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  1. I was using the Telstar AC Adapter....no batteries.
  2. Hi, Im not sure where to post this so I’ll try here. I recently picked up a Coleco Telstar Marksman in super condition. The unit powers up and all the buttons (Select game and Reset) and pong knobs are responsive. My problem herein is with the light gun. Whenever I plug the light gun into the telstar unit, and then turn on the power, the unit crashes into a snowy-static screen on the tv. If I remove the gun, the pong games come back to life on the screen. I checked all the male-prongs of the light gun plug with that of the circuit inside the gun and the continuity checks fine (I was checking for broken wires and broken pcb traces). The inside of the Telstar unit look fine. I’m baffled as to why plugging the light gun into the system and powering on, causes the system to crash to a snowy static screen on the tv. If any Telstar collectors know of the problem or areas I can further check, please post to this in the forum.
  3. The SAC's are great, they are the only controllers I use for my CV, surprisingly comfortable.
  4. I'v got 5-11's Component mod installed on my CV and couldn't be more happier with the results. Its truly worth the upgrade once you are satisfied with the colour adjustments. Freeking love my mod! Thanks "H"!
  5. Quite honestly, i would have just expected the seller would be bright enough to pack the box (atari) within a box, padding, peanuts, paper etc. Agreed, that's a lazy ass'd seller.
  6. Keep us in the loop, this looks like a fun game.
  7. For the love of god, i wondered what happened to the music as well......the left difficulty switch worked. Great post!
  8. This sounds great, i'd be up for a simple PCB plus label, if it keeps costs lower rather than outsourcing CV casings. If casings are available, then a simple cartridge would also be good.
  9. I thought I would give two thumbs up for 5-11under's kit. I recently purchased the video upgrade PCB and it brings new life to my CV on today's newer TV's. Definitely recommend picking one up if you decide to mod your CV for component output. 5-11under was very helpful throughout the entire purchase and installation.
  10. A.J. thanks for posting that link. Interesting. Did you remove the resistor to accomodate your LCD? Perhaps i will try this as well. With it on and off to see if there are any noticeable differences.
  11. Quick question: Why is there a 620 Ohm resistor on the TIA chip on the backside of the Atari motherboard? Its the only 1 there and it seems kinda odd? What is its function/purpose??
  12. Yup, as Leaf fans, we deserve to be on top of the mountain, even if its for a brief period of time!

  13. I'd absolutely go for a modded CV.....my Atari's are already modified, but im sure there is some demand out there.
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