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  1. I have the supersweet Data Age advertising record from the 80's. I've been hanging onto this thing forever, not because I ever thought it would be worth anything, but because the actual recording on it is SO trippy and SO sweet. Unfortunately the waters of Hurricane Ike reached it and severely compromised the paper backing, so I had to remove the plastic record from the paper backing or it would have been held forever in a warped position. The record itself was completely unaffected and still plays fine. I found the mp3 recording of the record on this website, but to this day (and I'm guessing it becomes less likely with every day that passes) I have never encountered a single other person who has this record, never seen one listed on eBay, never even seen one listed anywhere. I think Zorkmids are more common than this record. So is there ANY determinable market value as to this record?
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