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  1. Thanks so much for replying. I'm not sure how to get the ROM on to the original hardware to use the paddle, but will definitely be downloading & having a play at the latest version on an emulator. Cheers for all the development on this one & hopefully you'll get the chance to return to it at some point.
  2. Hi, I was wondering if there'd been any progress on this project since the last update. The thought of playing Arkanoid with paddles on a 7800 is pretty exciting!
  3. ... anyway about that Arkanoid game. It looks AMAZING! So looking forward to this one.
  4. It's this one. Really miss big retro gaming events like this one, we got to play an early Oculus prototype, had a 64 player Warlords tournament, drink beer together, played on rare cabs & consoles, saw previews of new homebrew & bang on about old videogames. Come on boffins let's get this thing cured so we can get back out there! Sorry, a bit off topic there, looking at these photos has made me a bit nostalgic.
  5. I bought an Asteroids hoodie for £4 about 10 years back. I'm wearing it in almost every photograph of me for the last decade! I guess I wear it a lot.
  6. I LOVE paddle games. If it was cheap, had good controls & stacked with a range of well emulated paddle games like Warlords, Arkanoid, Blasteroids, Kaboom & Tempest then it would be an instant purchase. As it'll no doubt be overpriced, have dodgy controls & only be able to play Pong (like billions of clones from 4 decades ago) I'll give it the swerve.
  7. Bubble Bobble is amazing. If as Nolan Bushnell said all the best games are "easy to learn and difficult to master", then I'd argue that Bubble Bobble is the ultimate videogame, I love it to bits & wax lyrical about it often. However it has been perfectly ported to practically every machine known to mankind, the Master System port is incredible, even the humble ZX Spectrum has a fine version. The world isn't exactly crying out for another port of Bubble Bobble in the same way that the 7800 is crying out for more paddle games. 7800 versions of the likes of Warlords, Kaboom, Tempest, Pong, Blasteroids etc Yeah, a 7800 version of Blasteroids with paddle controls, now that's something I'd pay real money to see!
  8. Simply incredible. Thank you so much for the update. I am in awe. I'd have been happy enough with a generic Breakout clone with a vague attempt at Arkanoid style gameplay...but this...this is the real deal!!! To say I'm looking forward to this would be somewhat of the understatement. An Insta-purchase and to hell with the import tax!! 😄😄
  9. Absolutely! Review left. Might have to organise another online session with my mate from back home again this evening. Great fun.
  10. Absolutely loving reading about the progress of this one. I genuinely don't think I've been this psyched for the development of a new game since the 90s!!
  11. What an utterly marvellous game! There's no way I can afford to shell out the $85 to get it shipped to the UK, but I've just picked up the Steam version & it's fabulous. A thing of beauty!!
  12. Not terribly obscure selections here, but Jawbreaker is my favourite Pac Man type game. Also a fan of Solar Storm, a paddle controlled shooter & Armor Ambush is a great Combat type game.
  13. Brilliant, that would be awesome if it could happen. But either way, I'm really looking forward to this one.
  14. I have one homebrew game, Medieval Mayhem & it's utterly glorious, probably my favourite game. Money's tigjt & between oversea postage, import tax & a weak pound (thanks Brexit!) Picking up games on the Atariage store is at least double the price. I'll be picking up 7800 Arkanoid as soon as it's released though, I'd class that as an essential purchase!
  15. Witchcraft I tells you, pure witchcraft! Fantastic work.
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