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  1. Congratulations! I sent you a congrats message live in the video of the awards too.
  2. Wow, thank you Jacobus! This is just what I have been looking for (and quite a few others have too). I will test it out next time I do some coding.
  3. I have never understood why I can never find a direct "This is how you write to a bank" anywhere at all on the internet. That isn't a dig at you Wrathchild as you have been helpful by pointing out the page, it is more of an overall comment. I have seen a lot of comments like "You can look it up on this page at the bottom" or "It has been explained before", but never the direct statement of how to do it. When following the links, they all appear to lead you towards an answer but never quite do. Interestingly enough, the provided link is still one of the best that I have ever seen, though it appears that it is not working in practice according to the comment. Perhaps it is due to the original documentation being lacking. Maybe the saves are unreliable??? I don't know that for a fact though. Has anyone here implemented a saving routine that can be directly copied and pasted into here with all required procedures? I can imagine a lot of people taking up programming for the AtariMax if we had this information in the open. Currently I am writing a game for the AtariMax but it saves to disk, it would be so much better if it saved to cartridge.
  4. Just a thought, in the later levels when the main character splits into two, will the DLIs be able to cope with the two characters? I have no opinion by the way, I just want to check if it has been thought about.
  5. It looks great, it has a good (or should I say "bad"?) vibe! I was wondering if there will be a digital release also?
  6. My vote agrees with a couple of people before me, Frognum from Draconus. Oh, him and the Escape character anyway. I've never seen an escape character with it's own graphical representation before, though I am willing to be surprised.
  7. It won't be easy but you could use graphics mode 8 for 320x192 with 2 colours. (or mode 0 as it is character based) That will then need an extra 8 scanlines to take it up to 320x200. For additional colour, you can use carefully placed player missile graphic underlays. It will not be easy. Here is an example.
  8. Oh my goodness yes! I should have thought of that!!!
  9. Thanks all for your suggestions. Essentially if it means me having to program anything, I won't be doing that. The reason is that my main project is a game and I don't want to take on a project bigger than my own project to get my game done, I'd rather leave out that functionality. If there was something that I could drop into place and use, that'd be fine, but that isn't the case it seems. As for @R0ger, I take it that you are programming this for the Czech language? I did some research and found that English has way more phonemes than Czech, so I don't think your code (unless extended to cover English) would work in this case. Any solution that I have, I'd want to run it almost completely from cartridge as RAM is limited.
  10. I'd just like to say a big thank you to everybody on this thread for your ideas and help. I've now managed to get an image (albeit I need to set the colours on it) up and into my game as you will see below running in Altirra. There was one bit of manual work that I had to do though, as I am using a 40 byte wide screen, after 4080 bytes, I had to add 16 blank bytes into the file in order to get past the 4K boundary issue with graphics.
  11. It's a pretty decent shooter. A little difficult, but I guess that would have been tweaked at some point.
  12. Hi @Justin Payne, Yeah, I'm looking for something software based, so that everybody who has a copy of the game when complete will be able to get the same program. I don't have any external devices either. I'd rather not go down the line of digitised speech (preferring something algorithmically created) as I will have a lot of things that need to be said: 128 team names 100 city names The numbers 0 to 9, each spoke in any one of 3 intonations. 256 first names 256 surnames A few connecting words also. I reckon that'll use way more than the 1MB I have on cartridge. Thanks for your reply however!
  13. I'm pondering on whether I could add speech to the game I am writing. I could dedicate some banks on an Atarimax cartridge to it. Does anyone know if there are any software based routines (which are free to use for all / non copyrighted) which I could use? If it could also play the speech while the screen is on, that would be extremely beneficial. If there isn't anything available like this, I just won't use it. I'm not capable of programming such a system!
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