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  1. Hi Thomas, Great minds think a like, I just found out about the colour pot by looking around the internet, I've adjusted it and I can now play the games in roughly the right colours. Frostbite still looks a little off but everything else is great. Thanks for your reply, Cheers, Ed
  2. Hi Thomas, Thanks for your reply, I thought that too and so have tried a rom which is definitely NTSC and the colours are completely different (I've compared the PAL and the NTSC below) so I'm pretty sure I'm using PAL roms. From what I understand the firmware only has an affect on the menu to select the rom. Any other ideas? Cheers, Ed PAL on my 2600: NTSC on my 2600:
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  4. Hi my Harmony Encore came today which I'm thrilled with, however I think I'm doing something wrong and I was hoping that someone else has had a similar problem and would be able to provide some assistance. I'm in the UK and therefore using a PAL system, but for some reason the colours when playing games don't display correctly, specifically Blue/Purple (although there may be others). I've tried a few different games and ensured that I have downloaded he PAL version, and have flashed the cartridge with both PAL50 1.05 and PAL60 1.05 (as I can't find the firmware for PAL50/60 in version 1.06). Examples of where the blue/purple seems to be wrong are Frostbite, Pitfal II and Solaris. I don't have real copies of these games and so can't check to see if it's just how the PAL versions are. However I've downloaded the PAL roms for Q*bert and Ms. Pac-Man as I have these originals and the colours on rom/original cartridge match up. These are pictures of the actual cartridges. As I'm typing this I'm beginning to think that I may have a NTSC system...would this explain the problems? Or is this how these games are displayed on a PAL system? Of course a far more likely problem is I've done something completely wrong!! Any help most welcome! Cheers, Ed
  5. Problems with the blues/purples with my harmony cart...any ideas what I'm doing wrong. I'm using PAL roms and PAL firmware (having tried both pal50 and pal60).
  6. Hi Brojamfootball, sorry for late reply...the problem seems to have fixed itself for now. I've had a fiddle with that screw on the RF box before but it didn't seems to solve anything unfortunately. I think I may have to admit defeat with the soldering...the extent of my DIY is putting up shelves...everything else is a bit tragic, lol! Many thanks for your help, Ed
  7. Morning all, I have 2 trusty 2600 which have served me well for a long time. The one has always been looked after properly; kept in cool dry place etc. However turned it on the other day and everything works fine apart from the colours seem a bit mixed up, most things seem green, I've took a picture of it to show you what I mean in the hope that there's a quick fix solution? (Atari 1 is from the green machine and Atari 2 is from my other atari). Atari 1 Atari 2 Having settled for using the other atari 2 (brought at a car boot a few years ago) everything was going swimmingly until...HERO started to flicker in an odd sort of way, originally I thought it was the cart so cleaned it but it still flickered, I popped it in the green atari and it works fine (aside from being green). Then I thought that atari 2 was on it's way out but popped in Phoenix and a few more games and it works just fine. So I was wondering if with the wealth of knowledge on this forum if I should be on the look out for a new console, need to poke around inside green atari or just need to buy a new hero cart? Any ideas most welcome!! Many thanks, Ed
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