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  1. The seller has pretty poor feedback for eBay, and seems to be doing a lot of this selling of pre-sells. What a jackass.
  2. There's always the Wii, Wii U, 3DS, and Switch, I suppose.
  3. I'd pay double for a machine that did both. Same goes for the AtGames things with Sega on one and Atari on the other, but very similar hardware inside.
  4. I think they're in the Cosplay section, pretending to be a real company
  5. Nintendo sells SNES games for $8 each, and NES games for $5 each on their eShops. I suspect they want to keep the perceived value of their games high. 21 x $8 = $168 (SNES classic is $80) 30 x $5 = $150 (NES classic is $70, if you can find one)
  6. So I wonder how many of these will show up elsewhere? We haven't seen StarFox, Super Mario RPG, or Yoshi's Island anywhere else, and a bunch of these have yet to appear on the 3DS eShop. My personal reaction to this is a little odd ... I'm like, "ugh, I like those games, but yet another dedicated thing with its own power supply and HDMI input?" I might just need to buy a nice wireless SNES controller or two for my Pi instead of this, save my eighty bucks. Of course the same could be said of the Sega and Atari thingies coming this fall. I'll probably just buy them all, like the chump that I am.
  7. Thank you. Also, this https://superuser.com/questions/167131/how-do-i-calculate-clock-speed-in-multi-core-processors
  8. It says the controllers are wired. What's that connector, then? Looks like a mini-SNES controller. The European version looks so much nicer than the North American one.
  9. Yes, they're awesome, and in 3D if you dig that. M2 should make a console. Forget AtariBox and Sega Forever! Final Freeway 2 http://oykgames.com/final-freeway-2r/ Final Freeway http://oyatsukai.com/final-freeway/ Meanwhile, Sega Forever is getting hated on left and right. Ars Technica: Botched Sega Forever launch blighted by poor emulation I'm more like this: Sega Forever: Why should you care?
  10. Most N64 emulators use the same underlying core, and there are few games that run on one but not on another. Battletanx is probably one of those games that doesn't emulate well. Here's the Mupen compatibility list. http://mupen64plus.org/wiki/index.php?title=GameCompatibility
  11. Oh, all right. In that case, needs more expensive and unreliable legacy I/O ports, and cartridge slots for everything. Carry on
  12. No, that's the brain fart of a lying POS
  13. Yeah, there's always the flashbacks. It amazes me they keep selling pretty much the same thing year after year in enough quantity to make it worthwhile to continue. As we have learned from Bill L's insider info, AtGames really wants to keep the price low so toy retailers will carry it. As a result, we often don't get what we the gamers want, but it's obviously good enough for them, as a short-term holiday toy.
  14. I don't think that's going to be effective in today's market -- you need some kind of network effect to gain any momentum. Developers won't make software if there aren't enough people on the platform, and consumers won't buy it if there isn't enough software. See OUYA for a recent example of this. Such a dedicated box would also compete with Android, iOS, Kindle, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, 3DS, and of course PC (and its myriad stores like Microsoft, Steam, Origin, Uplay, etc) or even the Chrome App Store. A cheap pc seems way preferable to me. I guess they could be like OUYA though -- they don't need to hit a grand slam, just get enough crowdfunding and investor money to get on base.
  15. Are we still talking about the Art of Atari book here? I got the Kindle/ComiXology version cheaply a while back, it looks nice. Still available for $9.36 if you don't need the dead tree version. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I1YU47U/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1
  16. I don't understand any of the above. :-( I REALLY don't understand how "Coleco" can gain rights to a 30-year old product that is plainly marked, "The Official ZAXXON by SEGA" without SEGA having something to say about it.
  17. I would think it's different for everyone, shaped by their own experiences. For me, it's arcade games, the 2600 and 7800, the Lynx, and to some extent the Jaguar. I have little interest in the computers. For years I conflated Atari Games (the arcade company) with Atari Corp (home hardware). It all dried up by 1996 and Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are the heirs to their legacy. Seeing "Atari" go after Jeff Minter's Tempest-like Vita game, shut down a cute VCS Berzerk-like Android game called Manik, and killing an iOS Kickstarter Battlezone-like project called Vector Tanks -- all while offering next to nothing new of their own -- didn't help endear me to their new management. I still like the Flashback too, and I agree it's fun to see that in stores, just like the "new" Sega Genesis boxes. That company's best days are in the ever-more-distant past now, too. It's certainly the same with incompetent "Coleco," who can go fuck a duck. It's annoying to see them say things like "atari box is years in the making" when that just means "old brand." Intellivision's caretakers seemed to better understand and respect their brand and legacy, which makes it all the more tragic that Keith Robinson passed at a relatively young age. I didn't know him but I am missing him every day I think of these old toys. Nintendo and Sony PlayStation have kept the faith, and imho deserve our attention and money more than the pretend dinosaurs.
  18. I don't know about the two-Switch question. I think the saves are stored locally on the system, and they don't expect you to sign into multiple machines. Nintendo Accounts are stored in the cloud --coins and stuff, possibly friend lists too. Why not sign into yours and have your kid sign into his? Radical idea I know
  19. Wow. So someone thinks that because they had a lot extra of the little connectors that match the Wii. Nintendo created a whole new shell, new classic style controllers, an emulator system, and a custom designed carton? Just to clear out some old parts? The second pet about trickling them out almost makes sense, but the "extra parts" hypothesis makes me
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