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  1. Worldwide sales of consoles, per Wikipedia. Astrocade is just a guess, so I entered 250,000 to match Channel F. That's probably being overly generous.


    Games released would be easy to graph and would have a similar visualization, there were at least 565 for the Atari 2600, and 713 licensed titles for the NES. Channel F had 26 games, Astrocade had 28.


    Games SOLD would be a different story entirely and would be neat to see.

  2. Mike Kennedy said: That "COLECO is Back" title was added at the last minute by our PR firm. And I guess we can all debate what "Back" means. In a sense it is back. Even if in name only. The future of what that means remains to be seen. If this product, with the COLECO name on it, becomes a success at some level, then what will that mean? Is it "back" then? Is there a future in that brand to bring out or lend their name to other "new" products? I really don't think most are reading much more into it other than, "Hey, it would be cool to see that brand name back on a new product." The Chameleon will be the first "new" forward thinking product to adorn that brand name and none of us know where it could take the brand. It was never our intention to indicate this was anything but a licensing deal.

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