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  1. Sure, as long as you install Windows on it. Oh, and you would actually need to receive an AtariBox to run it. The Steam wishlist page is up, including system specs. It's tiny, and can run on a potato. I expect a mobile release before long, but PC/consoles have more prestige nowadays. Or as they say, "no balls, no problem!" This is the kind of ridiculous game I enjoy. I'll give it a spin when it goes on sale for a dollar or two. No balls, no problem!
  2. TWO finance-related Atari press releases today, ahead of some almost certainly awful fiscal reports. ATARI: Redemption of the OCEANE 2003-2020 maturing on April 1, 2020 Seems to be some old bond from one of their bankruptcies. and Iconic Atari®️ Properties are Headed to the Revolutionary Blockchain-based Gaming Metaverse, The Sandbox Sounds like some kind of Roblox-type virtual world, combined with their oh-so-gimmicky blockchain promises. Get psyched! or not. ATARI VCS is still "Managing the Unexpected," of course. We didn't expect the global pandemic, but we kinda did expect this
  3. And if you buy the iOS version, it's got a nice AppleTV version as well. Those are unique little games and I'm pleased that SquareEnix has kept them up to date and in the store.
  4. Nice list of premium games reduced to free in this time of emergency. https://www.pocketgamer.com/articles/082506/the-best-free-games-to-play-on-your-iphone-ipad-or-android-phone-in-2020-updating-daily/list/
  5. Agreed that it means BROKEN. You could always buy it, test it, and if it doesn't work, send it back at the seller's expense if you wanted to teach them a rude lesson about not selling broken crap on eBay. They can say "no refunds" but eBay will stand behind the buyer. This has happened to me as both buyer and seller enough that I won't put anything up for auction that I wouldn't want myself.
  6. I'm pretty gentle with my stuff and the controls have been fine, but that battery has got to have a limited lifespan. Replacing it looks like a hassle. https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Nintendo+Switch+Battery+Replacement/112995
  7. TIL that a single spaghetti noodle is called a Spaghetto. In Italian, an “i” at the end is plural, and “o” is singular. This goes for other italian dishes too: panino, raviolo, fettucino, gnocco, etc.

    1. Spriggy


      On that note, I'm off to buy some Taci. 😎

    2. DuggerVideoGames


      E vero.  Mia nonna e Italiana ma non mi ha mai insegnato Italiano.  E morta molti anni fa.  Ho studiato per quasi quaranta giorni e voglio migliorare il mio Italiano.


      I don't remember how to type in the letters with the accent marks over them, so pardon the lack of those.  I found this old status of yours by accident as I searched the word Italian, because I could've sworn there was an Italian language thread - among other foreign language threads - here on AtariAge somewhere.

    3. DuggerVideoGames


      And yes, i at the end is plural while o at the end is singular; however, feminine words (words ending in a) end with an e when they are plural (donna = woman; donne = women).  Some singular words end in e, however (chiave = key) but end in i for plural (chiavi = keys).

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  8. Ars Technica just now https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/03/nintendo-switch-sells-out-at-retail-leading-to-third-party-price-gouging/
  9. It has nothing to do with the Macintosh. It's a II with some extra stuff on it. The Atari 7800 is its own thing, but it can run 2600 software. It is not, however, an Atari Jaguar.
  10. So far it's much prettier than the Saturn original and plays well. Besides the longish loading screens, I haven't seen anything that crashed or seemed bugged. I haven't spent a lot of time with it but it seems yummy so far.
  11. @cimerians thanks for the word on RAID. I am of the opinion that if something earns my time, it can have some of my money. My game of choice for this style of character collector is Star Trek Timelines. In many years into it so it's hard to start another thing like it. Star Wars Heroes should do it but it's not as fun for me somehow.
  12. @digdugnate I know the feeling -- I still prefer my phone, but Switch is pretty great too. They're two great tastes that taste great together. TouchArcade has a regular SwitchArcade roundup which covers my interests nicely. Shaun is well versed in retro and has excellent taste in games. Info on sales, too. the latest https://toucharcade.com/2020/03/27/switcharcade-round-up-the-latest-nintendo-direct-brought-surprises-saints-row-iv-re-elected-and-todays-other-new-releases-the-latest-sales-and-more/
  13. A few months ago, they said "weeks not months."
  14. Blades on mobile still says "Early Access" when you launch it but I'm not sure how much has changed since launch. The biggest improvement was the removal of multi-hour timers before you can open a treasure chest, and I think they cut the prices of stuff in the store. I played for a while and I don't remember feeling pressure to buy anything. It's a grind though. Blades is free and has very good graphics (as nice as Infinity Blade, which is not receiving future support), and of you can stomach the free-to-play aspects of Dragalia Lost, you should give it a try. It's time consuming, repetitive, and lacks the epic scope of a big Elder Scrolls game, but what it does, it does well. I'm glad to hear they'll support cross-save with Switch. When that version comes out ("spring 2020" is any minute now) I wonder if they'll continue future development? Might as well give it a start. It should be nice on Switch with hard controls. Dragalia Lost wants lengthy downloads every time I start it. People still seem to like it. Seems spammy with the free to play to me but are you enjoying it past the intro?
  15. @cimerians is RAID any fun? I see ads for it constantly and it seems to have good graphics. Is it yet another card collector like Star Wars Heroes, and is it fun as a free to play? The Reddit group /apphookup has been posting a lot of freebies lately. Monument Valley for free is a must have.
  16. Yep, that's the problem with this and similar projects. Just add enough surface gloss to an old familiar face and name, and it's as if many people see only what they want to see. Especially when the loudest cheerleaders (often with a profit motive) only want happy thoughts and good news.
  17. My goodness. They're all like talking toys with pull strings, each with their own mindless catch phrase. There's a snake in my boot. Simple as that. For moms and Netflix. Tests off the chart with focus groups. Nailed it. To infinity and behind. First post. Like never before. A little less conversation please. Preorders start soon. A one-two punch. Stay tuned. The victory will be even sweeter. Cornering then market on retro games. As yourself why that is. Yes I Canada. Remember when. Play again.
  18. I'd call it the Sega Saturn era of VR, mainly because of the arcade-like simplicity of some of the shooter games, and "wow" factor of just having some 3D environments to run in, simple as they may be. And because Pistol Whip totally reminds me of Virtua Cop.
  19. I got a clearance $40 7800 from some mall record store (like Sam Goody, etc) around 1988 or so. Games were plentiful and cheap, it was like an aftershock of the 1984 crash, but this time around, they started out less expensive, instead of being discounted. Toys R Us had lots of variety as did toy stores like KB Toys and other big box stores. I was in college but left my NES at home. It was fun to have the simple Atari games for house parties while away at school. Housemates weren't sure what to make of the odd console (is that a 5200?) but it was backwards compatible with all the 2600 games. Lots of friends commented that so many of the games were like mini games, with the same little task over and over again. Pitfall in particular. I miss the days of being able to find cartridge video games at flea markets, thrift stores, video stores, and yard sales, but having easy access to everything over the internet nowadays more than makes up for it.
  20. OMG I'm glad I don't have whatever you have. Let's keep our social distancing because I don't want to catch it! Those flimsy Saturn cases were a bad idea the FIRST time around! Ah, nostalgia. https://limitedrungames.com/collections/neo-frontpage/products/switch-limited-run-67-panzer-dragoon-classic-edition The Panzer Dragoon Classic Edition includes: Limited Run #67: Panzer Dragoon (Switch) with booklet and full-color interior print. Retro Sega Saturn long box jewel case with foam insert to hold the Switch case inside. Long-box format instruction manual and exclusive production booklet. Everything will be sealed inside the long box jewel case. There is no purchase limit on this item. PLEASE NOTE: This item is currently in manufacturing. Artwork is subject to change, and the product will not ship until 2-4 months after the pre-order window closes. Future production updates will be visible on the product page and your account page. All orders are considered final and can not be canceled.
  21. The PocketGo version of Handy seems to have buggy collision detection in this game, so I was able to get farther than I ever did on real hardware. There is a lot of variety to this game that I really would have appreciated back in 1991. Sorry I don't have a physical copy handy (think it's in storage? or did I sell it?) or I'd contribute a high score effort.
  22. Hm, $25 and have it right now, or $40 and wait for months? You dirty, dirty girl.
  23. Yes, it was truly embarrassing. Even I, with no background in manufacturing could see that from the very first design pitch. Remember this? https://medium.com/@atarivcs/atari-vcs-structural-improvements-and-feature-adjustments-ba4ee3af5317 Their big announcement was going from some designer's cute but completely impractical drawing to the same old clamshell we have on 10+ years of Atari Flashback toys. With hardware, there's no benefit and a lot of risk to jumping in early, especially with an unproven, inexperienced team taking money up front.
  24. SWEET. Thanks for the heads up. $25, 7GB https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/panzer-dragoon-remake-switch/
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