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  1. I wonder if the proposed Yamaha pass thru cart (I think I saw mention of that) would work with a CC2? Hmm...
  2. One of the Nox team is one of the primary developers of AppleWin, so there is that...
  3. Just 100 pieces? C'mon, that would be a kids number of pieces for a jigsaw puzzle!!!!! Sorry.. Yeah, I bought some Prolines a while ago and they showed up shattered... I did glue them back together (it was only about 10 pieces), but I'm not using them... I'm sure if I tried, they'd come apart. Then again I don't think I'd use Prolines anyway, so there is that....
  4. Yesterday, I was e-mailed and completed a survey from my power company.  Gave them a good review because our power has been really stable the last year.  Today, I get an e-mail while I am at work that our power went out at 10:00am and will be out till 5:30pm.  Seriously?  The day after the survey???

    1. save2600


      Reminds of when I'd compliment certain employees at work. Could usually bank on them to disappoint shortly after. ;)

    2. frankodragon


      Had a former psycho lady coworker that said I was doing a good job but then 30 seconds later, took it all back by saying something about me negative.

  5. Stay awhile and listen...

  6. Good to know about the 6.8k value... When I did mine quite a bit back, I noticed it was off so I grabbed a variable resistor I had, hooked it up, and moved it to get it about right. I was planning on then taking it off and measuring it to see what I needed, and put in a regular resistor; but never got around to doing that... Years later, that variable resistor is still in there... But one of these days..
  7. I'd bet proprietary. You could do some serial with IBM with some adapters, but usually you have something like Twinax by default with something like SNA as a protocol. If it's more modern, you might be looking at a Token Ring connector that plugged into a MAU. I do miss token ring.. It was pretty elegant on the wire.. NAUN, etc... <sigh> (OK, "modern" token ring was CAT5 and you could even do 100M, tho I moved on to ethernet before I got my hands on that. Still, a 16M token ring device could perform as well as a 100M ethernet on a HUB at higher speeds actually... No collisions to worry about...)
  8. I'm never going to admit that even tho I have been on this forum for years, I only just recently noticed that the little speech bubble thing to the left of a post means start at first unread comment.

    1. jd_1138


      I didn't know that either. Like MS Word, most people only use like 25% of a piece of software's features.

    2. BydoEmpire


      I never noticed that, either.  Thanks!

  9. I've seen the 80mA listed, but I've also seen higher draws listed as well. https://raspi.tv/2017/how-much-power-does-pi-zero-w-use Not sure how hard Pi1541 drives the Pi0, but if it's on the higher end, it might be problematic...
  10. I like the Pi1541. Helped I had a spare Pi0 already, and some level shifters and buttons in my arduino kits. Works great... And the GIT page shows an update from 8 days ago, so there is still activity there... My only problem is I tried to get fancy and 3D print my own case (there are some for the standard Pi variants, but not the Pi0). Like most projects, I got 85% or so done, and life paused the project. And I am trying to get the energy to finish it up. Need to make a small board to hold the buttons and finish modifying the case design to hold my button board. (I think I have the case designed to hold the screen). Right now the buttons and screen are just plugged into a breadboard. 🙂 I think the only drawback of the Pi1541 is that it needs it's own power. Not a huge deal (the 1541 also needed it's own power), but the SD2IEC has it beat there. Note: You don't have to use buttons and a screen with the Pi1541. You can just use the filebrowser in the C64/Vic. But I like buttons and screens.
  11. Pacmanplus has saved the image of Florida for me.  Now, when I see a "Florida man" meme, my mind automatically says "Florida man creates incredible Retro Games."  And while I still laugh at whatever meme, I then think of Bob, and Florida sounds alright again. ;-)

    1. GoldLeader
    2. CPUWIZ


      I think of peoples faces getting eaten.

    3. R_Leo_1


      As a Floridian I am glad to hear this lol.

  12. If he doesn't want to log out and is using Chrome, he can just launch an Incgonito window and he has an unlogged in atariage page. Just a thought..
  13. I wouldn't say that. As someone who had an Amiga in 1987, most of the games back then (and for quite a while) only required 512k. Dragon's Lair was the first game I remembered that required 1M (or 512k in an Amiga 1000... Neat trick that...). Because of the lowest common denominator effect, a single drive 512k Amiga was the target for most game devs for quite a while. And that lasted much longer than it should have... If you are planning on just playing games, and A500 with 512k and a single drive will be fine. Of course, more memory and drives is always nicer. 🙂 A lot of early productivity software even worked fine with 512k for quite a while. What you couldn't do was multitask with it much, which was a bummer as that was kind of a neat feature. I was happy with 512k and one drive tho. (And I was happier with 1M and 2 drives later. And ecstatic with that 40M SCSI drive I finally got... And don't get me started on the 1200 with 2M and IDE!!!)
  14. What archivers do you have on the powermac? And do you have a program that can fix the file associations on it? I've had those get messed up a lot. As my stuff is all older Mac, I tend to use HFVExplorer to transfer files into a disk image (Macintosh 1.44 format) and it lets me fix those associations. Then I write the image to a USB floppy to use on my Mac. I believe I usually set something to SIT and something else to SITx to get it to be something my archiver will recognize for Stuffit files. Unfortunately I'm not super MacOS aware, so a lot of what I do is trial and error till I get something that works.
  15. On a technical/usability perspective, I agree... But the nostalgia in me just doesn't have a number pad on an Apple II... Silly, I know..
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