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  1. The Samsung DVD players N501 are prone to early DVD drive failure, so be careful. Mine died I think last year for no apparent reason. One day I'm watching DVds on it, and next day it's not working. My other Toshiba still works.
  2. Kobe Bryant is Dead!

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    2. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Fog was a small issue if it was at all. Clearly was a mechanical. Very very heartbreaking

    3. jd_1138


      I guess people said the noise was loud, but was that when the copter hit the ground or was in while it was flying?  If the pilot was spatially disoriented due to fog and thus flying upside down, that would probably result in loud engine noises perhaps due to fuel starvation to the engine.  Then maybe the pilot gunned the throttle to try to stop the plunge to the ground.  On CNN, a reporter said he talked to a pilot friend of his and the pilot friend said he wouldn't have flown in that morning's foggy conditions.  Who knows.  FAA hopefully will figure it out.  Just a super super sad situation -- especially for the kids onboard who never had a chance to live.

    4. jd_1138
  3. Mine was non working that I got for $20 on Ebay that was sold by Goodwill. Recycle!
  4. This joystick would be perfect for you. It has real arcade quality joystick and buttons. I just got this joystick that I converted to my Neo Geo MVS console. Works great, it has a nice "clicky" sound.
  5. Mine is on my desk, looking down on keyboard. Did you know that there is gotek mod (at least on Amiga side) that adds screen overlay, so the game titles show up on screen? It's for experts only.
  6. I have my LCD on the outside. It's easier to see and navigate for files.
  7. I remember the PS2 commercial that was talking about PS9. At least PS fans knows the name of the future Playstation names, and Sony made easy on themselves.
  8. I think Win10 memory management is better than Win7. Firefox on Win7 was a memory hog with 30+ tabs open. On Win10, it only uses 50% of RAM. I also see some memory being compressed. cool.

    1. CPUWIZ
    2. DragonGrafx-16


      50% of RAM? I use Edge on Win 10 and it doesn't even use 10%. lol 

    3. amiman99


      In Win7 (10GB RAM), I was constantly around 8GB RAM usage and huge swap file use. I can see HD constantly being in use.

      I just upgraded to Win10, same PC, different behavior. Right now, I got around 80 tabs open.

  9. I just got the Steam version, little too hard for my taste, but I'll keep trying.
  10. Steam controller for $5 on Steam, limit one.

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    2. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      I got a note yesterday saying they cancelled and would be refunding my order.  Glad I didn't add anything else to my order; seems pretty fishy to me, Steam.  

    3. amiman99


      My order was not cancelled yet.

    4. amiman99


      yep, they just refunded me. what a bs.

  11. That's what I was thinking. The only reason I got this game if for the POKEY to fix my 5200.
  12. sorry, I did not have notifications on for this topic and did not see reply. My first attempt I made was a taller top, but then I redid it and made it smaller. Let me see if I still have the taller version, if not, I will make you one. @dhe looks like you are about 1mm too tall, maybe your eeprom legs are too long, or the chip is not pushed in all the way, who knows. Found it in my Recycled Bin, it's 2mm taller then the other one. See if it works. cc40-eeprom-tall-top.zip
  13. Tinkercad it's easy, you use primitives to create your objects. It also have some shape generators that are used to create different shapes. When your project is done, then you can export it to STL or OBJ file and are ready to print. You can also import objects in to Tinkercad and and add or remove parts from it. Another program you can use is Meshmixer, good for fixing broken objects, and organic modeling.
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