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  1. Made the purchase, Thanks. Looks like a good reference book, nice job. I also got 2 years ago "CDTV Disk Reference Guide" from EAB user in physical book form which is nice.
  2. I can take the psp
  3. If you are planning to play games from floppy drive and nothing else, at least add 1MB chip ram to it. If you planning to do more than playing games, then you need accelerator. The A600 feels very slow in other tasks. Hard drive is nice to have. Also, check your keyboard if all keys are working, in the future you may need new keyboard membrane. I chose PCB replacement instead plastic membrane.
  4. I read this book few years ago to get familiar with 3D printing technology before I got my first 3D printer. It's less then $10 shipped for used one on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Printing-Idiots-Guides-Cameron-Coward/dp/1615647449 Makers Muse on YouTube is pretty good reviewing 3D printers. There are too many printers to choose from from any price range. https://www.youtube.com/c/MakersMuse/videos
  5. I think I released both left and right versions of the case. Check previous posts.
  6. I don't have any Apple II stuff, I did wanted one 5 years back, but already it was getting expensive. I wanted Apple IIc, small and compact compared to original. Right now, I can emulate Apple II on my Amiga A1200, so no loss there. When I sell my stuff, I price it at or few $ below market value. So far success and no complaints from buyers.
  7. 15 -20 years ago, Ebay had $99 plus shipping Amiga CD32s for sale, brand new in a box. Guess what..., I did not buy it. Back then I did not trust retro stuff out of China.
  8. This person is in Ireland, BUT... I ordered twice PCB keyboard membranes from them and they all arrived fairly fast, 2 weeks I think. Custom gotek from them: https://www.sordan.ie/product/666/amiga-500-gotek-floppy-drive-emulator-base-oled-flash-floppy/
  9. They can only try. Minis are still $35 on Amazon.
  10. Probably not. But, TheC64 Maxi is better then the Mini, with full size keyboard and more usb ports. I do wish it had regular 9pin ports, I dont really like the big joystick (personal preference).
  11. Like this? It's free to print. Check page 2 and 3.
  12. Wow! This looks great in motion! I like the grfx.
  13. Cool, Any video previews?
  14. I was able to get last one on Amazon at list price, just got it today. Looks and plays pretty good.
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