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  1. I broke my key on my C64c. As title states, I need C64c white "£" with plunger and spring. Another solution, I need key plunger and spring, I still have the key cap, but I can somehow take out the broken piece. PM me with your price with shipping. Thanks
  2. I used to have this game, I got it brand new for $10, got lost in the move. SAD.
  3. Is Goodwill.com and Shopgoodwill.com down for you?

    1. Zoyous
    2. joeatari1


      Working for me now.  Try again.

  4. The Amazing Randi died, Rest in Peace.

    1. Machine


      I saw him on Johnny Carson way back in the day. I admire what he did.

  5. Did you had Amigas before or you are 100% newbie? If you are new to Amigas, then it will be harder to troubleshoot. A2000 #1: Look at the mouse connctor, see if some pins are pushed in. Check 5v on db9 connector. Check pin 7 at 5v and 8 gnd. https://old.pinouts.ru/InputCables/AmigaMouseJoy_pinout.shtml A2000 #3: Blue screen, check custom chipset, maybe push them in? Remove all cards and see if it boots. Amiga boot error code colours: Red - An error in the Kickstart rom as detected. Green - An error in the Chip Ram was detected. Blue - An error in the custom chip set was detected. Yellow - The CPU encountered an error before the system's error-trapping code (the code the calls up the Guru) was in place. Black - No CPU detected. A4000 "Please insert volume WDH1 in any drive." it means some script is looking for a missing partition or missing HD. Check under S folder for startup-sequence or user-startup. Open them in a text editor and see if anything references the WHD1. A4000T check is cpu card is present, or loose.
  6. Better idea is for Goodwill to put their labels on barcodes. Win-Win.
  7. I think he means VGA connector. This one from Amigakit should work: https://amigakit.amiga.store/product_info.php?products_id=183&currency=USD Make sure that your monitor support the 15khz output, not many do. In Europe they use SCART, so it's different. I'm not sure where you are located.
  8. Looks like the difference between X and S is more then that. I just checked MS website to see the comparison, and one big difference I saw was in performance. The X is 12 TFLOPS and S is 4 TFLOPS, plus no BD drive on S, and lower resolution games. https://www.xbox.com/en-US/consoles/compare
  9. When the lockdown eased up and libraries were still closed, I went with my kids and got $50 worth of books to read. This was a second time I saw someone scanning books in many years. The technology made this easier for them to do that. I usually get audio CDs, movies, books and sometimes games from Goodwill. Recently they got a lot of DVD collections or complete seasons of TV shows. One day someone donated 100-200 Marvel comic books, I only got few of them because they priced them little high, maybe to discourage resale ($3-$6 each).
  10. The music is excellent! It does sound like Amiga MOD music. Congratulations!
  11. Like the title says, I saw a guy with a portable scanner and a cell phone scanning barcodes on books in Goodwill, and then putting some of them in a basket to buy. Do anyone knows what they may looking for, is it a high price books for resell or something else? I think I have seen it before, but did not think anything of it.
  12. Hi, I'm converting Pole Position II carts for use with my EEPROMs. Using this link: https://www.digitpress.com/library/techdocs/7800_Eprom_cart.pdf I was able to convert 2 carts using HD74LS04 HEX inverter (old stock from Radio Shack) and they work fine. I run out, and got some more HEX converters, but the P/N is SN74LS04N. Using datasheets they are the same, but in real life they are not working. I have black screen when booting with cart. I verified the chip in breadboard to make sure is inverting the signal. The document above is using SN74LS04N chips, so it should work. What gives? Anyone has some idea? Thanks Edit: I tried Radio Shack NAND gate chip 74ls00 and tied 2 inputs to make it an inverter and it works fine also.
  13. I will replace all Simm sockets.
  14. Nice catch, and good to know that you can use 8MB simm. I'm planning to replace the simm sockets om my A4000. The chip RAM simm is held by a putty. I just got a professional solder sucker. finally I can fix it. It was bothering me for many years.
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