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  1. Finally found Wolfenstein 3d for 3DO for a reasonable price (even came with Jurassic Park interactive). Excited to try it out and compare with Jag, Mac, and PC versions.

  2. My Jeff Minter collection.  With i could get a physical copy of Space Giraffe and/or TxK..https://photos.app.goo.gl/cDdGU2mZ8Jg7tmJR9

  3. You say you want my stuff, "on the cloud"?  You say you want to charge me monthly for "my own stuff"?  Well, I say, "Stick it!".  What's mine, stays mine, and on my machines.  You can try to make money off of me some other way.

  4. First episode of Picard impressed me.

  5. First episode of Picard impressed me.

  6. Apparently we say the United States' "doomsday plane" overhead early yesterday morning. Granddaughter noticed it and wondered why it was so small and so slow. At 6, I guess they don't have a proper sense of distance.

  7. Uh...

    I accidentally clicked something on the AtariAge home and it turned from mobile mode to PC mode. The text is all tiny now, and I can't seem to find the button to turn it back to mobile mode. Help!

  8. Welp folks I’m an ST owner again

  9. Fun fact: Journey Escape wasn't the only Atari game to get the arcade treatment. In 1983, Taito released Bio-Attack is a port of Fox's Fantastic Voyage to the arcades. It even mentions that it's licensed from Fox Video Games on the title screen.

  10. I'm turning 50 this year. I still feel like I'm 21. ;-)  Who else is celebrating their Bicentennial this year? 😎

  11. That was the worst piece of crap I've ever written, directed, produced, and starred in.

  12. Only 1 more week until Star Trek Picard. Very happy about this.  😁

  13. It's a bummer Rockstar made the first two GTA games practically impossible to get digitally.

  14. I had this dream about a mis-shapen Pagoda floating on a sea of violent violet vomit. Churning and bubbling. Then my mind's eye camera pulled back and realized it was my rotting terrarium. It was crazy like a weather buoy in wicked storm. Then I woke up.

  15. It's a bummer Rockstar made the first two GTA games practically impossible to get digitally.

  16. So I'm at a loss here. For retroarch for Windows, how do I exit a game, and return to the main menu, and NOT exit out of the emulator entirely? Strange. 

  17. Somebody gave me a nickle to "buy" my $0.25 ALDI shopping cart. CALLING POLICE.

  18. Did Doperoms get shut down?

  19. Happy Win7 Death Day! Got a big ol' blue screen at boot up saying horrible things will happen if I don't upgrade. Funny enough...there's a windows update happening. Is M$ gonna murder my old PC? I get my new one in a week, M$!

  20. I bought a box of gingerbread cookies at Lidl. Now I see that the cardboard box has faux woodgrain print all over it. Very 1970's, a bit darker shade than the 2600. Perhaps faux woodgrain is back in style?

  21. The holidays flew by this season.  I like the giving part, but I've grown to hate dealing with the tree, ornaments, and decorations.


  22. Name one, goddammit, one good car that communists ever made!

  23. After many years of on/off searching,  Today, on AA no less...I found a pic of a CV Joystick like the one I used to own!  It was called a QUESTAR!!!  So happy to see this pic!   Thank you MrRetroGamer for posting this pic lo those many years ago!!  May sound crazy, but it's like a piece of my memory has been restored.




  24. Rediscovered a game last night I played as a kid and have been looking for for decades: Castles II: Siege and Conquest.  Was on my new Mac 8600/300.  So happy to have this game again!! Epic RTS from 1992. 

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