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  1. Algus


  2. I've been catching up after not following this since the end of IGG and my jaw is just slack. To me it is amazing that MK was ever able to persuade River West he was a legit outfit. The vetting process by major gaming news sites is shockingly bad as well. I liked Mike and defended him heavily in the past but his attempts to damage control as this venture collapsed around him have disabused me of whatever faith I had left in him. I really can't believe this went on as long as it did and that he was able to convince so many people, himself included, that having the manufacturing shells for an old game console would let him easily make a new console. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Oh lord, I hadn't followed this in a bit until I was reading Gamespot and they said someone from Atari Age figured out Retro VGS was using an SNES board and a capture card! Wow! Please let this train wreck try to continue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. 36,500 Donkey Kong already wasn't my favorite but this game is very ho hum. Quite opposite of Mario Bros. which I thought was an excellent port.
  5. Own a Performa 637CD that I love. iMac G3 as well but that I am not as nostalgic for as the 68k system. Start here: http://www.emaculation.com/doku.php http://macintoshgarden.org Emaculation has all the guides you need to configure the relevant emulator for the system you are interested in on your computer. Macintosh Garden has every bit of software you might ever need. I prefer to emulate the Performa on my current Mac as it works about the same and solves the issue of getting software from a modern system to a 68k system. If I feel like using my old Apple Extended Keyboard, I do have one of these http://www.amazon.com/Griffin-2001-ADB-iMate-Universal-adapter/dp/B000067V8L They're really pricey though, I didn't buy one until I got a good deal on eBay. I do want to get this at some point http://www.bigmessowires.com/floppy-emu/ but I've not actually bothered to pick it up. There are only two things that suck about getting into 68k era Macs. 1. You can't be to picky about what model you get. It took me forever to get my hands on the 637CD, I finally did a deal with a forum user here (Ed From SoDak, who I haven't seen in a bit) after mentioning I was looking for one. There are usually some 68k machines available but which ones you can find are not consistent. 2. Monitors, if they can be found, are very expensive to ship. You can get an adapter that lets you hook modern VGA into a 68k Mac easily enough (I can plug in my 23.5'' 1080p Samsung LED from 2013 and it works!) but if you want a period specific display, be prepared to spend. Often the monitors are not available individually and only with expensive packages. Remember that Macs in the early 90s used different types of floppies from the standard 1.4 MB diskette on PCs. The floppies are not very common (save for people selling software) and cannot be written on a modern system with a USB floppy disc. AFAIK the earliest Mac to support USB is the iMac G3. These things are useful for more than just games too. Lots of period specific productivity software runs great on them and hasn't changed all that much in 20 years. By the mid 90s they had the GUI-driven word processor perfected. New word processors might have more functionality as far as including artwork, unusual layouts, etc. but the most common kind of paperwork can easily be handled by any system from the early 90s+ with a decent word processor. I use Corel WordPerfect 3.5e. It was made free by Corel and was available from them for a long time. But you can easily find old versions of MS Office, etc. on Macintosh Garden as well. Really, why buy a new $100 Office package when this stuff works just as well?
  6. 5200 So I guess I'm not smart enough to pass the second screen. None of the ladders on the top row let you climb? Is the right one random or something?
  7. Japanese stuff. Persona 5 and Final Fantasy 15 are both supposed to hit this year. I don't keep consoles plugged in anymore really but I've still got my launch PS4 so I'll probably hook it up to my 1080p monitor for awhile to play through each one.
  8. Oh Sweet Home is a fabulous game with a kind of crazy history to it. The producer of the film the game was a tie-in to, Juzo Itami, was allegedly killed by the yakuza! He directed a few films that I thought were really good in college but I kind of got out of the Japanese film scene as I got older. It's also an inspiration for Resident Evil of all things. Solid gameplay but a pretty heavy RPG for a newcomer. Hope you like it. It made a very good impression on me when the fan translation first came out and I think it's one of the better original NES games. A pity we didn't get it in the US when it was new.
  9. SNES or PS1. For SNES tons of great memories, RPGs, etc. PS1 came out when I was a bit older though so I was doing odd jobs and stuff and actually buying the games on my own. Plus games were cheaper so I'd sometimes get 2 games instead of just 1 on birthday/Christmas. I can't really say which one I played more but I think the two games I was most enthusiastic about and anticipating release for were Lufia II and Harvest Moon. Both games delivered hard.
  10. I'm good, thanks though. Got the hockey puck with mine. Hate it actually lol. Way to small for me. Might have been ok when these were new as I was only 13, heh. It is mainly a display piece for me, really I can game on Basilisk II. The USB ports were a big selling point though. I suppose I could plug in a printer if I really wanted. I still do word processing on Corel WordPerfect and this can run the last Mac version of that natively. I'm not spending hundreds on Office when the same program from the 90s does the job lol Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Yeah I got Macintosh Garden bookmarked. I emulate my Performa 637CD on my modern systems. That place is awesome! I've got a couple 16 GB SanDisk USB drives. I'll try formatting one later and loading some software up on it. Thanks for macgui though Osgeld, I didn't know about that one! I'll check it out. Macintosh Garden is a PITA sometimes because there are viruses embedded in the files. I do have Disinfectant in reserve for that situation though, probably be one of the first things I put on the G3. I might check out Classzilla. IE 5 can go stuff itself lol. One issue I have with my Performa is moving files back and forth on it. There's a floppy drive emulator I want to get at some point but I've not actually bothered to pick it up. Being able to attach a thumb drive to the G3's keyboard ought to be a great QOL improvement.
  12. I know it's not quite as classic as what some of you guys talk about but I coveted an original iMac so badly when I was a kid. Using it brings back a lot of good memories, the hum of the CRT and the spinning of the HDD. This is always what computers will be to me. Even with my fancy pants 27'' 1440p monitor and bluetooth accessories, I still feel like I'm working off a TV sometimes with my modern stuff. The iMac's in pristine condition besides a rough patch with a TON of sticker residue. I'll probably get it off with some goo gone or something. The seller clean installed Mac OS 9.2 before he shipped it out to me so right now it can't do much besides play audio CDs. I'll have to buy or burn some software but I'm thinking of a practical use for it. Maybe as a media player. I won't take it on the web but I might plug it into my LAN. One thing I'm glad I missed: the bullshit hockey puck mouse! Who used these? midgets? Fortunately I've got a Mac Mouse Pro or two lying around here somewhere...
  13. 68,900 Well, I am not the best at these old games so my personal goal will be to crack 100k, which I think I can do but man screw those fireballs when they get faster!
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