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  1. Famicom cartridges, especially with funky colors. They’re small, cute, and cheap. You can make a rainbow wall of them if you plan it out, and there are some nice metallic finish games too. 

    I don’t really collect games but I got a bunch of these games, just for the aesthetics. 

    Also, there are so many of them you might as well forget about amassing a complete set, which is liberating. Something like Vectrex or Intellivision  has a small enough library you might be tempted to buy just for completeness’s sake, which is dangerous. 

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  2. Meh they can sell as many as they want and hold back stock for dramatic effect, for as long and as many times as they think that ruse will work.


    I’ve seen rug stores with VERY faded and worn-out “Going out of business” signs as an attention getter, to pretend that these are low low prices that won’t last for long. It doesn’t work on a customer with the slightest sophistication, but that doesn’t mean the seller can’t try it. 

    There’s a rug store in Texas that actually changed its name to “Going Out Of Business” https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB124579907861644365


    FOMO shouldn’t work on anyone so long as the actual product is still unreleased, so let them have their fun. 

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  3. I like the roadside bar anecdote, but I have a feeling that there are people all around this topic who think they are being the good guys, while some jerk with something to prove is harshing their vibe. 

    “Where you sit is where you stand.”

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  4. @Rev I’ve been away for a while but where is it written that Kotaku, an entertainment blog, is under any obligation to be “positive” about an unreleased product? 

    That seems like the kind of rule best reserved for officers of the company making the thing, people with a financial interest in making it look good. Not members of the press, who are expected to report from objective facts and subjective experience. 

    Has anyone at Kotaku laid hands on Amico yet?

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  5. Are you Tommy Tallarico? If not, why try to speak for him? He’s right here, and he’s never shy about speaking his mind. Let him explain himself, if he feels like doing so. 

    I thought it was interesting that Tim Sweeney from Epic Games made a big thing of calling NFT a scam, then did a complete 180 and said they’d be welcome on his platform under certain conditions. 

    Do the RFID cards going out to early buyers say NFT on the packaging anywhere?

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  6. Not sure I’d call it a “community,” but there is definitely a circle of people who take it as a matter of faith that the new platform will do what it says it would, bring families together for simple fun and revitalize an old name which, like it or not, didn’t really make it out of the 1984 crash in a meaningful way. This is probably the last, best chance for the Intellivision to make any kind of mark on the work again. 

    When someone is propping up an idea based on hope and potential, you’re not going to get through to them with skepticism, facts, or logic. They’ll just have to see the outcome for themselves. 

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  7. I loved the psOne when it was new but I fully subscribe to the philosophy that old 2D pixel graphics have aged better than jaggy, juddery 3D graphics, and the most beloved franchises have been sequelized or remade. It’s still an important, iconic system though. I just bought a PlayStation Tshirt at Target with the old PS logo, takes me back to 1995 when we couldn’t always take textured polygons for granted. 

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  8. I wish there were a way to know if that reviewer spent $400 of his own money on the VCS. It’s nice that he had some praise though, and I wasn’t aware that Atari was selling 7800 ROMs for $3 apiece on Flashback Fridays. That’s the kind of retro store people say they want, and I’m a little surprised they haven’t put it on Steam for the wider audience. 

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  9. All the converter options mentioned here are clever. Personally, I’m not fond of the old cartridges even though I still hold on to my old collection for some reason. Emulation was fine until I played on a real system for the first time in years and felt the absence of lag. Now when I play old Atari games, I favor the jailbreak firmware from the NT Mini Noir. It was expensive, and cartridges and paddles are not supported, but it’s sweet. 

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  10. Just musing … the “battle of the ports” is all but a thing of the past now that arcade games are gone, and home computers, consoles, and mobile devices are so powerful. Being able to play something like Skyrim or Witcher 3 on what is basically a $200 tablet with joysticks and buttons (Switch Lite) still blows my mind. 


    I can’t believe you started this thread with Coleco Zaxxon for 2600 @carlsson — that’s what came to mind when I saw your thread topic.

    I still love to see the differences between systems, and recommend “Battle of the Ports” of you somehow haven’t seen it. 



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  11. There’s a link to a Reddit group and Discord server — so it’s not really gone, just transformed into something different. Looks like the big trackers are still live. 

    Who would have thought a non-secure, archaic website built for hosting file sharing links would have survived so long!  

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  12. That’s not game design, that’s a century-old advertising trope. Every casual game strives to be easy to pick up, hard to put down. A minute to learn, a lifetime to master. Fun for the whole family, for ages 4 and up. 

    It is easy to say that’s what you want to build, but it’s very difficult to execute on that vision. That’s why Nintendo is a success and Amico is just unrealized potential. 

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  13. Has anyone ever seen a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X for sale on store shelves? Seems like the kind of thing we would see stacked up at Costco by now. 

    Same goes for Evercade. Is that mail order only? 

    Analogue and Polymega are hobbyist things like Everdrives, so I can understand those being online-only, but the absence/irrelevance of brick and mortar stores is interesting to me. 

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  14. On 7/23/2021 at 7:40 AM, Bill Loguidice said:

    First day it should sell more than the VCS, but it might have trouble beating out the Amico, which has a larger headstart and better retail distribution.

    I am not a gambler, but I’d say the odds against this seem a lot worse now than when you originally wrote it. I’m trying to keep an open mind though. 

    Still looking forward to my PlayDate. It would be nice if it arrived while I might have a chance of using it outdoors in the bright sun. Maybe I’ll play some Poolsuite anyway and pretend it’s summertime. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/poolsuite-fm/id1514817810

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  15. I feel that bouncing off games is more the norm than getting addicted and sucked in. The first is a waste of money, the second is a waste of time. 

    I’m guilty of both! So I don’t mind the recent trends of free-to-play games at all.

    I’ve seen kids sit through repetitive, intrusive advertising because to them, that’s just how games are when you’re not playing on old-style machines. 

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  16. My daughter was obsessed with Animal Crossing in the early part of the pandemic, probably because it was so chill and sweet, and you could make your own goals or just hang out. Her friends were into it at the same time, which was nice that they had a shared fad. I was able to get her an RFID card with a character that shared her name as a birthday gift last year.

    And then *poof* one day the obsession vanished, and like any kid does, she moved on to other stuff like poppits and squishnallows. She seems to be done with all video games for the foreseeable future, which is fine too.

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