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  1. This noob has never used Discord and knows nothing about it. I have just about every major collection archived and the last few years, I've only seeded (not much else I want or need). Still, I had several unused free tickets and always looked forward to the free torrents around Xmas-time. Ah well, RIP Pleasuredome.
  2. Holy crap! Do you have any other information about this? Any idea what happened??
  3. I highly recommend Grind Stormer, Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and OutRun.
  4. Hey congrats! My main suggestion would be to buy a laptop cooler for it, and rest it on that while you play. Overheating is a known issue so just treat it gently. I can't speak to recapping though. Enjoy!
  5. Ha! What a fucking joke. No interest in Horse Farm?? You don't want to see Bibi and Tina's epic battle on the final Glue Factory level?? I somewhat agree it looks like a huge mess, but not really. Just business as usual. I wouldn't say any ideas in this thread are wrong, but it seems like some are overthinking it. People buy physical games, play them, and sell them. I played through Ratchet & Clank over Labor Day weekend, got the platinum (only takes 10-15 hours), and though I won't be selling my copy I imagine a lot of people will - which of course will cause the price to fall. Now is actually a great time to be picking up PS5 games. I can't imagine paying $70 for some of these.
  6. I'm sure all of us know that, unfortunately, prices for all retro games have been climbing over the years. Though I *love* Karl Jobst's video posted above, I don't think it's relevant here. Those allegations relate to 1) sealed games 2) graded by WATA and 3) sold through Heritage Auctions.
  7. Indeed, excellent game and I'll watch your video at home this evening. I had to check about the going price for Cannon Spike (on GameValueNow which shows $300 complete, haven't checked eBay) and wow, that's truly insane. It seems like just yesterday DC games were $5-10 in the Blockbuster bargain bins. Hell, even common early games like Dynamite Cop are almost $100 now?!! That can't be right can it? I still have my original CS from bitd and it's a blast to play, but never would have expected it to become so valuable. No one wanted it when it was current since everyone was gaga over PS2. I suppose that's true for every underdog console over the years though.
  8. I finished my (loose cart) 7800 collection this year myself by finally picking up Scrapyard Dog. Congrats!
  9. My (used) 3DO came with the loose disc in the drive, so I guess you could say it was the first 3DO game I ever got. I'd say the price was right lol
  10. I think both answers above are correct. Lack of demand (while people wait to procure their consoles) and sure, likely many games being sold on eBay weren't obtained properly. I would also mention that we're now seeing the shovelware start to come. Paying $70 for a title is daunting but now we are seeing games like Curved Space and Balan Wonderworld launching at $20. Don't know much about them, but people who do own the console would be more likely to pick up a mediocre game at $20, just to have a new PS5 game to play. Heck, I know of at least 2 games that are only $10-$12 on Amazon right now: Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition and Bibi and Tina at the Horse Farm. I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to play those Wii-caliber turds, but someone must be buying that crap.
  11. I've been playing on an 11-year old 50" Samsung plasma, and I am elated that we are finally getting a new 65" LG OLED delivered tomorrow. 4K and HDR are all going to be basically new to me. Can't wait to finally see what this bad boy can do. I plan to stop by Best Buy tonight and find a good 4K Blu-ray, something with a big "wow" factor. So excited!!
  12. I've had my PS5 for about a month now. I was nearing the end of Cyberpunk 2077 when I received it, so I was able to play the final missions of the game and directly compare. For starters, the SSD -is- drastically faster. I keep being taken by surprise when I find myself looking away during loading screens, but the game is ready... waiting for me! CP2077 is playable on a base PS4 but really pops and moves so much more fluidly on the PS5 (as expected of course). However, I do see @zzip's point in that the PS5 can feel more like a PS4 2.0 than some breathtaking, toe-curling new experience. To that I would argue: unfortunately, none of us are ever going to see that kind of leap in technology on any console or game system ever again. A "new generation of gameplay" sounds nice, but doesn't really mean much. Smaller increments of fps and resolution are all we can expect, at least until some new type of viewing device (not a flat-screen panel) becomes the norm. Games I've played (or am playing) so far: Maneater - didn't know anything about this game and simply couldn't put it down once I started! Dirt 5 - needed an excellent racing game and it doesn't disappoint. My stepson and I are having a blast with this. MK11 Ultimate - not the world's biggest MK fan but I needed a fighter too and MK11 looks amazing CoD Black Ops Cold War - been years since I've played a CoD. Campaign is solid and looks great. Don't touch online though. Sackboy - currently about 3/4 of the way through. Very fun! Control Ultimate Edition - about 3/4 of the way through as well, sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating but happy I got it Next I'll be tackling Ratchet & Clank, RE8 and AC Valhalla. Eager to check out the new Guilty Gear too, even though I'm not very good at it. Dem grafix tho.... wow. The DualSense controllers feel really comfortable to me and the 4K BD player is nice to have. PS5 is a wonderful system and I love how quiet it is!
  13. I would say it just depends on the game. Some obviously haven't aged well (Castlevania 64) or were never that great to begin with (Wetrix). Overall the system really does have a lot of wonderful games that can't just be dismissed: Goemon's Great Adventure Wave Race 64 Perfect Dark Beetle Adventure Racing Paper Mario Extreme-G
  14. That's exactly what they are doing. Their original mission statement was more or less that they wanted to produce physical games for those that may have been lost digitally to time. Rondo of Blood already has a physical release (at least two if you count the PCE Works reprint). All of the Neo Geo games they keep churning out have physical releases. All of the Star Wars bunk they crapped out have physical releases. I supported them strongly when they started up but they've since become a joke of what (they claimed) they were all about.
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