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  1. Looks nice! If you sand it with 300 or better grid it will look nice and smooth.
  2. Here are 2 models that are aligned. I made the logo and slot cover hole same height at 2 layers when first layer at .35 and others are .2mm Use this link to show you how to merge them in Cura: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011738340-How-to-merge-and-group-models-in-Ultimaker-Cura Let me know if it's better. I wish I had Red filament so I can do it myself. jaguar-slot-cover-aligned.stl jaguar-logo-aligned.stl
  3. @KevinMos3 I will try this method I created the models in Tinkercad, but I'm not sure if I can align the models and save their coordinates at the same time. Let me try it. I'm using Cura also to print.
  4. I was funny, I got the joke. Whoever buys it for $10k will put it in the shelf, or worst, in the safe, and never play it.
  5. Software says it's 14g, my scale says 13g. About 1hr print time. Print at .2mm or .3mm layer height. Good price.
  6. You WERE THINKING to get this for $10000?
  7. So, Jaguar Logo. OK, here it is. Can you show us how you do that? Maybe a Youtube link? Thanks jaguar-logo.stl
  8. Here you go, no logo slot cover. jaguar-slot-tall-no-logo.stl
  9. That looks nice! I have one tip for printing, if you think that the logo is too deep, try to position the print at -1mm on the Z axis or more. I'll make one cover with out the logo.
  10. For some reason it says that you can not receive msgs.
  11. Here is the updated version, the legs are longer so it stays put better. jaguar-slot-tall4.stl
  12. You should be able to write disks from Gotek to external drive. There is also an adapter kit to convert Gotek to external drive here: https://www.sordan.ie/product/622/interface-cable-adapter---gotek-external-fdd-amiga-500-600-1200/ So you can keep your internal floppy drive and use Gotek an an DF1 and write disks to DF0 When you get Gotek drive, get the one with LCD, it's worth it.
  13. PC drive will not work on Amiga, and PC drive can not make Amiga disks on PC. So, I would get Gotek in your case. There is a way to get games to Amiga from PC, but you need to purchase a PC to Amiga cable here: https://amigakit.amiga.store/product_info.php?products_id=247&currency=USD You also need to download the file here: http://main.aminet.net/package.php?package=comm/misc/PC2Am308.lha And, you need to ask someone to make a Amiga disk for you, so you can boot from it, and some blank DD disks to copy games to. If this is complicated then just get Gotek.
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