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  1. Very interesting; i'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing
  2. $25 & under (shipped) is the going rate now. You can pick up a WS for $10-12 + $8 shipping from Japan on eBay (Buy It Now prices), tho you can snag one for cheaper if you keep your eye out for auctions. I lucked out a few months ago and got a nice b&w blue WS with One On (golf game) for $12 shipped from Canada. 40hrs on ONE AA battery??? I keep one in my car in case of a break down and I plan on getting another for my hurricane kit. Yeah, not knowing kanji (katana?) does limit your options but there are still quite a few great games you can play, and it's just a really cool lil handheld. (Maybe i should throw a Kanji for Beginners book in my hurricane kit as well...)
  3. Great list (best one i've found as well) for a really underrated handheld. i traded a NGPC--DC link cable for a SwanCrystal & games but never really got around to exploring the WS library until I picked up a regular ole b&w WonderSwan. I'd read around that the Cystal was better and the WS wasn't nearly as good as the Crytsal because of ghosting & whatnot, but.... i kinda like the b&w WS better, i think because of the contrast dial. (Reminds me, I gotta get a WSC...) So if you've never tried a WS and you want to but aren't sure if you should get an inexpensive WS or wait and save up to get a Crystal, the b&w WonderSwans are pretty sweet are worth getting now. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the list
  4. So i recently won this sweet Intellivision auction eBay Auction -- Item Number: 180797769326 for an INTV I, System Changer & games (i think i beat out another AtariAger here). I'm super hoperful that the System Changer works, but it looks like the lot was still worth it even if that doesn't work though. It fills in a few holes in my meager INTV collection & i can trade the others. I think i see 2 Thunder Castles, 1 Commando, 1 Tower of Doom, 1 Pole Position, a few of the harder to find sports & other titles, and there are two mystery carts without a label. (Is it me or does the nekkid cart case in the 3rd column from the left look a lil bit... different?) Also, i SUSPECT (or maybe just really *really* hope) that it's a modified INTV I since it's being sold with a System Changer, but it's all untested & i get the feeling the seller knows little about retrogames. 1 odd thing about that auction: Seller said in the listing that there's 43 carts, but I counted 46 carts from 3 of the pics. I'm just soooooo excited to finally get a System Changer(!) & Commando, and i'm dyin' to find out what the mystery carts are! The package is en route, so i guess i'll find out. (*fingerscrossed*)
  5. I dunno about the best controller (Dreamcast maybe?), but the most comfortable for me would definitely be the Jaguar's. I have hands the size of palm trees & they tend to cramp up on other systems' controllers after a few hours of gaming; not so with the Jaguar controller.
  6. Console clones are a step up from emulators, imo, because you can use carts and, depending on the clone, you can use the same controllers, but they're still not as good or desirable as the original consoles. I've thought about getting a Genesis clone, primarily for s-video hookup so's I can play it on the big screen, but....*sigh* i dunno, it wouldn't be the same. Maybe I am a snob....
  7. I'm not sure if piracy was really all that big of a concern for video game systems in the 80s, simply because it was the 80s and we were a stupider people back then.
  8. For me this is one of the big reasons why I'm just not a fan of emulators. I didn't really get into 'em until I picked up a DS flashcard, and while the ginormous smorgasbord of classic gaming it provided was very cool at first, I quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. I'd fire up an NES emulator, play Duck Tales 2 for a few minutes, quickly get bored, move on to Super Dodge Ball, get bored with that in minutes, move on to that fun-sounding rom hack of this game, get bored in minutes, move on to some Famicom games, get bored in minutes..... I could feel it sapping my attention span and it just started to feel like I was doing some sort of masturbatory-like exercise compared to the sex that is gaming on the original consoles. That and I just really like carts. Games on discs or played through emulation feel... unnatural to me. A game not on a cart is a game without a soul. I'm odd like that, I suppose. I do use emulators from time to time though, but mostly to try before I buy a game or for MAME & SCUMM stuff.
  9. I had the almost the exact same problem, tho with an Intv II. Bought an Intv II; some games worked, others wouldn't go past the title screen. Looked for an solution, couldn't find one. So i bought a second working Intv II that came with system manual, swapped the controllers of my working Intv II with the "broken" one out of curiosity, and the broken Intv II worked fine. http://www.atariage...._1#entry1882416
  10. Found a possible reason for the cr2032 battery drainage from a member on a neogeo forum in a thread on lithium batteries (http://www.neo-geo.c...hp/t-24131.html):
  11. Bought some great, much needed Jaguar manuals at a great price from this guy. Arrived in a timely fashion, well packed & all. I'm very happy with my transaction with lspear76.
  12. Maybe I just had really bad luck and managed to get 3 consecutive new NGPCs from 2 sources thousands of miles apart that were all lemons, I don't know. I doubt it though. I belong to a game trading forum, traded 7 or 8 of my NGPC games a few month back, and had to tell the guy how to put the carts into his NGPC to find that Goldilocks Zone because he was a NGPC newbie and thought the games, which I also bought new, were all broken. I don't think it was my individual system that was a lemon, it was a design flaw with the NGPC itself. Maybe SNK sent their refurbished and/or crappy NGPC consoles (carts?) to the North American market?
  13. The cr2032 consumption issue is probably a result of a design flaw in the console. It didn't matter how clean your cart & NGPC were, you would rarely get a game to play the first time you power on a NGPC. You couldn't just insert the cart all the way in either because you'd get the PDA screen, have to power down & reinsert cart (often multiple times). I'd have to push the cart all the way in, edge in up ever so slightly with my thumb, power it up and hope for the best. The constant powering on & off from having to get the cart in that Goldilocks Zone is most likely cause of the problem, I think.
  14. Good god man, how long were you out of touch that 2 CR2032 batteries died on you? It's only there to power the SRAM. Batteries serving similar purposes in SNES/Genesis carts and on PC motherboards are good for years. I don't quite quite know what the deal with the watch battery life myself; I bought all of my ngpc systems new (1 from eBay, 2 from GameStop) and brand name cr2032, and the all of 'em would give out-- you'd lose all game data & save abilities and would have to reenter in the language, date, time, birthday on next powerup-- after 6 months to a year (at best). I'd replace the watch battery and everything would be fine. And I burned through two CR2025 in 5 weeks; mostly due to Card Fighter's Clash (Capcom & SNK versions have exclusive cards that you can only get by trading with someone with the other version), Match of the Millennium (everyone knows how to play 2d fighters, or they quickly learn), and a whole lot of bored neighbors with a whooooole lot of free time on our hands. I'd say the NGPC has the best overall quality library, judging by the ratio of good games to bad, of any system I've ever played.
  15. I thought it was an absolutely wonderful handheld, one with real character and some really great games; CFC(both versions), Faselei! & MotM being the best. And the click-clicky joystick is superb. The watch battery thing was really annoying tho. I had about 100 AA batteries, 2 NGPCs, plenty of games and a link cable (but only 2 watch batteries) in my hurricane kit for when Katrina hit. It was a sanity saver, but with no watch battery (cr2025, iirc?) you couldn't save progress or hi scores and you'd have to enter in all the personalized data each and every time you switched off & back on, IF the (sometimes) finicky creature felt like cooperating.
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