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  1. Wow, impressive pics @high voltage! My rarest carts are probably Tooth Protectors, Out Of Control or Quadrun, going by AA's rarity guide. However, all R9's are certainly not the same as far as rarity goes. I mean, compare (say) Bumper Bash, which comes up somewhat often for sale, to the NTSC Bomb games, which rarely do. I guess you could say I don't have any of the "rare" R9's My closest brush with an R10 was back when Game Gavel was around. I kept getting outbid on Music Machine and finally gave up because the person who kept outbidding me was none other than Mike Kennedy, the owner of the site! This was before the Retro VGS/Chameleon disaster, but it left me forever grumpy about him. He didn't do anything unfair, exactly, but how in the hell are you ever going to outbid someone on their own auction site??
  2. My NES collection is missing a few commons, namely Arch Rivals and Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf. I'm also missing Joust and Ms. Pac-Man for 7800. Not in a giant hurry to find them, and I figure it's nice to have some cheap commons instead of all expensive rares as your wishlists wind down.
  3. I didn't watch the video yet either (YT blocked at work), but as a long-time collector I'll second Hoshi's suggestion that the "case" is one of the first things I look at. He suggested artwork facing out, but I prefer to clearly read the titles on the spines because some artwork can make it hard to read/find the title or may only be on the spine. However you do it though, you should put a price tag also right there facing out so a customer doesn't have to politely ask "And how much is that one? And that one??". If you or the person behind the counter is busy, and the customer is curious about some games but is shy/unsure/impatient, then you've just lost a sale. Good luck!
  4. I've always thought the Borderlands games were fun but not ground-breaking, and I'm curious what kind of reviews we'll see for BL3. My buddies and I co-op'ed the first 2 and we've been waiting for BL3 for a while now, but I'm in no major rush to play. Also, I'm about 3/4th of the way through Rage 2 right now, so I may need to take a break from the post-apocalypse-wasteland-type setting for a little bit and come back to BL after the price has dropped a bit.
  5. Voted for Parker Bros. because they just seemed so slick-looking bitd, compared to the usual squared-off carts.
  6. Just curious - is there a label on the top of the cart? PS. Great work, SainT!
  7. A new Utopia sounds wonderful indeed! Updated versions of Snafu, Shark! Shark! and Moon Patrol look like fun too.
  8. OK, thank you Austin - that makes me feel a bit better! You always seem to quietly have an encyclopedic knowledge of every game ever made so if it tripped you up too, it makes me feel like less of a dunce. I did finish the final boss last night and had to stop for dinner and family, but I still feel a strong urge to go back and finish up the last few fights like the Carpenter that I couldn't beat the first time.
  9. SPOILERS BELOW - nothing major though... ... because I have a bone to pick with this game. I died at the final boss last night and I plan to finish it tonight, and overall it was a very fun game. However, I did get stuck at one spot and I got so frustrated that I had to look up a "clue" in a walkthrough to point me the right way. Around 75% of map completion, there's an area you must traverse that is lined floor and ceiling with spikes. NOWHERE that I could find was there ANY CLUE on how to get past this. Earlier, you get the Reflector Ray shard which allows you to zap through tight areas previously non-accessible. It doesn't work in the spiky area, but I was kind of led to believe the answer was some new shard I hadn't gotten yet. No. It turns out you need the very-well-hidden Aegis Plate, a set of armor which negates all spike damage. How would anyone know to look for that? Did the devs assume the player would just need to keep exploring until finding that armor? Because that's what I did, wasting probably 10 hours running back through the whole map. Armor with that kind of spike-damage-negating attribute is pretty unusual in any game. I'm a bit miffed that, unless I missed something (which I won't rule out!), there was no clue or hint or anything that would tip the player off on how to continue. As it was, I went over and over the whole map thinking I may have missed a shard or that I simply wasn't supposed to go that way yet. It's a small thing in retrospect, but a major fail to me. I pretty much never use walkthroughs (on a first playthrough) and I just have to wonder if everyone (or most everyone) just looks up what to do online when they get to that part. END SPOILERS Overall though, it is a fun game and I rarely wanted to put it down. The game has crashed on me twice (Switch version) and does drop frames now and again. With just a bit more polish, it could have been a solid 9 or even a 10 in my book. I just don't know if I could recommend it to friends knowing they'll likely get stuck like I did.
  10. Sadly, Biff has done more work on games and shown more enthusiasm for the Ataribox than Atari themselves have.
  11. I picked up the physical Switch release last weekend and have been enjoying the game. However, I didn't do any homework and bought the Switch version just because it seemed like a more natural fit. Only after buying did I hear about issues with the Switch port. Sure, I've notice a few dropped frames here and there but the gameplay is what shines. I've only played in short stints and I can't wait to give it truly undivided attention over the weekend. Though I'm at a loss as to why a 2D game would give the Switch (or Xbox One according to Austin above) trouble, I'll keep the Switch version instead of exchanging for PS4. It plays just fine for me... so far. I'm only a few hours in though. I figure that if I don't see or experience a better port, I'll never know what I'm missing.
  12. Those times had me scratching my head as well. I look forward to tuning in and I'll be making a donation for sure. Keep up the great work.
  13. It says gamesaves are stored on the microSD. Pretty cool item, but price is a bit too steep for me.
  14. Entombed (1982) - first video game with zombies as enemies
  15. One of my favorite PS3 games, but I have no need to purchase it again. I'm getting really tired of last-gen games getting rehashed on newer consoles. It's just so lazy. Besides, what is there to "remaster"? It was already a beautiful, well-made game.
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