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  1. You will never appease everyone, just do what you think is right.
  2. Four levels! Wow. I have played it a fair bit and have only got past the end of level plane the once. It's a tough fight there.
  3. A very wise suggestion there. Just give me a couple of days...
  4. I was just sitting here with my headphones on, watching the starfield for 5 minutes. It is mesmerising.
  5. I didn't even realise that there is a level 2, but I just got there with a few strokes of good luck along the way. Incredible game.
  6. This contest gets more ridiculous every year. By 2030, one of the people here will have Quake in ten lines. I just do not know how you manage this.
  7. Not a new OS as such but I have considered a new language that comes with a lot of prebuilt commands, taking up ROM space. You could have a 128kb language on ROM, making a very high level language for rapid development.
  8. Personally I do not want to get into the main argument. I'm not one for all that extra RAM. It can be useful in certain circumstances, but I have not come up against those. And any demos that use more, I will just watch them on YouTube. That being said, if people want to have massive RAM expansions, then good for them, they can do what they like. When games developers develop for the Atari, I think that 64K is a good baseline to use. I think that all code that needs above 64K should be adjustable, in the sense that it should check to see what is available and modify the experience accordingly. If a developer wants to go for a 1M development, then so be it, good for them for producing something for the Atari. is there a killer app for bigger memories, not for me, but I can't speak for everyone.
  9. I think all of the football management games did, such as Football Manager, League Challenge etc. Flight Simulator 2 also. Was there a flight simulator 1 on the A8?
  10. I have just been playing this game and I think that I have been playing it for longer than I have played any other Atari game in a long time. It is very well developed and has that "just another game" factor to it. When I lose a life, I feel like it is my own fault and if only I hadn't hesitated 2 seconds before, I would have been OK. It's pretty difficult, but great fun. I noticed that if you lose a life and then respawn and quickly get the last biscuit, you will get more points than if you survived. Though you have one life less which will ultimately cost you.
  11. OK, that is good to know. I won't use it, but it still looks like an excellent development,
  12. Hmm, I could use pms and so forth, but that is a lot of extra overhead. I also want the option to later add a cursor for a mouse (for a latter revision of my software). If 80 column text is not possible for what I want, OK, but it would be a great extra. I am working on a football (soccer) management game and 80 columns would be great for statistics, though I have currently coded for 40 columns. Memory is really tight due to having player and team information in memory.
  13. On some screens in the game, it is a normal graphics 0 screen. And one some screens, it is a normal graphics 0 screen but with DLIs enabled on each line to be able to change the background colour.
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