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  1. This is a great post, I loved it haha. Can't say I disagree with the OP at all.
  2. Keranu


    This guy's a champ. Sold him a Zelda guide and a MVS cart. Fast payer, nice to talk to. A pleasure to do business with.
  3. That does help, I do have a general price range in my mind. I'm gonna wait for a couple offers and then decide if I want to price it. Do you know, from you SDF-1 expertise, if the mechs comes with stickers already stuck on it or did the previous owner already slap some on?
  4. The Zelda guide and Top Players Golf MVS has been sold! I'm not expecting to sell this in the $300+ range, I won't be insulted by any offers. The main reason I'm asking for offers is to get a more precise estimate for this, I really don't want to rip anyone off. I must say (I thought I mentioned it in the description but apparently not), I'm unsure if the stickers are fully intact. I can see stickers on the mech itself, and I have a picture of one of the stickers beginning to peel off. I am not familiar with these toys at all so I don't know if the mech had any stickers pasted on it during production or if the previous owner took the stickers off the sheet. If you all want, I can carefully open it and take pictures of the sticker sheets to confirm this. Otherwise I'll leave it untouched.
  5. Summer's here and Keranu's back with the hottest deal on shit video games! Well, mostly shit. I have a few more valued items that may be of interest to you nerds... All prices are negotiable, feel free to work with me on cutting deals. Shipping fees will apply, but I will not overcharge nor will handling even be factored into the price. I use First Class USPS whenever applicable, but I can upgrade the shipping service for additional fees. For full listing of pictures, check out my imgur albums: http://keranu87.imgur.com/ --- Atari 2600 All in loose, working condition unless otherwise stated. Asteroids - $0.50 Centipede (with manual) - $1 Combat (Game Program version CX-2601) - $0.50 Pac-Man (my favorite version!) - $0.75 Target Fun - $1 Atari Wireless Joystick Atari Wireless joystick comes with one joystick, the receiver, and a torn up box. No AC adapter or second controller included and this product is untested. Looks to be in clean condition but since I cannot find my 2600, I cannot verify that it works. Selling it for $15 or best offer, and will offer refund if it does not work. Atari Jaguar CD Blue Lightning (great condition, missing controller cards) - $5 Nintendo Entertainment System All in loose, working condition. Cobra Command - $3 Super Nintendo Entertainment System Loose, all in great condition. Super Play Action Football - $0.50 Vegas Stakes (x2) - $1 Nintendo 64 All loose, no cases or instructions. A bug's life - $1 All Star Baseball 2000 - $1 Killer Instinct - $20 NBA Live 99 - $1 Or buy Killer Instinct and get the three shitty N64 games for free lol. Nintendo Wii All complete in like new condition. Band Hero (new, unopened) - $5 Deal or No Deal - $3 Wii Sports Resort - $15 Or buy all three for $20 New Super Mario Bros. Wii instruction booklet - $2 or free with any order. Sega Genesis Game & case only Mortal Kombat 2 - $5 Mortal Kombat 3 - $5 Street Fighter II Championship Edition - $5 Or buy all three for $12 6 button controller (only direction, A, and start buttons work; good for Sonic lol) - $1 (or free with any purchase) Sony Playstation (PS1) Dragon Ball Final Bout (Japanese version, "Best For Family") (two small cracks in front jewel case; plays fine in emulator) - $5 Star Ocean: The Second Story (missing disc 2 and instructions, weird shop sticker label over CD; ran well in emulator) - $7 Or buy both for $10 Playstation 2 game stand - Holds 10 games and original PS2 console. $2 or free with any order. Neo Geo MVS Top Players Golf (includes marquee card) - $15 SOLD! Windows PC Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (complete with box, jewel case and all four discs; no instructions, cardboard box has some dents) - $10 Miscellaneous Game Stuff! The following Atari 2600 catalog pamphlets/instruction manuals: Amidar instruction manual, Atari Video Computer System Catalog 45 Game Program Cartridges, The Atari Video Computer System Catalog 43 Game Program Cartrdiges, Activision Winter 1982 catalog, Activision Winter/Spring 1983 catalog. $2/each or $8 for the lot. Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Strategy Guide. Awesome colorful walkthrough guide for Zelda 1, 2, Ocarina and Majora's Mask with very helpful full page dungeon layouts. Beautiful, some creases on cover and couple pages. $15 SOLD! Mario 64 DS CASE ONLY, game and instruction manual not included. $1 Interact PC Propad 4, uses parallel port. Free with order! Hack it to build arcade sticks or anything you can imagine. Power Joy (Famicom clone) Controller - Also don't know much about this other than it's one retarded controller with a cartridge slot in the back that plays Famicom games. I think it also has crappy built in games on the chip. Never been able to try using this, it might require a special battery pack to power it on, which I don't have. Name your price! Computer Parts ADATA Vitesta DDR400 1GBx16 RAM - One opened stick of ADATA Vitesta brand RAM. Untested, but was told it works by previous owner - $5 Dell 2g Laptop RAM - Two 1gb Dell RAM sticks for laptops. Haven't tested them but they look unused. Product code is SNPINSP6000BK2/2GX7. $10 PQi 1gb DDR-400 RAM (MD441GUOE) - 1 opened stick of PQi brand RAM. Untested - $5 Buy all four RAM sticks for $12. I will offer refunds on products that don't work. Toshiba Samsung Super Writemaster Lightscribe - DVD lightscribe burner with "Speed Plus" technology, hell yeah. Unit only, no packaging or drivers. Great for DIY hobbyists - $5 Everything else, AKA, wtf are you smokin', Keranu? Coupon Dispensers - Uhh, yeah. I got these from a grocery store I worked at years ago thinking it would be awesome, but never did anything cool with them. These DID work when I first got them, but I can't get them to power on with batteries at the moment, maybe I just need to play around with them more. I'll sell them $5 a piece, or $6 for both, or best offer. They come with [expired] coupons! Panasonic tape recorder - Missing battery cover, unable to test if it works. Name your price! Sony AM/FM Stereo Cassette-Corder Model No. WA-200 - Sweet 80‘s walkman I picked up at a thrift store years ago. Something about it doesn’t work, I can look into it if anyone’s interested. Name your price! Bundle with Panasonic tape recorder and you can lowball me on it. Matchbox Robotech SDF-1 Battle Fortress - Complete with box, fully intact figurine, and stickers. It appears unopened (it's taped shut on the top, not on the bottom though), but I cannot guarantee that. The box has some edge wear and a small pencil eraser-sized dent on the right side. I'm not into toy collecting, but this is one badass piece of plastic. Make me an offer. I dare you. Click here for more pictures showing the condition of the Battle Fortress in high definition - http://imgur.com/a/NtRk9 --- Also, be sure to check out my craigslist for other upcoming gaming items. https://chicago.craigslist.org/sox/for/6189738567.html
  6. I remember watching Svengoolie circa 1999 where he mentioned giving away free Neo Geo Pocket Colors at an upcoming event. I wanted a NGPC sooo bad back then as a near teen, I really wished I could've went to see Svengooli! What a surprise he mentioned NGPC!
  7. Keranu

    WTB: Ouya

    Please delete topic!
  8. Keranu

    WTB: Ouya

    Interested in buying an Ouya, new or used, for a good deal. Extra controller is welcomed, PM me if available. EDIT: Nevermind, just bought one off eBay for a good deal!
  9. List updated! I also have the following barely used computer parts in available if anyone's interested before I put them on eBay: Radeon HD5450 video card, Xblaster Mid-Tower case, and a LG M-Disc DVD drive. Just send me a PM.
  10. DS, Gamecube games and Donkey Kong Country Returns sold!
  11. Keranu

    WTB Everdrive 64 V2

    I dunno, anything under $100 would be nice. They all seem to be about the same price everywhere.
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