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  1. My vote: Make the turban default as it is the original, if space is available on cartridge, offer the blonde man from the Amiga. Pleases all.
  2. I've always struggled to get off the first level, so this is like a full game to me! Great work here.
  3. Problem fixed. Logic problem. The History window was key to me solving this, great to learn new things.
  4. Thank you so much Avery! It appears that it was running code from the cartridge space $A000, while in theory it should have been running from the $2000 range. I'll sit down and work out what I've done wrong. I've just started to use the History window, by the way, it is great. You're a legend!
  5. Hi, My Altirra 3.90 test 19 (and same issue with 18 and even 3.20 test 1) is crashing when running my code. I suspect that it has nothing to do with the emulator, more my code, but I am seeing some odd behaviour. Can anyone explain this? I hope that I have provided sufficient information.
  6. Imagine Chuckie Egg in this environment, over several screens. That would be incredible (like this project is)
  7. I do have a feature request for this game (sorry!) and that is that there is a cheat of some kind to make the game easier. I think the best I ever did was get off the first level once
  8. And I wasn't disappointed at all with Imogen. It is a game which reminds me of Head over Heels, in that you have more than one character and you have to work your way through the game. The puzzles are very well constructed and it is great to see a game on the Atari with on-screen items that are usable, not just part of the background. It is pretty much a one-to-one conversion (as far as I know), apart from the music/intro at the start. I am very pleased to see this on the Atari 8-bit, thank you so much for porting this. p.s. If anyone gets stuck on the puzzles, there are YouTube videos that you can refer to.
  9. I ABSOLUTELY love this game on the BBC. I am lying in bed reading this and am so excited, I am getting myself up and dressed to play this. Thank you to the authors/porters!!!!!
  10. Do NOT play Domain of the Undead. You have been warned!
  11. I have a problem when using Altirra64 3.90, test 11 or test 12. It is also affecting me on Altirra64 with version 3.20. When I try to enter the debugger, it hangs for a few seconds and then crashes out. I am on Windows 10, 64-bit, version 1903. Build 18632.418 I've also tested the 32 bit version of Altirra and the same issue occurs. It hasn't been an issue for me until now, so I am wondering if the OS is an issue here? I've just tried taking all the Windows updates and this doesn't cure anything.
  12. I get on with both you and Pete and I am really happy here for both of you. I call this a win-win situation. You feel vindicated that you're not a dirty pirate (I never saw a parrot anyway and I am sure that you use soap) and Pete will probably be relieved to see that you are not the person which he thought that you may be. I am sure that he would be happy to be wrong. Both of you come out well out of this. And Pete will get the pirate copy of his game pulled, which is good for his business.
  13. That is great. I didn't realise that you could change the zoom for individual programs. Great solution there.
  14. Seems a valid but somewhat wasteful solution, though I guess if align doesn't exist, all solutions would be a bit wasteful. I am not a MAD Pascal user, but could the data be copied from the code here to a known unused memory area? Or loaded in from file to a certain location?
  15. To be totally honest, the only reason I have never ordered from them is due to postage from the US being of ridiculous price. Yeah, I am in Aus, but used to be in the UK and when it comes to a lot more than the items being bought, forget it.
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