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  1. My 3DO is supposed to get here via UPS today. Waiting at the door like a child on Christmas morning...

  2. What's the difference between meat and fish...you can't beat your fish!

  3. Scored a Coleco Flashback & Intellivision Flashback. Yay for that.

  4. My Colecovision, Atari, and Intv Flashback Consoles Shipped From ToysRUs Tonight ;)

  5. Ars reviews the new iPhones. If there's one review to read, this'll be it: http://t.co/9wnP9GaGk3 /by @arstechnica

  6. So is the Playstation TV the "Sony Flashback"?

  7. hmmmmm :)Sony's PlayStation TV coming to US on October 14th http://t.co/yWGcqLxivm via @verge

  8. So is the Playstation TV the "Sony Flashback"?

  9. Why has it taken me 17 years to realize I hate JRPGs? I've just kept buying them, only to dislike every single one.

  10. It's fascinating how a simple color change to glossy white makes the Xbox One console look far more attractive. #XboxOne

  11. I just remember I got a softmodded Xbox... Any games to recommend (I know, I asked for PS1 yesterday, It's still a console I skipped)

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