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  1. Yea I hadn't considered the cost of international shipping. Still, maybe it's best that a seller budgets ahead of time for shipping costs if he is selling a heavy or expensive item that will (or might) go overseas. I rarely sell anything on eBay but I have thought about eventually selling some games. eBay is certainly looking worse and worse for that, I don't use Facebook and I'm not eager to try to sell locally... so hopefully our beloved AA forums will be around if/when that day comes! Otherwise I guess I'll have to be buried with all my Atari and Nintender tapes.
  2. Just getting back into the TI-99/4A after a few years of neglecting it. I may not have much to add, but I'm down for some beers and friendly chatter. I would certainly suggest having it indoors. August heat in Texas is no joke!
  3. One thing I keep seeing mentioned is that sellers no longer have "immediate access" to money from a sale. Surely, we've all had to deal with at least 1 shady/scammy/shitty seller on eBay over the years. I think these changes (re: linked bank account) are going in the wrong direction, but to play devil's advocate: Is it really that big of a problem that you don't get money immediately? In the interest of protecting buyers from scammers and flaky sellers, surely it's ok if eBay holds the seller's money for a short time to make sure the transaction went as expected? The only other solution I can think of is that eBay would require all sellers to put up some kind of deposit to sell there, which seems even worse.
  4. I finally started C2077 about a week ago on my original PS4 with patch 1.22. I'm happy I waited so that major bugs/glitches were addressed. Right now I'm about 10 hours in, mostly roaming the map doing side quests and such while (mostly) holding off on the main story. I'm playing on a 1080p tv but it's an impressive game and the graphics still amaze me. I find myself just stopping to look around at Night City. Yes, there are some minor glitches here and there but (fingers crossed) nothing game-breaking yet.
  5. Wow, at $305 with 2 more days to go. Truly insane and certainly not worth it!
  6. IIRC (has it really been 20+ years??), I had to completely restart CV after getting to a mini-boss battle in an airplane cargo hold at the end of the Disc 1. I found myself stuck in that fight with no way to backtrack and completely out of ammo. I just had to start over and be better about conserving ammo so that I could be ready for that fight. The game was/is just so graphically beautiful that I didn't particularly mind, but those sort of game-stopping scenarios just don't crop up anymore - which I think is for the best. I never played the GC version so perhaps they addressed the ammo issue. Still a fantastic game and was a real showcase for the Dreamcast when it came out.
  7. Not sure if I agree it's one of Sega's best ever, but it was/is fun as hell and a perfect fit on Dreamcast. I never spent as much time with the sequel though.
  8. glazball


    Seconded Both of the recent "Xeno" games on DC are excellent!
  9. Bump. Also on the hunt for PS1 longbox In The Hunt manual. Thanks for looking
  10. That sounds about right. "You searched for this but we think you'd like these search results better." Like all of us, I miss the early days of eBay when you could poke around and find items for a good price because they were misspelled. I got my PS2 right after launch that way.
  11. I'm starting to think that Sony has no real interest, or incentive, in making PS5 widely available this year. After all there are not many/enough games to make it a must-have, so instead perhaps they are trying Nintendo's old ploy of keeping supply low to keep demand high. If they can remain in this holding pattern for several more months, the hype and FOMO continue and it can be "must-have" item again for Holiday 2021.
  12. My first computer was a IBM PS/2 386/16 with a 10MB hard drive. It was a Xmas gift and I was happy to have it, but 486's were already out and it was obsolete (more than usual!) the day I got it. 16MHz... jeez it was so slow. I was able to add a 40MB HDD, a Gravis Ultrasound and an external 14.4K modem. I remember buying MS-DOS 6.0 and be so thrilled it had DoubleSpace (?) that would compress your HD data to "double" the size. I tried loading Win 3.1 but it was just too slow to run it. I never liked Windows in those early days, and honestly still don't. It didn't play many games well, but I do have many fond memories of SimCity, Scorched Earth, Prince of Persia, Warlords II and of course Wolfenstein 3D. I commend those of you who have rigged up a DOS gaming machine. Because my experience was subpar, I'm quite content with DOSBOX because I don't want to go back to that. That's what my old consoles are for!
  13. When I inquired with my insurance agent, he told me any lost possessions would be covered by our homeowners policy. I would just have to document what I had. It kinda sounded like a polite non-answer and I didn’t dig any deeper. So most importantly, no matter your situation, the first thing you should do is document your collection with lots and lots of photos and videos. Then of course make copies of everything for the cloud or to give to a trusted family member, in case of fire, flood, etc.
  14. Uhh, what? A couple of minor problems? The game is still delisted on the PS Store afaik. CDRP made a lot of money on C2077 (in an underhanded way), but I don't think you can call it a massive success by any stretch nor were the problems minor.
  15. Someone mentioned in another thread that with the closing of the PS3 store, patches will no longer be available to download for PS3 games. That's not my understanding - just that purchases will no longer be available. Can anyone confirm?
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