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  1. There was a Famicom (Japan NES) game from Namco called Star Luster that is a lot like Star Raiders. I think the genre was pretty well played out in the US by then, we never got it. Maybe it will show up on Nintendo Switch Online someday. Does anyone know how to reach Doug? It would be neat if he kept his code and the game could be finished. There are plenty of “alone against the stars” first person spaceship games like that from classic gaming. I think I will go play some Everspace now.
  2. I wouldn't expect Reicast to run well, but native ports to the hardware should work. Your phone can't play Crazy Taxi or Virtua Tennis?
  3. I wonder if Alan himself kept any of that stuff? He runs an interesting podcast about talking to scientists. I like him, he’s like a modern day Carl Sagan, working to help people communicate complex concepts in a simple way.
  4. Depends how heavily they front-load it, right? The company is funded by investors, grants, and preorders now. I know lots of mobile app developers who quit the biz because they couldn’t sell enough of their software despite having a potential market of billions of buyers.
  5. With someone taking time to do a quality port, you can run Xbox and PS2 era 3D games like Grand Theft Auto III or Knights of the Old Republic on this kind of mobile chipset, but the indie-style games we’ve seen so far would probably run fine on the systems you mention, yes. They’d also run fine in a web browser, just like the free stuff that kids like at https://iogames.space or https://www.coolmathgames.com My point is, power doesn’t really matter — the tablet-like Nintendo Switch has lots of power despite being “weak,” it all comes down to software and the talent of the developers. I like the mobile app stores because the wide open playing field gives you LOTS of chances to find something good.
  6. Ouya, FireTV, AppleTV, Nvidia Shield — all using mobile SOCs in a TV console form factor, wireless controllers, and a digital App Store. I don’t think “power” is the right unit of measurement. All modern chipsets have plenty of power to run fun video games. It’s all about the ecosystem nowadays. Amico could run any GameBoy Advance, Playstation and maybe Dreamcast game you’d throw at it, if you really want to compare it to old consoles.
  7. Nolan cashed out because he knew he didn’t have the business experience to take his scrappy startup to the big leagues. It’s a very different skill set to bring an idea forward vs grow it into a large multinational success and keep it there. I know Nolan’s hot-tub and marijuana culture would have made for a more fun place to work, but I don’t know if it would have been a financial success in the long run. Maybe he could have kept the Activision talent happy for longer so they could have made their innovative games under the Atari banner instead of striking out on their own. I think the 1984 crash would have happened with or without Nolan, because of all the other external factors like home computers and the overall same-ness if much of the expensive product on the market.
  8. 50-hour JRPGs are like this for me. I want to experience them, but they’re slowly paced and very repetitive. Recent “quality of life” improvements help a lot but they’re still a big time and attention investment. I still want to bash through Final Fantasy VII, but seeing that I’ve had like 25 years to do it, seems likely maybe I don’t want it badly enough to actually do it.
  9. The Nintendolife “article” was just verbatim cut and paste email answers from the company president, adding little analysis of its own. It didn’t refute anything substantial from the Ars Technica report. Where I come from, commercial speech intended to sell a service or product is called advertising. That’s not content, and it’s certainly not journalism.
  10. Sorry to hear this, we can tell that you loved her so very much. That is a neat tribute, you've been such a great supporter of this community. My sympathy goes out for you and your family.
  11. Congratulations on finishing the book, @UKMike! I could scarcely believe it when I saw a flurry of posts in this crazy old thread. I hope there are lots of original artifacts in there. It was fun to follow the exploits of this doomed project from the outside, so I can only imagine the nonsense that didn't make it into print. This is the best part from a buyer's/backer's perspective: I hope you hit your goals and I look forward to consuming this tome. 600 pages!
  12. All the best to you, CPUWIZ!
  13. Atari Vs. RageOn (t-shirt maker) is over. Atari wins default judgment (defendant didn't show up) of $800,000. Now they get to try and collect that from a company that probably isn't in the shape to deliver. https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/16618437/16/atari-interactive-inc-v-rageon-inc/
  14. @bluejay do you know about https://68kmla.org/forums/ ?
  15. Hey has anyone seen their latest financial report? I thought this is when they usually come out. They had a press release about their Token gimmick a few days ago. It was a good move not to post it on April 1.
  16. They look like red balloons 🎈 (many fewer than 99 of them, even at the biggest Target 🎯) but I believe they're bollards. Not to be confused with bollocks, which better describes "Atari's" hardware efforts.
  17. I like the old Macs but don't think there's enough discussion or experience on here to justify a dedicated section for them. I could count the annual number of topics on one hand. Lowendmac is still the best source for help and advice with old Mac hardware, and Macintoshgarden has the software side nicely covered. I understand and appreciate the impulse to find another home for the classic Mac scene, but I don't think this is the place you're looking for.
  18. ^^ I'm like this, too. Early Saturn adopter and have no problem with the price. It will go on sale before long for those who want to wait, but I wanted it now.
  19. Thank goodness I resisted the Square Enix sale on Switch. There's no way I can play thru all those 30 hour games, half price or not.
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