait to try it. Very nice work.
  9. This is an amazing feat. It's just incredible given how much work must have gone into this. Miyamoto ought to personally congratulate the programmer (I know it won't likely ever happen). Could you imagine how many copies this would have sold in like 1986? It would have been staggering.
  10. Thanks. You know I played Toki once in the arcade. I never was into it until I saw the 7800 version surface. Now, I've been playing it on Atari ST, Amiga, Lynx, C64 and MAME nonstop.
  11. Of course 160B. I forgot. I tried making somethings in 160B before but I was never able to get them to work.
  12. That's very cool. I think you would need to use superimposed sprites on top of a background in order to get that many colors, but I'm not sure.
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