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  1. With a December 1 arrival date, which is almost certainly a placeholder. Gamestop changed their date to TBD, and is no longer taking pre-orders. It just says "NOT AVAILABLE." https://www.gamestop.com/video-games/arcade/products/atari-vcs-800-onyx-all-in-system-bundle/11094776.htm The market was tough before. Now that stores are closed and people are losing income, it seems like a worse idea than ever. Or as Atari's copy writer would say, "like never before." It's sad to live in a world where we can't mix with our friends and the only progress pictures of "Atari vcs" are factory mistakes.
  2. You've barely scratched the surface of the Atari 2600, stick with that if you're having fun. It doesn't get a whole lot better than that in this generation.
  3. Technical stagnation and maybe even a little regression is also possible, and acceptable.
  4. There's market saturation while everyone has to go to work and school, then there's the new market condition when everyone has to stay at home and fill their days and minds with something. I never would have expected to settle my mind enough to make time for Animal Crossing, yet here we are.
  5. My cat's breath smells like cat food.
  6. Yeah but does it have 64 directions???
  7. Yup, back in January. My old downvote was already there, because obviously I'm a hater who just wants to tear down something I've never played. Not because it's uninteresting and weak. Comments still disabled. Maybe the Atari CEO should get on the message boards and crow about how few downvotes they've received after 26,000 views as if that means something.
  8. I agree, it was a fine magazine, especially considering it was the last one standing. Did the quality hold up after the mass layoffs a while back?
  9. Wario Ware has homages to some of the pre-videogame stuff Nintendo was making. Little driving mechanical games, "ultra-hand" grab it toy, the cowboy that falls apart when you shoot him. It's cute how they just threw them in there without making a big deal of it being a little museum exhibit. Some of the toys for those who haven't seen them http://blog.beforemario.com/p/nintendo-before-mario.html
  10. And don't forget the complimentary script-reading asking you if you would like to join the rewards club, pre-order something else, or trade in parts of your collection for pennies on the dollar. Do they still publish Game Informer magazine?
  11. This is how I would say it. Apparently we are wrong, it's like "sicko"
  12. Double you eye see oh (I've never had occasion to say it aloud!)
  13. Remember when that seemed like a really long time? Well, the Xbox 360 came out in 2005, FIFTEEN YEARS AGO And to think that FIFTEEN YEARS BEFORE THAT, the Sega Genesis was just hitting its stride. Have we hit a plateau of gaming, or what?
  14. Thanks @The Historian Sounds like KV did okay then. Market price for that stock is about $0.20 a share lately. I can't shake the feeling that this is a financial shell game, but I don't understand how anyone gets any long term gains from it.
  15. Or the Group did. Presumably Rosen snapped these up at the historically low price last week?
  16. That looks and sounds awesome! I like all the attention to detail, which you showed in the video -- like being able to kill Otto in Frenzy. I've grown accustomed to the little ditties in the ColecoVision version, to the point where I really want a little music with my robot-shooting. Is there space to add those in?
  17. I have a friend who likes spicy foods and says "it burns three times." Atari VCS buyers only got burned once so far. HERE COMES THE SCIENCE
  18. @roots.genoa True. It's not that they're worse, just that they're different from the iconic models. It's worth the small asking price. It looks very out of place next to my new Animal Crossing game.
  19. I think we made that analogy on this thread, like 900 pages back? Good short-term attention getter, too bad about the price? And wait? But the general uselessness is similar and it made the inventor very rich. That last part isn't happening here. Atari will be posting its financial report in just a few days. They're always quick with the good news but hold the bad news back as long as they can.
  20. The motion controls on this Switch version are actually kinda neat. It's just for left and right movement/aiming and it's a lot faster and more precise than the sticks by themselves. It makes the game control more like keyboard + mouse than keyboard alone. It seems weird to have this on an N64 game, but it's a good enhancement, just as it was on Starfox 64 3D. Now I need to get used to the character graphics again. They almost look like the public domain versions of Doom. Like Daj, I noticed the developer credits and kinda barfed a little too. I've only booted it once and hope they're skippable next time out.
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