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  1. Ok, in order to unlock Spike Goes Down, you need to score 20k on Protector. Problem is, that game is too hard for me... ;-( I never got close.. Last year I brought my Vec with Protector Special Edition in to work and had a mini competition. One guy scored 17,200... So close... ;-( This year, I brought it back to work and had a competition again. The same guy from last year and another guy got competitive with each other (I was egging them on) and... They (both) broke 20k!!! So today, for the first time since I bought Protector SE back when it was first released, I was FINALLY able to play Spike Goes Down!!! YAY!! Hey, it's a really fun game, and more my speed.. desiv
  2. Still love my CC2. Still working great. As far as I know (I haven't tested everything; especially homebrews) the only games that I found that didn't work are Pitfall II for the 2600 (custom music chip) and Bentley Bear Pokey version (no banking file for that memory size AND Pokey). As mentioned, the menu system (especially with the updated multi-level menus) works great. Yes, you have to edit a text file and run a program to create/update the menus, but I don't have any issues with that. Yes, you have to figure out which banking file to use with which game, but it's not that difficult and other owners have been great at sharing their menu files! I also love having the game documentation right on the system. I think I read (or imagined) that Chad lost all the programming information on the system, so unless someone gets really creative, I don't think we'll get any new banking files. That's a shame, but still a great Multicart! desiv
  3. No offense, but starting a comment with "no offense" and then posting an offensive comment is pretty silly..
  4. Still having fun with the Pi Zero W and Retropie.. The NES and TG16 seem to be great. SNES, as I mentioned, feels pretty good to me, with the exception of Starfox. YMMV.. I did add some old arcade games that seem to work great on the Pi. (Pacman, DigDug, etc) I then decided to try some NeoGeo games, and those seem to work really well too!! I was impressed!! That said, while the 8BitDo controller works great with the console games, I don't find it quite as intuitive for the arcade games.. Probably because I am really used to real joysticks with those games.. So I'll probably try some type of real joystick/panel at sometime.. Still, pretty fun... desiv
  5. Just recently decided to bite the bullet and for fun, got a Pi Zero W with an 8G card and case for like $20. (I didn't have a spare uSD card, so went for the kit.. I know I could have saved a bit, but I like adafruit..) I already have an RF mini keyboard and OTG cables; power was easy... I also picked up a miniHDMI to HDMI cable cheap.. Threw RetroPie on it, loaded a few ROMs (less than 20 TG16, less then 20 SNES, and less than 30 NES) and went for the Comic theme.. WOW.... That is impressive... Yeah, StarFox is noticeably laggy on the Pi Zero. But everything else seems fine.... (note: "seems"! I didn't/don't have an SNES and some people have said that some games can drop a few frames.. Not something I notice..) I also found an 8bitdo NES30 (not the pro) for $17 that's on it's way, so that will round it out.. I can print a case for it, but I have a Tardis USB hub that died (static), so I am going to try to fit it in that case.. Should look nice sitting next to the TV.. I'm not looking to emulate anything semi-modern and don't want thousands (or even hundreds) of games, so this should be just about right.. At the very least, it's already been $40 or so worth of fun.. desiv
  6. To all of you with Akalabeth.. I say, and I mean this in the nicest way possible...... I hate you all.. Nice vid.. desiv
  7. Everything by PacManPlus... And then some other games... desiv
  8. D'oh!! Thanx! desiv
  9. You sure? Or is it now really down or ?? I can't get to it, and neither can "downforeveryoneorjustme.com"... http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/www.kristofsnewvectrexgames.comli.com/ Can't get there from my phone either.. desiv
  10. Just an outlying thought on some of the previous conversations in this thread about the connection of multicart and homebrew sales.. Couldn't the designer of the multicart design it so it wouldn't run homebrews (or certain homebrews)? Kind of a copy-protection type of thing? Something that the homebrew devs and the multicart guys work out??? Not saying it would make everyone (anyone) happy, but just a thought.. desiv
  11. Looks like there might be a vid tutorial on how to do it!! (I haven't watched it yet...) desiv
  12. The only technical difference I am aware of (there could be more, just what I know) is that Escom modified the board slightly so they could use a standard PC floppy drive, and there have been some compatibility issues with some games.. I believe it's a pretty easy thing to reverse tho, if you don't mind some basic soldering.. And there are many PC floppies that you can modify to work on an Amiga. There's a huge thread on it at EAB. Also, you could go for a Gotek or similar floippy emulator once you set the board back to an Amiga floppy.. There are people who like the PPC OS4 route, but for me, I like the 68k Amiga.. desiv
  13. I learned that it's just as important, if not more, to understand how something works compared to "just how to do something"... Surprising sometimes how many people are pretty good at their job, but have problems when something "off" happens, because they don't really understand what they are doing.. They just know how to do it.. desiv
  14. Of course, the other side of the coin is you solder in the sockets for the chips and charge the end user $2.50 more per machine. Users don't balk at an extra $2.50 on a $1300 machine. Users/repair places are happy. Apple pockets about $34k... desiv
  15. If you have a VGA monitor in the bunch and you are handy with wiring, then a GBS-8220 will work pretty good... Ideally you want a monitor that supports the Amiga directly, but in a pinch, the GBS is pretty good. Just that you have to make your own cable (and case if you want it in a case)... desiv
  16. Do you have the updated firmware that supports multi-level menus? desiv
  17. Man!! Is there anything you do that isn't kual? No, don't tell me.. You'd probably say something like, "Well, I have this pretty lame jet I've been learning to fly" or something like that... Seriously, nice looking mini cab!!! desiv
  18. Mostly, although you could "softkick" a newer ROM if you have enough RAM. Fun, but not practical for actually using.. They also have (although it's not always easy to find) kickstart switchers. So you can have multiple kickstart ROM chips and you use a switch to choose which one you want. Although, if you are mostly gaming, you won't need to worry about the Kickstart/Workbench versions... desiv
  19. Welcome!! More PNW in the house!!! (Live in Lincoln City and work in Salem) Great story.. I didn't start with the Apple, but it was the first home computer I got to play with. Just not mine.. A friend of mine had an Apple ][+ and I got to play it a bit.. When I finally got a computer, it was a Vic-20, and I went the Commodore route from there.. But I always had a soft spot for the Apple 8-bits (and I liked the IIgs; awesome sound chip!). Now I have an Apple //c and a IIe (and a couple of Macs, tho the Classic is the only one hooked up).. Love the Apple 8-bits still!!! Enjoy KFest!!! The pics I've seen always look fun!!! desiv
  20. If your existing Amiga monitor cable is a DB9 type, all you need is a DB9 to GBS adapter. That is easy to make... desiv
  21. With the A520, the image is so blurry that while using one, you have the distinct urge to blow up your Amiga 500! Luckily, your eyes will be so sore that you generally aren't able to wire up the explosives... desiv
  22. You could also look at the Gotek option. The USB floppy boards.. Properly reflashed with the Cortex firmware, they work pretty good. Even in an A1000.. http://i1014.photobucket.com/albums/af261/villaesc/Amiga/785C13A7-196E-4DD0-AEF7-D15075459849_zpszy4zfnnd.jpg I took my Gotek out of its case and slid the LCD out front. Doesn't work like a hard drive and doesn't support extended ADFs/IPFs (copy protected disk images), but for standard ADFs, works fine. (Actually, you can put the HxC firmware on it and that supports the protected disks, but I haven't done that yet) desiv
  23. Nice! I missed the Amigakit was doing that now!!! desiv
  24. Sure, where are you located? desiv
  25. If you don't have a serial card (other than you should eventually get one ), here: desiv
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