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  2. I doubt a switch will cause that to happen. I'll probably replace the bad parts in the PSU and keep using it, since I don't really care about efficiency that much and its not filled with glue.
  3. Oh goody, that's what I wanted to hear right after I start trying to learn BASIC on the thing Oh well. Yeah, I'm using the original power supply. Any recommendations of good new power supplies for it? would a modded C128 PSU be that much better? its just about as old. also how is it non repairable? I saw a comment on another board saying that they were filled with epoxy or something, but mine doesn't appear to have any in it, it appears to be pretty simple. So I looked up "commodore 64 power supply" on google and none of the results had my PSU, maybe this one isn't original? I saw a grey one that was filled with shit, and that looked horrible. anyway, here's pics of mine:
  4. alright, I was wondering if the drives were that different, and they are, so I guess I'll get one of those SD2IEC things to make everything simple. I might get one of those cables too eventually because I like old disk drives. oh yeah an another question. This C64 that I have has a weird behavior, where if I let it sit for a while and turn it on, the LED is dim and nothing appears on screen unless I wait maybe 30 seconds, then the LED lights up to full brightness and the computer turns on. Is this a sign of some problems, maybe bad caps or something?
  5. I got a C64 just a few days ago with a disk drive and I was wondering how to write some disks for it. Of course I googled it and found a cable that allows you to hook up a commodore drive to a PC, but In order to be cheap I was wondering if there are any other methods I could do. I have a 486 machine with a 5.25" drive in it, I was wondering if there was a program that could write images onto disks without me having to buy cables or drag this commodore drive all over the place to get things done. If not I guess I'll get one of those cables.
  6. I don't remember them because I wasn't around back then, but I do know how big of a pain in the butt they are now. I just love it when I boot up my 486 to see garbled text, then I gotta take it apart and reseat the thing.
  7. what? you don't try to lift things with your wiener?
  8. Oh I forgot about the R-Zone. I had one once when I was a kid. Gave me headaches. That would top my list of worst consoles out there, but really, who calls that abomination a console? Its just a glorified Tiger handheld thing, which are pretty garbage.
  9. HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, the 7800 is alright. Its just funny to see people come in bashing one while fanboying over another. Sure back in the day or whatever you'd have a reason to compare them, but now its apples and oranges.
  10. Solomon's Club is basically Solomon's Key except for the gameboy, which means its a good game Also another game that may not be that much of a hidden gem but I don't see too many people talk about it, Pokemon Trading Card Game. The only problem with those is that you'll probably have to replace the battery.
  11. Nice exaggeration. Brb, gonna try to find a 7800 game that isn't a boring arcade port I can play elsewhere with better quality.
  12. Yeah I agree. I wasn't alive when these things were popular and I don't think they're comparable really at all, besides they may have been in the same market for a bit. The games for them are very different. I should really try more C64 stuff though Depends on what model you're talking about.
  13. Yeah, but I don't think that should change whether you think its a bad console or not. Its like saying the PS3 is shit because the PS4 is out now. While I do think that graphics are tied very close to gameplay, specifically the framerate, I don't think saying that its tech is more outdated would make it the worst. Another analogy is like saying that the Wii is the worst because the PS3 has HD capabilities. When you're looking for the worst systems out of the entire history of gaming I think differences in power are a bit irrelevant. In order for me to call something the worst, there has to be something inherently wrong with its design or something that makes it unbearable to use, as in my Gameboy's criticisms, I can't see anything on the system. Of course this is all subjective nonsense and what I consider problems with a system might not be an issue to others, like intellivision controllers or the N64's typical framerate. Also I'm a silly person who likes to go back to older systems even if they don't look as good. All that good stuff.
  14. I've never played a Lynx, but I'm guessing its the same size of the 2nd version or so. The first version of the lynx looks bigger than the game gear. I like my "portable" systems to fit in my pocket, otherwise I'd have to carry another case, or shove it in my already stuffed laptop bag or whatever, so those big old systems just don't do it for me.
  15. I'm gonna be that guy who looks like a 5 year old, because for me that would be the PS2 When that whole generation was going on I've always wanted a PS2. All my friends and familiy members had PS2s and were playing Burnout, Medal of Honor and a bunch of other games all the time and I've always wanted one. I was that one guy with a GameCube, which definitely isn't a bad thing since Super Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime and Smash Melee are some of my favorite games, but I always sort of felt left out. Last year I went and bought one because why not, played the hell out of Burnout 3 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely one of those times where I thought I'd never have one. Definitely not as interesting as Stadium Mud Buggies or the Sears Super Video Arcade (I want one! D: ), but that's my story I guess.
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