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  1. Seems a valid but somewhat wasteful solution, though I guess if align doesn't exist, all solutions would be a bit wasteful. I am not a MAD Pascal user, but could the data be copied from the code here to a known unused memory area? Or loaded in from file to a certain location?
  2. To be totally honest, the only reason I have never ordered from them is due to postage from the US being of ridiculous price. Yeah, I am in Aus, but used to be in the UK and when it comes to a lot more than the items being bought, forget it.
  3. From what I've heard, they've got loads of boxes full of stuff, but they don't know what is in them. I'm not going to stand up for them, as I believe that they are running the business wrong, but it would explain why they are like what they are like. They've got all those boxes, no inventory, no real clue as to all the stuff they've got. When someone then sends in a large order, they might know where some of the items are. Though they won't know where all the items are, or in the quantity that they are being asked for. They'll never update the internet and their catalogue will be a 'best guess'. If I was living in that area, I'd offer to work on minimum wage for them, during the hours that I dictate. Then in those hours, all I would do is sort and catalogue everything. I suspect I'd be asked to help out with fulfilling orders, but I'd refuse that. They can't get better until they get organised. Why they don't employ a local youth to do just the above, I am not sure.
  4. I read all Emkays comments. I have no idea why, but at least it explains all the furore afterwards.
  5. snicklin


  6. Look at any YouTube video and read the comments, it usually ends up on a argument. Nobody is particularly right or wrong, but end up arguing from their point of what they have seen in their lives. Just do what you do and stuff what others say as someone will always try to knock down your achievement. Look at Space Harrier on the A8, probably the finest coding on the Atari, yet after making so many things achievable on the A8, it got slated for a flickery menu. Years later, he offers a new version with an improved menu. Did anyone apologise? I am working on a game at the moment. In order to ensure I get it out, I have simplified what I will release and technically it won't blow anyones socks off, but as a game, it should be good. I bet I get my detractors, but I will ignore them. If I can then build the game up and release a better version, then great. Coders, you are all giving us your personal time and I thank you all for that.
  7. @phaeron Brilliant - don't worry, you've answered what I was looking for with the aliased commands. I didn't realise it was as simple as that. Debugger commands are equally welcome, I wouldn't want the UI overflowing with niche commands that everyone and their dog has asked for. I can use what you've supplied though even without the command. I was just looking for a binary dump of the data, not data statements. Essentially there is a game which I want to rip a screen from and use as placeholder graphics in my own game.
  8. Thank you for your reply. I am of the belief that I should be able to do what I am looking to do either by manipulating the bytes dumped from memory as you mention. I could use ImageMagick etc, yet I was looking for a way so that I could avoid all of this extra work. Yes, laziness prevails....! You've mentioned the screen starting at different points, I was hoping that a routine in Altirra could work out where the start is from all the different settings that are in place and then present it to the user in a simpler way. I almost imagined a menu entry being a 'hook' to a routine which processes the screen. You've asked which program I would use to manipulate the image, essentially I wouldn't (at least not in a normal program). I'd just have a dump of the whole screen (yes, different modes in use could make this complicated) and I'd identify the parts that I want and would remove them with a hex editor. Yes, potentially a debugging command to dump a section of the screen would be fine. Or a way to draw a rectangle on a paused screen and then have that dump out packed binary (4 pixels=1 byte for gr.12) for what is inside it. A routine would need to be able to work out what mode is being used underneath it. Perhaps if multiple modes are detected, a data dump is refused? A text mode would need to be represented as a graphics mode, i.e. 0->8, 12->15 I appreciate the difficulty in achieving what I am asking for, as I can see that no solution would be perfect. If it's a massive bit of work, I'd say leave it, but if you can think of a relatively quick way of achieving this, I'd really appreciate it.
  9. I have a feature request. Story of what I'd like to achieve: I would like to be able to rip out graphics from games without needing to process the images later. * I guess I could do some memory dumping, however it is not very user friendly though. * I would like screens with 40 byte width graphics (I guess it would need to be only those using 40byte width throughout the whole screen) to be saved as a screenshot which gives a 40 byte output (160 pixels, bit-packed), saved in a raw format, no headers. - I have noticed that screenshots save as 336 pixel wide images, I'd like no border and to save as 40 byte width. Therefore I'd like the file content to be precisely that of the screen (presuming the same width all the way down the screen) Could this be possible?
  10. I used to find myself religiously logging into FB. Now I just take a look every few weeks, on my terms. I don't read what others write (nonsense), just answer any messages or write any that I want to. I do the same with email. Too many years of spam turned me off the medium. Now I have my daughters school complaining as I don't read emails. They can call me if they really need me. #technologyOnMyTerms
  11. I used to enjoy it a lot as a kid. It wasn't the best graphically, but football management games aren't generally. Yes, it is a one player game. Just download it and try it.
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions. Sometimes though I want to use that which I know, I have been using Linux or Unix for the last twenty years and I like the commands it has on offer.
  13. Hi, Are you developing software for the Atari (using Mads) and are you a little frustrated with how your build system works in Windows? Many people are, and they wish that they could use Linux tools to do the build. Batch scripts can be somewhat limiting when you are able to write Linux shell scripts. If this describes your situation, I have compiled instructions on how to set this up on your Windows PC. Please use at your own risk. --- You will need Windows Subsystem for Linux on your Windows PC. In order to install that, follow the instructions provided here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/wsl/install-win10 Please note that I have compiled these instructions for Ubuntu which is likely the most common Linux version running in Windows. In Ubuntu: 1. sudo apt update 2. sudo apt upgrade 3. sudo apt install fpc (this may take some time, you can multi-task the Windows steps below at the same time) In Windows: 4: Ensure that 7-zip is installed, if not, download and install from: https://www.7-zip.org/download.html 5. Download Mads source from 'Source' link under Mads 2.0.8 (or correct version at time of reading) from mads.atari8.info 6. Unzip content to a desired place on your C: drive. In Ubuntu: 7. Do a 'cd /home/<yourUsername>' 8. Do a 'mkdir mads' 9. Do a 'cd mads' 10. Do a 'cp -p /mnt/c/<file location>/mads.pas .' 11. Do a 'fpc -Mdelphi -v mads.pas'. You may get some issues listed, ignore them (it worked for me anyway). 12. Do an 'export PATH=$PATH:/home/<yourUsername>/mads' as per step 7. 13. Type in 'mads' on the command line, if it runs and give you usage information, it has worked. If you're not that au-fait with how Windows interfaces with Linux, remember that from Linux, you can access your Windows drive by referencing: /mnt/c/ Do yourself a favour, do not write to Windows files from Linux and do not write to Linux files from Windows. Doing some may cause you issues, especially with carriage returns. All the best, I hope that this helps you to unleash the power of the Linux command line.
  14. I live in Queensland, with excess sun here, more than I like. I just hope this process won't warp my case.
  15. Very interesting talk! If I was there, I would have liked to ask why the ability to have a 5th colour in Antic Mode 4 couldn't have been toggleable, to allow 256 character fonts. Perhaps it wasn't considered, but that would have been a great feature.
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