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  1. Didn't have an Apple II back in the day. First computer was a Vic-20 (that I loved) and then went C64, SX64, Amiga, etc.. (with PCs creeping in there also). Wasn't unhappy with that progression. Had fun and it worked out great for me... That said, my friend in high school had an Apple ][+ and we played Ultima II and CanonBall Blitz on that thing... I wanted an Apple ][ (or really a Franklin Ace back then for some reason; fuzzy memory), but financially it wasn't an option. When I had a chance to pick up a used Apple //c system from a school auction years later tho, I jumped on that. And then I had to get the //e, of course.
  2. This is great news, and its worth it for me just for the ability to drag windows off screen! Been waiting for that for years... That said, I will wait a bit longer for the digital version. I have two Amigas, but I am keeping my A500 more old school with older OSes. I will use 3.2 on my A1200 (as I do with 3.1.2 currently).
  3. I love it when my work gets into the news for an "IT Problem" .... as a result of a dumb business decision...  Yay...

  4. Does anyone still get retro stuff on Craigslist anymore?  I used to, but it seems like for the last number of years, all I see are people posting "CASH FOR COMMODORE" type of things, or crazy prices...  I don't "need" any more computer stuff, so it's probably a good thing, but still...  ;-)

    1. BydoEmpire


      Not in a long time.  I do check every so often, but haven't found or followed up on anything in a long time. Lots of crap to sort through.

    2. joeatari1


      If I have a free weekend coming up (rare) then I will search.  But most times I don't find anything for a decent price.  I did recently however pick up two PS2s, 30 games, 5 controllers and a bunch of memory cards for $60.  That was a great pick up.  But you are right, mostly overpriced junk though.

    3. SoundGammon


      Bought an Atari 400 computer a couple years ago for $40.00! And a Xbox One with 5 games, 3 controllers including the elite  controller for $350.00 last year!

  5. Just looked down and under my desk on top of a couple of mousepads is a book called "introduction to TRS-80 LEVEL II BASIC and computer programming" which is interesting...
    1:  I don't remember this book..
    2:  I don't and never have had a TRS-80...

  6. I have the Toki JAMMA Arcade board in my closet downstairs... So I'd be surprised if it is that rare... (Note: That is the only JAMMA board I have. Came with a CAB I bought ages ago, which now has an XXin1 JAMMA in it..) Also, not sure about some of the apparent disdain of Toki in this thread. Toki is a fun game... Admittedly, I have only played the arcade version, but it's a decent game... IMHO
  7. Why is a video driver update 670Mb???  For a driver?

    1. Keatah


      Because today's developers are lazy and not smart?

    2. Kiwi


      At least it can still fit on a 700MB CD-ROM

  8. This is going to be a good day.  Hey Youtube, are there any videos on the Atari 7800?
    "Yes, here are some.. And here is a video about a little girl whose father died and she meets a jogger and her dog and tells them about her dad."
    Damn you Youtube...

    1. GoldLeader


      YouTube algorithms...On one hand they wish to show you things you might like based on things you've liked in the past...On the other,  I feel like it's some kind of technological manipulation.  You ever let a friend on your computer?   Suddenly I get a bunch of recommendations based on my supposed love of rock climbing...

  9. I wonder sometimes...  I was on an Oculus Quest forum and someone posted that his Elite strap (an attachment) had broken and he had returned it.  The store called and said the replacement was in.  He went to pick it up, and it was an Oculus Quest 2, not an Elite strap.  He kept it.  Everyone is congratulating him...  I would have told the store about their mistake and not taken it.  Hmmm... 

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Well you are a better person than all of us!  Poor Facebook; i'm sure that retail loss really hit their bottom line this year. 

    2. atari2600land


      Is a strap not just a strap any more? What a world...

    3. x=usr(1536)


      Character is who you are when no-one is looking.  That he decided to brag about it after the fact speaks volumes.

  10. Part of the 7800 Basic package is a program called 7800header.exe. It's what I have been using to convert Popeye a78s to BINs for my CC2.
  11. Not gaming related, but why (and I know) do so many rechargeable products NOT have more easily replaceable batteries!  Had to carefully open my electric razer and unsolder and solder in a new battery, and then our wine opener...  Opened it, and yep, I need to solder in a new one.   I can do that, but what a waste.  Most people won't!  Grrr....

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. GoldLeader


      And don't get me started on MP3 Players, Electric toothbrushes, PS3 Controllers...

    3. MrMaddog


      The one thing I hate about newer rechargable devices?


      Those bloody Micro USB cables that barely fit in the jacks... :mad:

    4. zetastrike


      Companies want you to buy another phone or laptop in 3 years.  They also want you to believe they're green as well.

  12. desiv

    Rikki & Vikki

    Thanx, Didn't know about the extra 32k RAM. Just saw the 512k mentioned on the first page of this thread. (Page 8 of this thread has some more info on that, now that I have been searching a bit more... Interesting reading.. )
  13. desiv

    Rikki & Vikki

    Ah yeah! My bad. Yeah, the game appears to be 512k, which is the max the CC2 supports, but the music data is an extra 256k... Thanx for the info...
  14. desiv

    Rikki & Vikki

    If anyone who owns this and has or can get it working with a CC2 (obviously without music) can let us know, that would be great. I'd buy the Windows version to get the BIN if I could get that file working on my CC2...
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