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  1. You need to investigate why the CD is lower than it should been. Maybe push down the drive assembly to see if it bounces back, maybe the spindle is at an angle? I only have FZ-1 unit. Remove the top cover, look at the CD at level then spin the disk and see how it behaves. I do have a Slim PS2 that scratches disks, and this one's spindle is crooked.
  2. The Samsung DVD player model M101 has similar power board as seen here: https://medium.com/@rxseger/salvaging-a-samsung-dvd-m101-player-663810b66bd7 Also M105 and possibly M104, Maybe all are compatible. http://www.nuon-dome.com/disc_read_error_fix.html I'm still looking in Goodwill's to find compatible DVD players to fix mine Nuon.
  3. For some reason most Samsung Nuons are going dead. I have one, and it died on me too. Most of the time is the DVD drive, the symptom is that it displays some text on LCD and it wont eject the disk. You can find a non nuon Samsung DVD player (I need to find out specific model ) and swap the drive from it, hopefully fixing it. The Toshiba SD-2300 seems to be better lasting, maybe look for that. I have one and it still works fine.
  4. I only buy games that I'm willing to play. If I see the same game loose for $5 or sealed for $50, I'm getting the loose one. I think some collectors loose the thrill of hunting for games, it's easy to buy any game for high price on Ebay, but hard to find it for few $$ in the thrift store or garage sale. It's more fun that that way in my opinion.
  5. The buttons looks very nice!
  6. FYI, Last weekend we had in Austin, Classic Game Fest. Gameover Games were selling bunch of Atari 2600 games for $1 each. Boxes of them. Maybe you could contact them and ask if they could sell you the leftovers.
  7. I never had Turbografx, so I'm looking forward to get it.
  8. I'm fine with the idea of someone else printing these cases as a service, especially in Canada. It does take a long time to print them, removing the supports, and cleaning.
  9. I use cheap 32GB Sandisk from Walmart that costs $3 and it works fine with Classic PS.
  10. I wish they created the Robotron, Smash TV, Total Carnage combo classic arcade cabinet. I love twin stick shooters.
  11. I saw that, looks and sound pretty nice. I need to try it myself in real c64.
  12. I was looking at this lawsuit today, just to check up on it, and noticed this: April 8 2019 "NOTICE of Voluntary Dismissal filed by Plaintiff Atari Interactive Inc. Dismissal is Without Prejudice. (Wesley, Keith)" https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/26556532/Atari_Interactive_Inc_v_Target_Corporation%C2%A0 Is this mean that Atari is dropping the lawsuit?
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