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  1. coyo5050


  2. I just checked on your pre-order site to see where I am on the list, which is position 391. Not sure what this means in relation to when I might be able to get one?
  3. Can you get a left hand version withh paddle?
  4. Please add me to your pre-order list. Thank you!
  5. coyo5050

    Lynx Multi Cart

    This looks awesome. Nice and simple to use.
  6. Just get one of these. Monster power center 650g or similar. When the main equipment turns on it will turn power on to the rest of the outlets.
  7. I had a similar issue with one of mine and it turned out to be some broken solder points on the cartrdige connector. I re-flowed the solder and that fixed the problem. May or may not be your issue and depending on your skill it may or may not be an easy fix.
  8. Payment sent for 1 jaguar shell and 2 cart shells Cart cases for skunkboard and special project in mind for the jaguar shell.
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