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  1. Sadly, Biff has done more work on games and shown more enthusiasm for the Ataribox than Atari themselves have.
  2. I picked up the physical Switch release last weekend and have been enjoying the game. However, I didn't do any homework and bought the Switch version just because it seemed like a more natural fit. Only after buying did I hear about issues with the Switch port. Sure, I've notice a few dropped frames here and there but the gameplay is what shines. I've only played in short stints and I can't wait to give it truly undivided attention over the weekend. Though I'm at a loss as to why a 2D game would give the Switch (or Xbox One according to Austin above) trouble, I'll keep the Switch version instead of exchanging for PS4. It plays just fine for me... so far. I'm only a few hours in though. I figure that if I don't see or experience a better port, I'll never know what I'm missing.
  3. Those times had me scratching my head as well. I look forward to tuning in and I'll be making a donation for sure. Keep up the great work.
  4. It says gamesaves are stored on the microSD. Pretty cool item, but price is a bit too steep for me.
  5. Entombed (1982) - first video game with zombies as enemies
  6. One of my favorite PS3 games, but I have no need to purchase it again. I'm getting really tired of last-gen games getting rehashed on newer consoles. It's just so lazy. Besides, what is there to "remaster"? It was already a beautiful, well-made game.
  7. We really, really enjoyed Rayman Legends at our house on the Wii U (on other platforms now too). We're playing Earth Defense Force V and Iron Rain now. My stepson freakin' loves EDF games - I don't love them as much as he does, but I'd much rather blast giant alien insects than suffer through his Minecraft phase again! As far as best local mp games ever, man that's a tall order! I'd have to throw a few of the 80's and 90's arcade titles in the mix: Golden Axe, Smash TV, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Gauntlet to name a few. This would make a great Top 100 list actually!
  8. Love to see so many nods to Alien: Isolation. Loved that game! The tension was unbearably delicious at times, something that can really be hard to pull off well in a video game. I thought it was neat that you could turn on mic input so that any noise you made in real life could be potentially heard by the Xenomorphs. Very clever and cool, but I kept it off because we have 3 dogs that love to randomly bark. Like other said, the RE's (particularly RE7) and SH's and Dead Spaces are up there too.
  9. I don't see why it should be a major problem, since any disc game should be playable and complete unpatched. I think a bigger concern for Wii U down the line is simply the lack of units sold. I draw a comparison with Jaguar (and others) in that it didn't sell well, so it will cause the value of the consoles to go up many years later. On top of that, the Wii U Gamepad wasn't available as a solo purchase at retail (afaik) so as more and more Gamepads break, it will make complete working consoles even rarer. There are many games that require the Gamepad to function properly, so that will be the biggest bottleneck in the long-term future.
  10. I thought it was a fascinating article as well, though I'm not sure I believe the "sneaky technician" bit either. Whatever the truth, I'm happy it's out there now. Let me just append Akka Arrh to my backlog of games I need to get around to playing. There we go: #11,421 - should be any day now.
  11. Darktim's 2600RGB mod https://etim.net.au/2600rgb/
  12. Strawberry Shortcake Musical Match-Ups.. hell YEA! Just kidding. Parker Bros. released some great ones, but I can't agree that overall they were better than Activision who imo only put out one turd: Dragster.
  13. I've found GameValueNow to be a much better resource over PriceCharting. And forget Rarity Guide - as others have said, that site is out of date. https://gamevaluenow.com/atari-7800
  14. You know, until reading this thread I hadn't really stopped to consider just how weird some of these games are. They've been a part of my life since childhood, so a clown digging around underground in search of cherries (Mr. Do) never seemed any more or less weird than a guy digging around underground looking to inflate alligators to death with a bike pump (Dig Dug). And yea, wth was up with Amidar??
  15. $40 isn't unreasonable but I decided against buying it because I already purchased it for Switch. Plus, I feel like LRG have lost their way and I just don't really want to support them anymore. After they're done milking Wii U collectors with this release, I expect them to put Yooka-Laylee out for Wii U eventually also. Just gonna let that train head out without me. No need, as those aren't games and don't count towards a full set*. *as determined by me
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