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  1. This is terrible news. My first machine was the ZX81. RIP Clive.
  2. Interesting fact, those curtains were taken from Henry's House.
  3. I wanted to say to you MrFish, "You're not right, it just seems to pick a random next thing to display, but never chooses the preceding one. You have just had bad luck". Then I tried it in NTSC and can confirm what you've said.
  4. (Disclaimer: This post is intended as humour only! Absolutely no malicious intent.) Thank you so much Rensoup. I've prepared a new Rastaconverter based intro screen for the game, so you can get rid of any of the others that you've got. Credit goes to IvoP for the idea. Rensoup, please put this into the game, if you don't, I'll never download your game for free and I will tell everyone else not to download it. Without this intro screen, your game will not be worthwhile. Plenty of colours, very 90s influenced. ModernPrinceOf....xex
  5. Might it actually be graphics 0? ... with redefined chars? I have not analysed it.
  6. It is great seeing the Fuji Speedway on the mens and womens cycling in the Olympics. I just want to be the commentator on the TV and say, "This speedway is famous for being in the Atari Pole Position arcade game". OK, I am a sad person... sorry for taking up your time.
  7. I lost what was going on in this thread a long time ago when the arguments started. Just trying to catch up, but what is left to do on this game @rensoup? It seems fine to me, though I haven't played it to completion.
  8. I started playing the 2014 game, not realising it was an old game and enjoyed it. Then I scrolled down and found the new version (good improvement in speed by the way) and then I enjoyed that too. Two lots of fun in one go! Thank you Bill! 230 is my best score (version 2). Edit: 344
  9. I always think that the best option is to ask for something switchable. For example, floaty or more realistic physics which is an option on the menu, with floaty being default, to keep tradionalists happy. If the authors don't want to do it or can't do it, I concede straight away, but I have asked.
  10. Jason was just mentioned on the new GB News channel. Odd to hear on online TV from here in Aus.
  11. NOSAUG , North of Scotland Atari User Group. Stuart Murray used to run it. He did a release with just the magazine, one with a diskette and another also which was cassette based. I regularly used to be the ONLY person that got the cassette version. All my cassettes stopped working years ago and got thrown out after being left in a garage too long.
  12. I have only just seen his post here (unless I was drunk before) and this was because I saw the news in the Daily Mail. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9703421/UKs-longest-suffering-Covid-patient-49-tragically-dies-following-14-half-month-battle.html Terrible news indeed, but it was his decision which I respect. It was him that had to endure all that. I met him a couple of times at shows and regarding the comment of him being a gentle giant, this is absolutely true. He was also a very clever man. Programmer types usually are, but I as a fellow programmer was in awe of him. I enjoyed our time together. I even did a bit of playtesting for Callisto at the Wolverhampton show. He had a lot of good words for different people, those that I can remember off hand are @popmilo, @Mclaneinc and @STE'86 . All I can say is, thank you Jason, you have brought us all a lot of pleasure on our Atari's. You will be remembered well.
  13. This is really, really good. I wouldn't bother doing any more work with getting the FPS up, it is high as it is. I also wouldn't do any more to add extra colours, we can live without 32 colours on screen. If however this engine could have some very clever logic to allow players to walk through narrow tunnels easily without hitting the walls (unless they really want to), that would be amazing. Imagine it like those car driving games where you spend all your time hitting the kerb, rather than driving. If there was a small repulsion by walls (or kerbs) to make it harder to bump into walls, that would be great. How this is normally handled, I have no idea.
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