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  1. Just musing … the “battle of the ports” is all but a thing of the past now that arcade games are gone, and home computers, consoles, and mobile devices are so powerful. Being able to play something like Skyrim or Witcher 3 on what is basically a $200 tablet with joysticks and buttons (Switch Lite) still blows my mind. I can’t believe you started this thread with Coleco Zaxxon for 2600 @carlsson — that’s what came to mind when I saw your thread topic. I still love to see the differences between systems, and recommend “Battle of the Ports” of you somehow haven’t seen it.
  2. There’s a link to a Reddit group and Discord server — so it’s not really gone, just transformed into something different. Looks like the big trackers are still live. Who would have thought a non-secure, archaic website built for hosting file sharing links would have survived so long!
  3. That’s not game design, that’s a century-old advertising trope. Every casual game strives to be easy to pick up, hard to put down. A minute to learn, a lifetime to master. Fun for the whole family, for ages 4 and up. It is easy to say that’s what you want to build, but it’s very difficult to execute on that vision. That’s why Nintendo is a success and Amico is just unrealized potential.
  4. Was that advertising? It seemed like advertising.
  5. I hope it’s only available in prohibitively expensive bundles, to dissuade me from impulse-buying something I don’t need. 🤪
  6. Has anyone ever seen a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X for sale on store shelves? Seems like the kind of thing we would see stacked up at Costco by now. Same goes for Evercade. Is that mail order only? Analogue and Polymega are hobbyist things like Everdrives, so I can understand those being online-only, but the absence/irrelevance of brick and mortar stores is interesting to me.
  7. I am not a gambler, but I’d say the odds against this seem a lot worse now than when you originally wrote it. I’m trying to keep an open mind though. Still looking forward to my PlayDate. It would be nice if it arrived while I might have a chance of using it outdoors in the bright sun. Maybe I’ll play some Poolsuite anyway and pretend it’s summertime. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/poolsuite-fm/id1514817810
  8. I feel that bouncing off games is more the norm than getting addicted and sucked in. The first is a waste of money, the second is a waste of time. I’m guilty of both! So I don’t mind the recent trends of free-to-play games at all. I’ve seen kids sit through repetitive, intrusive advertising because to them, that’s just how games are when you’re not playing on old-style machines.
  9. My daughter was obsessed with Animal Crossing in the early part of the pandemic, probably because it was so chill and sweet, and you could make your own goals or just hang out. Her friends were into it at the same time, which was nice that they had a shared fad. I was able to get her an RFID card with a character that shared her name as a birthday gift last year. And then *poof* one day the obsession vanished, and like any kid does, she moved on to other stuff like poppits and squishnallows. She seems to be done with all video games for the foreseeable future, which is fine too.
  10. Howard’s email address and phone number is on his public website, so I don’t think sharing it here will harm him in any way. His scary-sounding disclaimer is for patient information, not fun questions about video games. Yars 2! I guess the Return game from Flashback collections is a ROM hack, done by someone else?
  11. This is very sad news. Thanks Albert and Ballblazer for connecting the dots. Nukey “fixed” many original Atari 2600 ROMs so they would run on the official Atari Flashback Portable’s emulator, which was a fun way to play these games. His knowledge, attention to detail and good humor were always impressive to me. I must dig out my portable and play some DKVCS in his honor. He’s not the original programmer, but he’s the one that made it work on that device.
  12. No Man's Sky probably has a lot to explore. Not sure if it's in the hundreds of millions, though. Some of those MUST be doubles! 😇
  13. I couldn’t stand the low resolution screen of Netflix on DS. I can’t imagine chunk-o-vision on the Lynx screen — but as Sage says, go for it. There’s no commercial motivation to do this, and if someone wanted to do it just to do it, they’ve had thirty years to make it happen. Fix that if you can!
  14. Cyan has gotten a LOT of mileage out of that old puzzle game. So many remakes. If I were enough of a fan to want to buy it all over again, seems to me the puzzles would be easy to solve. Does anyone know if they randomized or mixed things up, or is this another presentation of the old game with a fresh coat of paint?
  15. That’s what mine said, my order is in the 6000s. I’m interested in having this from the start, because it will be fun to talk about the new games as they drop, like episodes in a TV season. This kind of hipster indie game is totally in my wheelhouse and I’m stoked to play.
  16. I remember different colors of Game Gear, but they all had the same size and general spec, even if internal parts were changed. Lynx is lacking in games with progression and endings, the kind of thing that makes a game “sticky,” to make you want to carry it with you and keep plying. It’s fun to play “what if,” but I think it’s more fun to ask “why?”
  17. That almost seems like insider trading. What’s the fix? Regulation of old game grading houses? Someone had to pony up the money to put for these, seems there’s a need for “buyer beware” here. Did they just get caught up in the bidding war?
  18. I feel that we get what we tolerate, so if we put up with shenanigans, we deserve what we get. Maybe all this external funding will have the effect of keeping the players honest. I remember telling the boss of this project I’d reserve judgment until 10/10/2020, which is almost a year ago. At this point, I don’t care what happens, it’s pretty clear how it’s going to play out, it’s just a matter of when. But I don’t agree with you when you suggest that how they get there doesn’t matter, as if the ends justifies the means. It’s a shame for longtime fans of the Intellivision IP and brand, as this was probably the last, best chance at making it relevant again. I hope they can retire it with some dignity intact when all this is over.
  19. Archive.org has lots of old game magazines. I think Electronic Games had several decent features, and it sounds like you have that covered. I’ve noticed that the cover dates don’t have much bearing on reality, they were often a month or two “ahead” of the calendar month they actually shipped, while the print lead time was many weeks before. I get the very similar magazine names confused, but have you looked thru “Video Games and Computer Entertainment?” Also, Retronauts did a good podcast episode about Atari 8Bit recently. The main hosts don’t seem to have any personal experience with 5200, but Benj Edwards seems to know a thing or two. https://www.benjedwards.com
  20. This is an open-source, public domain game, you probably already have a device that can play it because the required specs are quite low. It uses the enhanced graphics and sounds from the 3DO port. sc2.sourceforge.net No need to wish for someone to port it, because it’s already been done.
  21. It’s a Dedicated System but it plays Amiga games. A couple of threads in the Amiga section sound right to me.
  22. Spelunky. It’s more of a “how far can you go” game rather than something you can beat. When you die, you go back and do it again, a little stronger and wiser, if you’re lucky and skillful. I will enjoy having this on my Switch alongside Rogue Legacy, Dead Cells, Everspace, and (the way I play it) Skyrim. Roguelikes kick ass.
  23. They just announced there will be no internet multiplayer. Anyone care? All the announcements mention it’s been a bad couple of weeks for Blizzard. Ouch.
  24. Amico is only competing with the goals they set for themselves. I doubt there are many people waiting on a Switch, Evercade, PlayDate, Xbox, Analogue Pocket, Steam Deck, Xbox Series S/X, or PS5 just so all the contenders are ready to go.
  25. Potentially cool. Would be nice to see a hit like Streets of Rage 4 rather than some bland copypasta like the mobile Missile Command. I’m happy they’re going for a deep cut instead of the usual Asteroids, Pong, and Centipede.
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