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  1. These are the music tracks of the Commodore Amiga CDTV version
  2. I use a Ray Carlsen '64 Saver' - Basically it connects between the PSU and the C64 and it monitors and protects the C64 in case of PSU failure. So I am still using the original PSU.
  3. I live in Malta and my very first computer was an Atari 65 XE which was around 1990/1991. It was awesome, I still remember the red label cassettes that came with it which had game compilations and I had some other games like Henry's House, Ninja Commando, Joe Blade II, James Bond (that sucked) etc on cassette tapes and then had Pac-Man, Tennis, Pitfall II and Mario Bros on cartridge. Also had two 7800 joysticks. I loved it but I was always secretly jealous of my Amiga owning friends and got my parents to buy me an Amiga 500 Plus in 1992. I would say the C64 was better supported also because it came out with 64KB ram, no less. Granted it came out a couple of years after the Atari 800 when ram was more affordable but still, developers would have probably been making games to support the minimum spec 16K Atari whilst games for the C64 were developed for a 64K machine - The result better looking games and I am sure that helped sell more systems. Also, when comparing specs especially that 64K ram I believe the C64 was cheaper than the competition. The 8 bit Atari's are very solid machines but then so are the C64's though many these days seem to suffer failed PLA's and SID's which is a shame. I got back into Atari 8 bit in the last year or so, I resurrected an Atari 600 XL I had for ages and upped it to 64KB but for some reason although games on cassette and cartridge work fine for some reason floppy disk does not work using SIO2SD so I bought a 65XE (Yayy just like 1991) and that is great aside that I had to change some custom chip which is prone to failing and affects the graphics in a small percentage of games (i forgot the name of the chip).
  4. Yes but the eBay store is based in USA
  5. AtariAge store quote price was around $23 shipping. Quite a lot which is why I guess its from USA.
  6. I want to buy Assembloids but it seems only from USA which makes shipping expensive. Is there in Europe where to buy it ?
  7. I had done the 64K mod (see pic) but my soldering skills are not the best. The 64K mod works fine first time and I think I did a neat job and no shorts or loose wires or anything. I was very careful. Since my skills are not the best the two wires that had to be soldered to points on the board were too close for me to do so I soldered one of them direct to the leg of the chip as pictured. That leg was on the same line as I checked using a continuity tester to check, Again no shorting of any legs or wires and tested to make sure. As I said the mod works fine, passed the self test and games of 48K and above work fine. I wouldn't imagine its the cause but thought I'd mention it anyway.
  8. Ok I checked what I believe to be pin 28 on the POKEY and what I believe to be pin 5 on the SIO and there is a connection. I also re-seated the Pokey after cleaning with alcohol underneath it although it was clean. No difference.
  9. Really ? Any links ? Because on ebay they are like 25-30 pounds. - BTW I was not going to scrap it, just put it on the back-burner
  10. I'll try looking @ the Pokey but if it needs replacing its not worth it.
  11. Yes it works on the 65XE. On the 600XL the Sio2SD powers on just like on the 65XE and I can go through its functions fine but the XL just boots up to basic.
  12. My 600XL works fine in the sense it reads carts fine and the XC12 tape drive works perfectly, but it won't read the Sio2SD. It just goes straight to Basic and if I hold option straight to Self Test. Its like nothing is plugged in. The PSU is good (perfect 5 volts) and I tried the Sio2SD on my 65XE and it works perfectly on that. The 600XL is stock except for I upgraded the ram from 16kb to 64kb by changing the x2 ram chips and performing the simple mod. Ram check passes fine and I loaded up 48K games from cassette and they run perfectly.
  13. Oh that sucks. I have the same issue. The XC12 tape drive works fine but the SIO2SD switches on and works but the Atari won’t boot from it.
  14. Did this solve the issue ? I have a 600XL with same problem as the op
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