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  1. Virtual Console is emulation. The Nintendo Switch Online service does the same kind of thing, and a large portion of the old Virtual Console games are there. It's not as if you were running and just missed the train, the Wii shop has been closed for almost 3 years https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/27560/~/wii-shop-channel-discontinuation It sucks, but that's the way it goes.
  2. Cybermorph or Kasumi Ninja is my guess. Or maybe whatever destroyed the label mutated it into Kasumi Morph or Cyber Ninja.
  3. Last I heard, M1 was finished with Sega Ages, and they didn't do very well, except for Virtua Racing (yay!) and the Sonic games (yet again). I'd love to see more of their work.
  4. I've never seen this in arcades and really should try it in emulation with some friends. I liked the Genesis and original GA arcade game. Not going to splash out for the mini-arcade cabinet though. https://arcade1up.com/products/golden-axe-arcade-cabinet Please let's not get into "political correctness" discussions, but maybe the masked dancers were considered culturally offensive? I don't understand why they wouldn't be pushing this on retro collections for us to buy.
  5. This is the answer. Why would Apple need to make a console, when anyone can snap on a controller or pair with bluetooth? The AppleTV is a good TV console, the iPhone or iPad (and now M1 Macs) are good portables. I don't trust the source of this info. Besides, they just pasted an Apple logo onto an image of a Nintendo Switch. iPod Touch hasn't been refreshed since 2019. That's where I would look for a new low-end games focused machine from Apple. I'll believe it when I see it though, the rumor sites are full of wishful thinking. https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/ipod-touch/
  6. I'm glad I already have them on multiple Atari software collections. I don't need fake "old-new" artifacts, certainly at these prices. But cheers to those that collect them all!
  7. Boscov’s had a great electronics section for the time, and lots of games. I remember when they were blowing out Times Sinclair 1000 and Vectrex sets for $40 each. I wanted both. My parents only wanted me to have the educational product.
  8. Micro Center has marked the Atari VCS 800 bundle (console, classic joystick, modern controller) down from $399.99 to $369.99. In store only. https://www.microcenter.com/product/627563/atari-vcs-800-black-walnut-full-bundle
  9. It’s fine, like all those Atari remakes from the XBLA. Not amazing, not terrible. It got bad reviews because the magazine-style reviewers weren’t into casual minigames back then. Nowadays it probably wouldn’t get reviewed at all. I’m just happy to have a few more old purchases to play on more modern hardware. Even if they don’t make any more old games compatible (they said this is the last time, but they said that before), Microsoft is really doing this right. I like backwards compatibility.
  10. Are they going to post actual photos of the printed products, not just renders? Supposedly these are shipping soon.
  11. Hey man, I'm just looking at my 40-year-old "game program" cartridge, don't shoot the messenger! Besides, turns out I'm mostly wrong anyway, as Dennis explained, the typo went through before anyone caught it. Minus one point for pedantry. Please can you do some "moose" plural jokes now?
  12. The apostrophe is wrong. Should be possessive plural, Yars’ Revenge. The revenge of ALL the Yars, not just one Yar. Atari makes this mistake all the time, many people do.
  13. You're a little crazy. Or mistaking it for "Demon's Tilt," which has similar themes. I prefer the old games, but the new one OK. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demon's_Tilt Which reminds me, I would love to see Last Gladiators Pinball again, without hooking up my Saturn. There was a mobile version about 10 years ago but it was abandoned. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Pinball:_Last_Gladiators Wipeout (racing game) got a PS4 remaster in 2017 but it seems like it's been longer. 😞
  14. Oooh, it looks like you can get right into the graphics resources from there. Winky Venture avatars here I come. Or swap them out and make a ROM hack!
  15. veering off topic: I am weighing whether or not I want to blow sixty bucks on GTA Definitive Edition ... the series isn't really my bag, but "quality of life improvements" are really compelling to me. But back on topic: yeah, there should be a category for "holds up today?" for old-style games. When games were new and I was young, I'd play for the joy of moving my little character around on the flickering screen. An Atari game with a title screen would be amazing. I'm sure if I were a British teenager with a ZX Spectrum, I would have bought lots of bargain-bin software on cassette tapes because that's what was available. Whatever CRPG Addict puts in his coffee to plow through those old computer role playing games, I don't have it. All my friends say I need to play Chrono Trigger because it's a JRPG that respects your time, which appeals to me a lot. I'd be very curious in your thoughts about the Atari collections on Evercade as opposed to the Atari Flashback series on Switch/XB1/PS4. Evercade Vs still coming next month?
  16. I'm gonna try and catch you on that game, but I need to put in the hours. 😞 Rediscovered Mario Odyssey on Sunday afternoon and kicked myself for not playing more of it when it came out!
  17. My credo is: if it's worth my time, it's worth my money. I pay to remove ads whenever I like a game. It's just a few bucks and it lives in your account, so even if you get a new device, you can restore your purchases. The Sonic port is something special, it was completely redone for mobile. The others are just emulated, they're not as great. There are Sega Genesis emulators in the Play Store if you just want to run ROMs. This is the one I like. Five bucks but worth it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.explusalpha.MdEmu&hl=en_US&gl=US
  18. Donut Games is a retro-style developer who makes the kind of thing you want, I'd give them a try. High quality, lots of variety. I bought their entire output on iOS, and it looks like they release stuff for free on Android. https://www.donutgames.com/index.php?os=android If you don't mind the Gameboy looks, Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is fun. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adventureislands.tinydd&hl=en_US&gl=US The SEGA Forever games should run OK on your phone. Lots of Sega Genesis in there. https://play.google.com/store/apps/collection/cluster?clp=igM4ChkKEzc4OTE5OTAwMzU1MDYyMTMxODAQCBgDEhkKEzc4OTE5OTAwMzU1MDYyMTMxODAQCBgDGAA%3D:S:ANO1ljIDwQg&gsr=CjuKAzgKGQoTNzg5MTk5MDAzNTUwNjIxMzE4MBAIGAMSGQoTNzg5MTk5MDAzNTUwNjIxMzE4MBAIGAMYAA%3D%3D:S:ANO1ljLO2Kk&hl=en_US&gl=US Ever play Tempest 2000 or the sequels? Jeff Minter made a bunch of his games free on Android and one of them is a Centipede type game called Gridrunner that looks like an old arcade game. You will have to sideload it (no google play link) but it runs on anything and is a lot of fun. It and a bunch of other free games are at the bottom of this page. http://minotaurproject.co.uk/Minotaur/donate.php
  19. There were so many platforms back then -- and everything was so expensive. I don't think I ever saw an Amiga "in the wild" except maybe at a media lab when they were using Video Toaster tools. Did Amiga really fail in USA, or was it just not a success because it was never pushed, distributed, marketed, etc?
  20. @Bill Loguidice do you think the Oliver Twins stuff falls under the category of "you had to be there?" A lot of UK games hit me that way. Just as Atari, Coleco, Intellivision, or even Nintendo 64 games land with many younger people.
  21. Did these ads ever happen? If not, hopefully AtariAge is the recipient of a generous benefactor, one that is less sleazy than the average privacy-busting, personal-tracking advertisement server.
  22. This enthusiastic thread reminded me that I need to get back into this game, I love this style of game. Having everything digital on my switch sometimes means things get lost “below the fold.” $40 seemed steep at first but since the arcade game is so expensive to play, and this has more content, I was able to justify the spend. The arcade-style racers from Midway didn’t get much love outside of N64 ports. I might be alone in wanting this, but I’m hoping Nintendo Switch Online brings them to the expansion pack. Cruis’n USA, World, Exotica, California Speed, SF Rush, Rush 2, SFR2049, and Hydro Thunder would be fun to play again. Without hauling out my cartridges or pretending that REKT or Riptide are close enough. Maybe Warner will get some of that Expansion Pack money. Awesome videos @Shaggy the Atarian
  23. Looking at these graphics on the old hardware is amazing — back in the day I would have been mesmerized by these visuals for hours. Well done, astounding work!
  24. They run on anything, right? No special DRM’ed cartridge required? I have an Intellivision FPGA core in my Analogue NT Mini Noir and would want to play them there. Thanks!
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