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  2. Yea, the 4 port 5200 was an earlier model. I imagine it was because it was based on the Atari 800 computer, which has 4 ports.
  3. As said above, it was the pack in variant. Same game though.
  4. I loved Mass Effect, but its very much an action RPG. Still, it has amazing writing and an engrossing story.
  5. I actually like Mike, I think I can relate to him more than James. I enjoy his game glitches vids as well.
  6. Quite a few really, Jaguar 5200 7800 Master System Colecovision Channel F 3DO CD-i
  7. I have seen this before, but the usually send a disc, not just e-mail.
  8. So I'm the only one who called the NES the flat Nintendo eh?
  9. I can never get it to load ny more, I used to be able to but now it just says "Loading Chat", but never does. Does this on all my computers, even this new one.
  10. I can get to the last level but have yet to beat it. I think ill play it tonight.....
  11. The Turbografx 16. Never got big here in the US, but it was a damn fine system.
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