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  1. "You should ask yourself why that is"
  2. @racerx I think you need two copies to play at the same time. Just like how you can't use a single cartridge on two places. The family account is for online play and the retro games, not to permit multiple people to play a single purchase. If this has the dollar-per-hour ratio that everyone thinks it will, it should be worth it.
  3. I bought it today, despite not getting hooked by prior installments. I figure it will be a nice chill out activity for me while working at home for the next 6+ weeks. Hopefully all these videoconference meetings I'm doing won't burn me out from any and all screen use forever.
  4. I think you're right that's how they came from the factory. I never had a 2068, but the 1000 I had was inexpensive. Not what we would call elegant by today's standards. Depending where you live, it might have been done for regional/export reasons. These were big in the U.K. but not anywhere else to my knowledge. I thought these two things were interesting. Disassembly video looks like your pictures. Repair manual has enough detail for you to just about engineer your own, but no photos. TS2068TM.PDF
  5. I saw that Square Enix is also giving away one of the newer Tomb Raiders but it's the same one as on Steam, except you have to wait in a line so their site doesn't crash. Watch Dogs is free in the Epic store. That was a huge game when it first came out. Patient PC gamers get everything, eventually.
  6. That's what happens when you price something before doing your engineering, I guess.
  7. Maybe they should give away some of the ugly ducklings with manufacturing defects (as pictured in their last update) to The Register for review purposes? It's what's inside that counts.
  8. You were "Chopsus Maximus," I presume? I remember you, asking some tough questions as if "Atari" would answer. Taking $300 for the promise of delivering something in 6 months but taking more like 3 years? NO PROBLEM Getting a little salty when asking about it in a public place? BURN THE WITCH
  9. @Magmavision2000 you gotta stop living in the past! new VHS tapes and now netflix discs for defunct Wii apps ... Someone out there might find it mildly collectible in that there might be a finite number of them. But it hasn't been relevant or needed in like 12 years. The Wii used a downloaded app for Netflix streaming which made the disc obsolete. And now the Netflix wii "channel" doesn't work at all. It's worth five bucks because that's what someone got out of you. So in that sense, it's contributing to your college fund because you're now just a little bit smarter.
  10. Most of the older Tomb Raider games are on sale for a dollar each so I scooped a bunch of them for collector/completionist reasons.
  11. Summoning the great and powerful @JeffVav to tell us he's ready to roll with a product but needs the go-ahead from WB, who is not feeling it at this time. It seems strange of them to skip a whole console generation. Maybe they don't want to cannibalize 1Up mini arcade cabinet sales.
  12. It's been a long time since Midway Arcade games (including Atari Games, Williams, and others) were redone for consoles. I mean things like Defender, Spy Hunter, Joust, Marble Madness, Paperboy, and so on. The last release was Midway Arcade Treasures which is backwards compatible in 360 mode on the Xbone, but nothing on PS4 or Switch. With all the classics already on Switch, this seems like a deliberate omission. What are they waiting for?
  13. Gyro for aiming like in Starfox 64 3D or just about any mobile FPS is nice to have, and many younger gamers are probably used to it. If Fortnite does it, I would expect all Bethesda games to do it as well. Here's an explainer: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/07/guide_fortnite_-_how_to_use_gyro_motion_controls_on_nintendo_switch
  14. Potential silver lining: since they track and photograph everyone who walks in their many stores, they could be a useful cog in the epidemiological tracking of coronavirus. Their financials are very grim. The one near my house used to be a Mattress Warehouse and I hope something cooler than THAT moves in when GS is gone.
  15. Well do ya want to play Jungles of Chlamydia on the VCS or not? Support the developers!
  16. Yeah, "essential" to their bottom line, maybe. I sure hope their pawn shop business takes care to sanitize trade-ins. This is the biggest stretch imaginable: I guess XBOX could be considered a "distance learning" tool, but this statement deserves 4 Pinocchios. Shame on them. They used to sell productivity software. I bought my first computer modem at Electronics Boutique (forerunner of GameStop) but that was almost 30 years ago.
  17. Remember how Steve Jobs talked about how he wanted to make products that would surprise and delight their customers? Atari is halfway there with the first part. But not in a good way.
  18. You guys are so much better at math than the person who wrote this scene (doctored with music and footage from a movie)
  19. I agree that seems likely, because they made a big deal about how Unity3D was all a developer should need to get on VCS. Their latest update had lots of pictures of flawed VCS cases which they won't use, OK fair enough. It at the end, they talk about all the conferences that will be cancelled, so the next sneak peeks at their machine will need to be online. If that's the case, why don't they show more of the thing themselves? They don't need a public, in-person show and they never did. Only posting very carefully edited short clips with no direct feed makes it seem like they don't have much to offer, even after this time. What they aren't saying is speaking louder than words.
  20. RG350 seems like a really good one. OdroidGo Advance is available but only at scalper prices. One of the nice things about these handhelds is how they're cheap -- or at least they should be.
  21. Watch out, apparently I've got some kind of mental illness or social disease, and you don't want to catch that! Thank goodness for armchair psychologists, and welcome to the tribe.
  22. Would it cover the kinds of clashes in "management style" that Feargal referenced in his resignation letter to Fred? Us gossip girls would love for you to spill the tea on that if you have any.
  23. I like the collections. I've bought more than a few Arcade Archives standalones, though. What is there to say about them? They're old, they're fun, they're well emulated. @Magmavision2000 if you want to read more about this kind of thing, Shaun Musgrave is the guy to follow. He writes about these kinds of things on Touch Arcade and his blog, Post Game Content regularly, and even more if you give a buck to his Patreon. He's one of the smartest game writers working today, in my opinion. https://twitter.com/ShaunMusgrave
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