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  1. Possible... At the very least, it would have had a infinitely better version of Outrun, so I'd be in...
  2. True, but have you considered running that $40 thru an "adjusted for inflation" calculator? You might be surprised. And in this discussion, we shouldn't forget the ..er.. creative business tactics Nintendo used with 3rd party devs. (To be fair, it was a practice that Jack Tramiel would have thought was a great idea, if it were he who did it.)
  3. More than I thought (I just googled it as I didn't know it had been released on the CoCo. From Wikipedia, they list PC8801, NES, MSX, IBM PC, COCO3, Apple II, IIgs, Mac, Tandy 1000, and Amiga. More than I thought. (I remembered PC and Apple IIgs (I think it was the IIgs version I remember) versions, and might have seen the Amiga version being an Amiga guy, but don't remember if I did...)
  4. For me, I modded my 7800. Mostly for ease of use/access. I'm not a "collector" and I'm not super picky if the colors are off a tad, as long as I am still enjoying the game. I do have a CRT TV downstairs, but I generally use the RF on that for the older systems, and my 7800 is on my 1702 monitor upstairs.
  5. Yeah, it's off topic, but I think Commodore really blew it by not REALLY going after the education market. Apple initially had that market with the Apple II line... Then the C64 started to get popular in schools; I'd bet because price. But Commodore didn't do everything they could to get Amiga's in the schools. With their video and sound, it would have been a good fit. And that might have been a big change in their market. If most schools had Amigas, then some of the people who went to those schools would get Amigas. But Commodore was too cheap to do what they needed to get Amigas into schools. Would that have been enough to hold off the PC clone world? Probably not. But could Commodore have found a market that would keep them going for quite a bit longer? Maybe... Probably not tho. This is Commodore..
  6. To be fair and to answer this question. CD32 release date: September 16, 1993 (never officially released in the US) Commodore announces bankruptcy: April 29, 1994 And that is when they announced. They were already doomed and flailing before that. They only ever sold 100,000 units in Europe (and Canada I think). No way to make an impression on the US market. And I don't believe Commodore had any control over games for the CD32. There was no system lock. Anyone could make a game, burn/press it, and release it. They didn't go thru Commodore. I don't think there was a "Commodore Seal of Approval." Which also means Commodore had to make their money on the systems, not the games. Back to the razors/blades analogy mentioned before. The single button thing was a problem for both the Amiga and ST. Developers preferred to do that as most people only had single button joysticks. Lazy. There actually were multiple button games made for both systems. Up for jump on CD32? Lazy and greedy publishers. Push out an already lazy one button game quickly for the CD32. (To be fair, the only way to try to make money was to do it quickly, as everyone knew the system was dying.) I think the game depth was really similar to the ST. A lot of the same games for both systems. Not sure about the cheap shareware games. Possible they were. There was a lot of shareware/PD activity for those systems back then. And also, it did have an impression on the market. Just the European market. They are still popular there. 3rd party addons were made.
  7. Yeah, that's a good point. I was interested when I heard that Akiko had a C2P (Chunky to Planer) function. I was thinking this would really open up the system to some of the types of games that the PC was seeing and killing the Amiga (Doom, etc). But in reality, the C2P that Akiko provided seemed to be only a little better than some of the software implementations. I think part of the problem was that the CD32 didn't come with any Fast RAM. The system really needed some Fast RAM to compete. Although I still don't think that was enough. In searching around, I found someone who did some testing and said that his CD32 with FastRAM ran Gloom Deluxe about as fast as he thought it would on an A1200 with an 030 with Fast RAM. That's OK. I have an 030/28Mhz on my 1200 and Gloom is fun to watch/play a bit. But personally that level of performance wouldn't have impressed me on a new console; and that required Fast RAM on the CD32, which it didn't come with.
  8. The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.

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      Whatever it is,  I like it.

    3. desiv


      Mostly, I finally figured out I had to enable Status updates (D'oh), so I wanted to test it.  And decided to do that with what I think is one of the greatest opening lines for any book.  It is from Neuromancer by William Gibson.  ;-) 

  9. As a system admin for a while, I have a lot of memories about Flash... Most not good. As a user.. um.. er.. There is Zombo.com ... This is zombo.com.... (I can still hear that voice just thinking about it. )
  10. I could be wrong here, not totally well versed in A2 yet.. But I don't think .dsk means Prodos. I think you can have DOS3x or Pascal based disk images that are .dsk and I think a lot of the ones flying around probably aren't ProDos. You can use AppleCider to try check, validate that. There is an info option in there somewhere to tell you what type of image it actually is.
  11. Yeah, I agree with that. The original premise that CD32 could have succeeded based on hardware I think has some theoretical merits. It wasn't cutting edge, but I think it had enough be make it, if it had the right software and management. Unfortunately it had two things going against it. Software and management. My gut tells me that even if Commodore released it earlier and there was some software that was interesting enough to generate some more sales, Commodore would have handled it badly and it would have died. And in the best hypothetical, I still think it had maybe a year of decent sales and then would be hitting its EOL tech wise. But I still don't think any console that was basically a computer repackaged would be successful. I know, people might say the XBOX is kind of that, but I think that there is a difference between being based on, and being just repackaged.
  12. Ouch... While I love me some Donkey Kong, I also really loved Popeye in the arcade and can't remember playing it and thinking "Darn, I should have played DK instead." I think both are great games... Really looking forward to this port and thanx for the review!
  13. No.. Jaguar's issues were more than just lower price. It was a combination of things. Just ask the developers.. And I'm not saying the lower price alone would have sold the CD32 against the 3DO. What I am saying is that a lower price, combined with decent (not the same level) hardware and games (the CD32 had a prebuilt library of AGA games ready to jump start it) would have helped... The 3DO was expensive and didn't have a large library of software at launch. I can see where a successful CD32 (which is a huge assumption) that was out before the 3DO would have taken some sales. At least until the Playstation hit. I think the issues for the CD32 were twofold. One, it wasn't released early enough. The XOR lawsuit killed it before it had a chance. Two, game library. Yes, there were some great games for the CD32, but as has been mentioned, it needed more good console quality 3rd party games. While that "could" have happened, I don't see it happening. I think the Jaguar and CD32 were very similar in this area. It's about the games, and neither had enough killer games. (Tho both had some very good games.) The CD32 had a bit of a possible advantage with the addition of the European market, which would attract more developers (and the fact it was easier to develop for). But in the long run, both were doomed to fail (mostly because of who was running them at the time). (As was the 3DO for totally different reasons).
  14. I disagree... If a CD32 was out at a decent price compared to the crazy price of the 3DO, it very definitely could have competed. And I have and love my 3DO. But for significantly less money, would I be just as happy with Flink than with Gex? Yep. People seem to keep thinking that "not being as good" is the same as "can't compete" and those are not the same. Yes, the 3DO had more power, but a well priced CD32 could easily have competed with an exorbitantly price 3DO in the market. Especially if it had released many months ahead of time. As for the Jaguar, a lot of the Jaguar games are just Amiga ports anyway.
  15. Both the 3DO and CD32 released in late 93. The CD32 might not have been "meant" to compete with the 3DO, but that was the new guy on the market and compete they would have. Especially if Commodore could have released it in early 93 (or even better late 92, but I am not sure they had it far enough along for that). I like the concept of the CD32 saving Commodore, but I think Commodore (being Commodore) was beyond saving by then. My gut tells me that if they had released it early and had great sales, they would have done something to mess it up. But even then, the Playstation released in 1994. So Commodore would have had a year and a half or so of possible good sales. The CD32 couldn't compete with the Playstation 3D wise, and Commodore couldn't compete with Sony. I can't see a situation where Commodore becomes a successful video game console company. I think the only thing that "MIGHT" have happened would have been that it gave Commodore another year to right the ship on their computer lines. But looking at Commodore's trajectory, I don't see that happening either. And as a huge Amiga fan, I would LOVE for that to have happened. I just don't see it... Perhaps if they had managed to get a decent CEO somewhere in there???
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