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  1. To make it easier and to give any recommendations we need to know what you have.
  2. I experimented with my SD Wifi card and I noticed that my connection problems went away when I used dedicated power supply. When my card was powered via PCMCIA-SD adapter I had connection problems, and files larger then 100k or so failed transferring. It's possible that not enough power is supplied via the SD card interface. Using dedicated power supply can solve your connection issues when Atari is powered off. I'm not sure how the SDWifi treats 2 powers at the same time, one from usb and other from SD.
  3. You need to be careful, some chinese sd-wifi cards can only transfer ascii files (3d printer gcode). Look at the description line 7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/BIGTREETECH-TF-Cloud-V1-0-SD-Cloud-Wireless-Transmission-Module-For-SKR-MINI-E3/402662448009 I have this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/SD-WIFI-with-Card-Reader-Module-run-ESP-web-Dev-Onboard/174467326249 Kind of works with Amiga 1200 pcmcia-to-sd adapter. Most of the time I get timeout when transferring files. Seems to transfer smaller files better.
  4. It will be 10F in San Antonio TX, I don't remember ever to be that cold in here, ever. It's icy here right now with drizzling rain. Also, my wife is working in hospital tonight.

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    2. GoldLeader


      Power lines contracting in the cold, and then sometimes snapping would be a major concern I assume.  I hope that doesn't happen too much.  If you can, just stay in and ummm chill.   And if you do go out, dressing in layers really works.  I wear a long sleeve under a short sleeve shirt, then a jacket or big flannel, and put on light pajama bottoms under my pants,  hat and gloves of course (if you have them)... 

    3. amiman99


      I decided to take my wife to work, it's safer that way.

    4. amiman99


      It's snowing in San Antonio, TX at 10:30PM, does it snow in Austin, Albert?

  5. The link shows the bottom.
  6. @Austin did you play it with rotary controller mod, or standard pad? I watched some of your playthrough live, maybe first 30 min or so. I have the rotary mod on my controller and I have a hard time playing the bonus levels, you can't steer for some reason. Anyone have experienced that? Also, it's easy to exploit the game with rotary controller on flat levels. Just move all the way to left or right and shoot.
  7. It's funny how this post was resurrected when I was looking and buying this SD-WIFI adapter for an Amiga experiment. https://www.fysetc.com/products/fysetc-sd-wifi-with-card-reader-module-run-espwebdev-onboard-usb-to-serial-chip-wireless-transmission-module-for-s6-f6-turbo?variant=37578391027887 Maybe this adapter will work for your purpose. I don't have a Harmony cart, so I can't test it.
  8. This is how much lot like yours sells for on Ebay: 15 games for $29 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-15-Atari-5200-Games-by-Atari-Tested-and-Working/143911337730?hash=item2181c8bf02:g:UWoAAOSws~Rf92mI 16 games for $52 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-5200-Lot-Of-16-Games-No-Boxes-or-Manuals-See-Pic-For-Titles/333848946071?hash=item4dbaf2a597:g:kokAAOSwWKBf9en6 For some reason I had much more luck selling on Ebay than on forums, I don't know why. I had some Amiga 2000 keyboards for sale on various forums and Ebay, I had more luck on Ebay. I lowered the price on forums, because no selling fees, and you pay no tax, but I had no takers. Same for Nintendo DS games. Ebay is not so bad, do some price research on currently available game lots, then price it below average price. Ebay takes about 12% from sale. So far I had good customers, no complaints. Make sure you describe it properly, show defects, test them, say it's not collector quality etc.
  9. Just sell it 1 at a time, start with higher priced items first, for example, like that A3000. Untested should get you $500, working one more than that.
  10. Vectrex is one of the consoles that should be kept as part of console collection. Fairly rare, mostly unknown, and only one with vector graphics. I have one, and if I need to downgrade some of my collection, this one is a keeper.
  11. I don't have this 3D model on Thingiverse. Unless someone posted it there. When you create "remix" of this, you can post it here. Personally I would add a clip for the board, so it's easier to assemble, and additional screws for the handle. Also an edge lip around the shell.
  12. Which exact USB adapter did you get? Link? I would say that you should get Amiga specific adapter, or Amiga compatible one. I have PS2 Mouse to Amiga adapter, and this one works fine. https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-PS-2-to-Amiga-500-600-1200-2000-3000-4000-Mouse-Adapter-Converter-PS2/274486074808
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