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  1. Not sure of the answer, maybe the one above. I once put together a guide on using xBIOS and xBoot here: https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=XBIOS I just compiled everything I could find on the net and put it together in one place. I am no expert with it, but have used it a bit. The user XXL on here created it. Maybe you know of the page already, but if you don't, it may come in useful for other things, probably not for this issue though. If anyone has any additional material I can add to the guide, let me know the content and I will add it. (or you can sign up for an account and edit it yourself)
  2. Not seen the timer issue but it looks like an out by 1 error. I have had a few ATRs not load, not sure which ones at the moment though as I am at work (lunch!). Great hardware and software I have to say.
  3. Purchasing an Atari was dead cheap in the years that it was embarassing to own an Atari as it didn't have a processor in the 100's of megahertz. Now we all love it because it doesn't. I also remember buying a load of cassette tapes for 10p each from TWAUG only to later be given a whole box of them for free as they needed space in the back of their van (and were extremely drunk). That was 1996. A time when people were embarassed with an Atari. Not me, I loved the little blighter.
  4. Not sure if it is Atari 800 specific, but when thinking of the Atari 8 bit, I always think of the intro to The Tail of Beta Lyrae. There is a sound which in my mind sounds like a sea mine dropped from the sky and hitting the ground and exploding in every direction. Jeez it is hard to explain sound effects.
  5. This flexibility sounds great for a programmer. It can get a bit fiddly swapping banks in and out all the time. The thing that got me to put an order in for the Side3 was that it is currently available.
  6. I don't think anyone will accuse you of being boneidle! Everyone knows that docs come last in any line of work! I am just wetting myself at the thought of what I can do with all this space.
  7. I was wondering if you (or anyone else) has any docs on how use these features? I have taken a poke around the internet but did not find anything. You have some wonderful videos by the way.
  8. Thank you all for your input here. It is interesting to see that there are a few flavours of this. Essentially I am interested in solutions that have ROM and RAM and that are currently well supported. As I am working on a game which will require lots of space but is also RAM hungry, the SIDE3 solutions sounds enticing. So much so I have just put an order in. It is also interesting to see the RAM only solutions. I always thought that adding RAM only through hardware upgrades requiring soldering seemed a little bit over the top to me, but others may disagree as I guess you lose a cartridge port to some extent.
  9. I ask a few questions on here related to cartridges, but only because I want to explore them more and more. Are there any cartridges which have a number of their banks as RAM rather than ROM? It would be a great way to extend memory while still having an area with preprinted data. I know you can write to Atarimax cartridges but it is not an obvious way of doing this. Do any such cartridges exist?
  10. I personally do not know. But I am surprised that there aren't more configurable cross assemblers whereby you could say that you would like to use ORG or * or any other syntax options you want to set. So if you are looking for something very similar to what you have used before, but also want the added features of the new cross assemblers, you could have the best of both worlds.
  11. In 1998, I used to live 2 streets away from the Ellinghams. Should have sent me in to do your dirty business I found them in the local phone book.
  12. Hermes, Hermes, do not get me started on Hermes. They used to ring your bell for a delivery while you were at work and then put a card through the door telling you to collect the item from Leamington Spa or it will get sent back. I didn't drive so I would need to get my wife to take me on a 50 miles round trip to go and collect a small package. So then I wised up to not using them. One time I was ordering something and I deliberately ordered premium postage to avoid Hermes. Then they sent the item with Hermes anyway and I had to travel again to pick it up. I called the company and stated I wanted my money back on the postage. They refused as they had posted the item and I had it. One of the great things about Australia is not having Hermes here. As for sending the item a distance out of the way, I used to work for TNT, they have to do it if they don't have enough hubs around the country. It would be prohibitly expensive for them to go direct from your home direct to the delivery location. Even if the person you was sending to was down your street, they don't have the business processes set up to cater for such oddities. You would probably be better off using AirTasker to get someone to do the delivery for you. If all that doesn't sound very Atari specific, apologies, but as we all order Atari stuff online, some logistics chatter is probably worthwhile.
  13. I am glad that you are back in the Atari arena Bob. It is always good to try and keep our numbers up. Some people come, some go and unfortunately some pass away. So to get a new person back into the Atari scene is always great. We also occasionally pick up C64 programmers looking for a new challenge. I also love it when I hear of youngsters who just happen to stumble across the Atari and then end up loving it. Keep a look out for the hardware that may make your Atari experience better. Examples I can think of is things like cables for connecting your Atari to a TV with better than RF quality, AtariMax cartridges and even the SD card solutions like you have for improved loading. Were you ever into programming the Atari? If so, will you be giving this a go?
  14. Curt keeps coming up as a suggested friend on Facebook. Doesn't seen right after someone has passed.
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