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  1. Aaarrggghh  Telcos!!!
    Cutting over some 800 numbers from one Telco to another...  Did a Test.  Scheduled it.  Worked great.
    Asked them to schedule the next two numbers and then the next two after that...
    Just got a reply that they successfully moved all our lines...  During the day.  With no coordination...  Aarrrghh!
    (Good news is that it is working, but  )

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    2. desiv


      No, going from AT&T to Lumen... 

    3. x=usr(1536)


      Be interested to hear from you how that goes in a month or so; I'm always on the lookout for good SIP trunking providers.

    4. desiv


      I'll let you know.  Not off to a great start. ;-)  Although at least the trunks seem to be working.  The trunks in question are hideously busy.  We get a huge BURST of traffic when the lines open in the mornings, so tomorrow will be a big test.  We have WAY more people needing to call than agents able to handle calls.  We are migrating for PRIs to SIP...

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