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  1. This one has a 060 processor, so it could be this valuable.
  2. Looks like it's a good idea to check for recent feedback. I remember back in 1996 I was buying and selling my Amiga stuff on newsgroups, what a innocent times. I would send a money order to some stranger, and couple weeks later stuff arrives. I wasn't even thinking I could get scammed.
  3. So far I did not have any major problems with Chinese sellers, I prefer buying on EBAY from Chinese sellers that have long track record with 1000s of feedback. You do need to beware of high value item sellers now days, it's the new way of robbing people, specially when they want to use Paypal family and friends, Zelle, Venmo etc. Too many scams on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, Letgo and many others. So watch out. If you want to educate yourself on today's scams check out reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Scams/new/
  4. Looks like it was a scam.
  5. Interested is 3 Super Famicom games, PM me with payment details
  6. As of Oct 1st 2019, you have to pay tax even if the seller is out of state. The tax is also applied to shipping!!!. I found out about it today when trying to pay for an item. This will change everything!
  7. It's gone, it even had 2 controllers (gone too), sold separately for $5 each. As a consolation price I got the "BBC Life" 4 disk Blu-ray set for $2 from the same store.
  8. Yes, From experience, designing for 3D printing it's better to have the physical item and use calipers to get your dimensions. Print a sample and adjust your measurements.
  9. I did try to collect for Ti computers, got the PC, some games, but in the end it did not click with me. Was sitting in the box mostly, so I sold it and did not look back.
  10. Hi, I'm not into Ti CC-40 computers and I don't have any carts for it, but if you send me one, I could try to design one. It's fun! You can see my work in Atari 5200 section. I made Atari 5200 joystick coupler, Case for new joypad, coupler for Atari 7800, coupler for CX-40 joystick.
  11. I found in the Thrift store a new looking PS1 with a red label " This Sony Playstation control deck will not work if separated from display" I did not buy it, but I'm thinking about it, if it still there. The question is: will this unit work as a stand alone system? It has some wire with a connector in the back of it, possibly for reset? Thanks
  12. You need to investigate why the CD is lower than it should been. Maybe push down the drive assembly to see if it bounces back, maybe the spindle is at an angle? I only have FZ-1 unit. Remove the top cover, look at the CD at level then spin the disk and see how it behaves. I do have a Slim PS2 that scratches disks, and this one's spindle is crooked.
  13. The Samsung DVD player model M101 has similar power board as seen here: https://medium.com/@rxseger/salvaging-a-samsung-dvd-m101-player-663810b66bd7 Also M105 and possibly M104, Maybe all are compatible. http://www.nuon-dome.com/disc_read_error_fix.html I'm still looking in Goodwill's to find compatible DVD players to fix mine Nuon.
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