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  1. And you can't throw your axe at it to put it out either.... that's if you have an axe at this point in the game.
  2. Just came to report this myself and have found your report! It is currently on Amazon Prime, at least it is in Aus!
  3. That aerial perspective would look great with Space Invaders coming down.
  4. I previously said no in this conversation and will try my best to explain myself. I don't have to, as we all have differing opinions which won't match one anothers, but still I will explain my answer from MY point of view. Currently we have members of this website (I know of one, but can be sure with our numbers that there is more than one) that are fighting coronavirus and are struggling. I suspect that I had it at one point, but at the time, the doctors would not test me for it as there were not enough tests to go around. Luckily, it was not too major for me. I believe that people should be able to do what they want to do. If Grevle would like to release a game, then so be it, but be aware that others may be offended. If you don't want to make the main characters insects, ok, it is your choice. I am all for personal expression and will not crucify anyone for their point of view. However, there will be people who will strongly object to games related to coronavirus. Personally, it will not affect me much, but can see others not liking it. My words are advice, nothing else. If eight bit computers were around in 1946, I would not have released any war based games. But you have your own artistic licence and it is all your choice.
  5. It probably isn't a good idea. And due to people losing lives, it might mever be a good idea. Could you just change it so that is a mould from outer space or something similar? I.e. Keep the main game, but change the graphics and story? Alternatively, change the virus into an insect.
  6. Almost every time that I download Altirra, I get some anti-virus or Defender try to intercept. I've seen comments of viruses, that it isn't downloaded very often and will need to be scanned (and also blocked me completely from using it, even if I tried to say it was OK, blocking me for 17 hours the once). I know full well that it is genuine, reliable software so it rather frustrated me. I was using the anti-virus which comes free with Windows 10 (the name escapes me at the moment) and Windows Defender. In the end, I've swapped my anti-virus provider. I've had enough of it.
  7. I always loved this game as a child, but even still, even with better colouring, I am still useless at this game!
  8. @TracMan , I can see that you've put a lot of thought into what you've written above and a lot of effort too. So please don't take what I am about to say as a negative, I purely aim to be positive, even if I might not sound it. I can see that this would take a huge amount of effort for Avery/Phaeron to create such a system. And what I have to ask is (sincerely), why? What is it that you want to achieve here? More games being able to be "on" the Atari? Why not simplify it all and just play the game in the Spectrum emulator instead? Once you start contriving something between two emulators and it isn't like a real world system, why do it? No disrespect, but I cannot see why. On a technical front, I am not sure if this would even be possible. I could be wrong here (correct me if so), but I believe that colour mapping isn't quite possible on the Atari. While we can do some nice colour underlays with PMG's, I don't think that it is possible to address every single character with any colour that we want. I believe that all the games that we see with colour underlays have very carefully selected underlays which are hand-crafted and cannot cover every single character. Like I say, I am willing to be corrected, but I don't think so. For example, if we have 5 PMG's (4+combined missiles), all in quad width, that is 5*(4*8)=160 pixels width, however you can only address 4 pixels width at any one time (on or off). In theory, we could create a Windows program which simulates a theoretical 8-bit computer which has never existed. With it, we could program whatever we want, but we'd never be able to play its games without that "emulator". If we could have a ZX Spectrum acting as a master and the Atari as a slave as you mention (with a lot of grunt work from the PC), this could never be done in reality. One thing that your idea does lead my mind towards though, is the thought of a cartridge that plugs into a real Atari and does what you've mentioned. I don't think it'll be able to do the colour mapping, but the ironic thing is that the ZX Spectrum's best games were those in black and white. Maybe those games could easily be handled by a "clever cartridge"? I just want to say though, I love creative thinking, so please continue what you're doing.
  9. I checked out this great Mandelbrot implementation together with Altirra and the F1 button. I am however impressed with the calculation time as it beats that program in New Atari User all those years ago.
  10. Are the three holes a US standard? I know that typically in Europe and Australia that either two or occassionally 4 holes are more standard.
  11. I've got 3598/7/114 on my second game using a different strategy. Leave the board to fill up for ages, then start spelling out long words. Chances are, the letters are in there. And on my 3rd game, 3879/07/44 (the last figure might give away my strategy here!).
  12. Just working my way through the disks at the moment... I played Diamondz 3, that was good although I couldn't get off the first screen. Now I am playing Letter Scrabble and I just got 2787/06/207 on my first game. @flashjazzcatwill be happy to know that the word 'canny' is included
  13. What is the key used in Dizzy to grab onto items? I can see that it is "Enter" on a ZX Spectrum.
  14. No bosses in this one. Not sure about number of levels, but they tend to be similar. It is probably PAL as it was written by Red Rat in Manchester, England.
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