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  1. Fun topic! Here are my wow moments: - Playing Donkey Kong on CV. My aunt had one but the rest of the family all had Ataris. We begged and begged her to play CV every chance we got! - When Duke Togo gets laid in Golgo 13. To see such a thing in an NES game blew my middle school mind. (As for NES, the cut scenes in Ninja Gaiden were also amazing at the time.) - Altered Beast. I sold my NES to buy Genesis at launch. We brought it back to my grandparents' house who had a (old, bulky) big screen tv. They were nervous about me hooking a video game to it, but they allowed it and it was simply the coolest thing I had ever seen. We also played Golden Axe and Revenge of Shinobi that day. - Playing with Mario's face for an hour after turning on Super Mario 64 on Xmas morning - Ridge Racer V on PS2. A local game shop had an imported PS2 and you could pay a few bucks to go behind a curtain to play it. In hindsight, it was all jaggy but it was amazing at the time. - Speaking of "wow," I played a Tauren Hunter as my first toon and after I left Thunder Bluff and entered the Barrens, I was just amazed to see giant Kodos around. Very few games have instilled a sense of wonderment like early WoW did for me. - More recently, the lighting effects on PS5 games like DMC5, MK11, Ratchet & Clank and Resident Evil Village still make my jaw drop. I expect Horizon Forbidden West to be even more impressive.
  2. Is that the Good Deal Games website? I knew I'd seen Propeller Arena somewhere, but I guess I was too slow since it's sold out. Oh well
  3. Anyone know if Propeller Arena has been given an "unofficial" release, with a quality (pressed) disc and nice inserts? It would be a great addition to any Dreamcast library.
  4. We had fun bitd charting out maps on graph paper playing Swords & Serpents. Not sure how well it holds up now though. Hydlide and Faria are decent too. If you are emulating or using a repro cart, Earthbound Zero is a good one.
  5. Now the next step in this thread should be for everyone to list their favorite games, A-Z, for each console. Here's my Genesis list: Altered Beast Beyond Oasis Castle of Illusion Disney's Aladdin ESWAT Forgotten Worlds Golden Axe (Ghouls N Ghosts a close 2nd, Grind Stormer is damn good too. This one was tough!) Herzog Zwei Insector X Jurassic Park - Rampage Edition King of the Monsters 2 Lightening Force M.U.S.H.A. Nobunaga's Ambition OutRun Phantasy Star II QuackShot Revenge of Shinobi Splatterhouse 2 (another toughie with Shinobi III, Strider, Streets of Rage, etc) Truxton Ultimate Qix Viewpoint Wonder Boy in Monster World X-Men 2: Clone Wars Ys III Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel
  6. Just a free bump for @bah. Got my cases last week - they look sharp and work perfect. Thanks again!
  7. I can confirm these consoles all have A-Z games (considering only US retail, not foreign or homebrew games): Atari 2600 NES SNES Genesis I assume, but haven't checked, that PS1 - PS4 all have A-Z titles, as well as Wii and Switch. Each console has a massive library so it's understandable. Sega Dreamcast is only missing a "Y" game!
  8. The aquarium sounds and colorful graphics of the game are relaxing too. Along with Frog Bog, it stood out as being quite different from most other games in the Intellivision library at the time (mostly all the sports and space games).
  9. I started playing Godfall again Sunday morning, and my plan was just to play for a bit and move on to another game... but I played all day and every evening since! This game simply has it's hooks in me. I'm at level 25 and I believe the game caps at 50, so I suppose I'm about halfway through the game. If I can go ahead and answer the OP's question: yes, I would say that Godfall is a good game! Firstly, the graphics are stunning. Everything looks vivid and vibrant, and sometimes even seems like you're in a giant (waterless) aquarium because the colors are so rich. Enemies really appear have physical mass and presence. When you sprint into a group of enemies, you really feel like each one is solid and their animations superb (as opposed to a game where you just shoot hordes of similar-looking baddies/soldiers/zombies). Some are spellcasters and their magical effects just pop. One thing I've noticed is that the high graphical quality may come at the price of having less enemies on screen. That's not a problem for me and I think it just looks fantastic. One minor issue is that when purchasing a weapon, most games will show you what you have equipped so you can compare, but Godfall does not. I haven't found a way to do it, which can be a bit frustrating, but the plus side of that is that you aren't really inclined or supposed to change weapons all the time (like Borderlands, etc). The game itself brings nothing really new to the table, gameplay wise. However, I think everything the devs wanted to do comes through and I'm totally ok with the lack of originality. I admit I'm still in the honeymoon phase of my PS5 and 4K tv purchases, so I'm inclined to ooh and aah at just about any game, lol. Godfall's not a game for the history books, but it is fun and definitely worth a few hours of your time.
  10. I picked up Godfall pretty cheaply about a month ago, and it's really good! The graphics look sharp and the gameplay is just simple, old school hackin' & slashin' with a giant sword (or whatever weapon you prefer). However, I've only spent about 5-6 hours with it and in the meantime I'm also playing Chorus (also fun as hell, I needed a good space shooter) and Kena: Bridge of Spirits (which just looks stunning, like playing a Pixar movie).
  11. Those look great. I'm still interested in a set myself!
  12. Hate to start with the easy ones, but both Zeldas, SMB2, Metroid and Kid Icarus had amazing music. Those tunes will stay with me to the grave! And of course Ghosts 'n' Goblins, Castlevania, DuckTales and MM2 are right up there too. If I had to pick something (slightly) less obvious, I'd go with Wizards & Warriors.
  13. Dragon Power because... well, have you played it?? The box art looked decent enough, only to get it home to discover you play as a silly monkey boy and the gameplay is completely unsatisfying. One bullet I luckily dodged was Urban Champion, mentioned above. I clearly remember being at Target as a kid holding it and Karate Champ in my hands trying to decide which to get. I went with Karate Champ, which was only slightly better. Neither aged particularly well.
  14. PS5 did quietly get a hardware revision a while back.
  15. Somewhat random anecdote: a good friend of mine who bought his PS5 at launch (through a direct invite from Sony) told me that he got a "too hot" warning two nights ago. It recommended that he turn it off until it cooled down, which he did. It happened close to bedtime so he just shut it down for the night and the next day, opened it up and cleaned it out. He only saw a tiny amount of dust and it seems to be working fine now, but still worrisome. (I'll update if something changes.) The funny/not-funny thing is this happened just after his console had turned a year old. Had it died completely, it would be out of warranty. He takes care of his stuff, lives alone, no pets and his place is not dusty or dirty. Edit with some fresh info: He says he did not hear the fan running even when getting that "too hot" message, but it is always exceptionally quiet so that may not mean anything. He also mentioned he was playing R&C in 4K Fidelity Mode - played a bunch more last night and had no problems. Not sure what happened so I hope it was just a fluke??
  16. This seems an obvious yes from just about everyone so you really need to follow with a "but", as in: but it would cost $1000 or but no Sonic games would appear on it. Haven't you ever played Would You Rather??
  17. Just a strong personal preference. I tried keeping my PS2 vertical but had a few discs permanently scratched because of it. The slightest bump to the console or yank to the cord can pull it out of vertical orientation, which was enough to ruin PS2 games. Hopefully PS5 is more stable, but it's just not worth the risk to me and I always keep it horizontal.
  18. This is a toughie since both systems bring something unique to the table. Let us know what you end up buying and how you like it!
  19. Starting a 2600 collection from scratch in 2021?? Wow, that sounds like a crazy idea. I love it! Good luck on your quest!
  20. I second Utopia (Intellivision) and Herzog Zwei (Genesis). Perhaps a case could be made for Vectron (Intellivision). It was so far ahead of it's time that we still don't understand it lol.
  21. Fair enough. Afraid I don't have one for trade, but stick around the forums and one will turn up. It would certainly help to make a list of items that you want to trade, instead of a generic mention of "Xbox, Dreamcast, Gamecube, GBA, etc items"
  22. For Rayman Origins, he can be bad as long as you are playing with him. When one player dies, they respawn in a bubble that floats along unharmed until the other player pops him out of it. So if there are tough parts, the kiddo will probably die but you can bring him right back in. It's perfect for playing with a little one. Some other kid friendly games: Toy Story 3, Marvel Super Hero Squad: Infinity Gauntlet and LittleBigPlanet
  23. The UltiMultiCart is a must-own for any Astrocade owner. Is @kenzre still making these? When I bought mine (about 5 or 6 years ago?), he told me he would soon stop making them.
  24. My stepson really, REALLY loved the How To Train Your Dragon game at that age. Rayman Origins is also a blast - it's 2p coop and you'll likely need to help him through certain parts, but it's one of the best 2D platformers ever (Rayman Legends is even better).
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