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  1. “John Phelan” tries to sound like a child of the 80’s from the US, but it seems more likely he is a paid shill or fake account from France/Europe because he uses the British spelling of “favourite”. The A-Team wasn't really shown on tv in the 80’s in Europe, was it? Correct me if I am wrong, but that seemed like a solely US kinda show.

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  2. ...same here. When I double click the .rar file, the unpacker (and I've tried 3 different versions on my Mac) seems to do nothing. Maybe creates an empty folder, but that's it.


    Can't say I've had real good luck with compression schemes like this lately. Is there a simple .zip file to download instead?


    I also had trouble unpacking on my Mac using RAR Extractor, but it did extract when I tried using Dr. Unarchiver.


    Edit: I would also suggest using .zip to archive in the future :)

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  3. The Atari Classic Joystick, which is being developed by the expert team at Power A has also undergone a number of refinements. We can officially announce here that there will definitely be an upgraded “paddle” functionality in the stick that is reminiscent of how the stick worked on the original Atari 5200 joystick.


    Just a quick reminder that the Atari 5200 controller did not have paddle functionality.

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  4. Yeah, you've mentioned that. Though I'm sorry you lost money, I can't help but feel you are complicit in the Gameband scam by keeping silent this whole time.


    Love that the "truly, truly sorry" email went out on a Friday. Has all the stinky aroma of getting fired. Every boss knows to fire on a Friday to give people time to cool off over the weekend.

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  5. I was totally joking about Atari SA being the victim :) Sorry if my sarcasm didn't come through. I was trying to poke fun of the "work-in-progress" pics where they just look soooo dejected.


    I just find this whole situation pathetic. Feargal gets a quarter million dollars (!!) for Gameband, and has absolutely nothing to show for it. Realizing how easy it is to crowdfund a non-existent product with a bunch of salesman bullshit and flowery words, he pitches the idea of a new console to Atari who gave him the green light. He puts together a render of a sharp looking case and figures it's easy to crowdfund the "insides", just like Mike Kennedy did (and I said as much in this thread over a year ago). I don't think Feargal knew of the Mike Kennedy / Coleco Chameleon fiasco at that time, but even if he did, Atari SA sure didn't.


    So between Gameband and Ataribox, they've pulled in $3.25 million fucking dollars and don't have to even make anything! Feargal will blame Atari for the Gameband failing. Atari will blame Feargal for the Ataribox failing.


    I have no sympathy for anyone who pledged for the Ataribox. It had all the red flags flying high, right from the beginning. However, I do feel bad for the Gameband backers, who just wanted a watch and had nothing to do with any of this. They are left totally in the dark with nothing to show for their pledges. The Gameband should have happened regardless of whether there was an Atari version or not, but I'm sure it was just easier to keep the money and go completely silent.

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  6. ... So many unanswered questions. Let me see if I have the basic timeline down:


    - F. Mac ropes in a chunk of change for the Gameband, one version of which has an Atari license

    - With Atari SA's ear, he pitches the idea of an all new Atari console to them

    - Atari SA bites, F. Mac (seeing a bigger pot of gold at the end) ditches the Gameband project and starts work on the Ataribox crowdfunding campaign

    - Atari SA realizes they never needed F. Mac in the first place and fires him

    - F. Mac sues trying to get SOME cut of the pie that he was expecting

    - Atari SA countersues and here we are


    Maybe poor Atari SA -is- the real victim here. After all, they got roped into making a game console they never intended to make in the first place! Also, what the hell ever happened to The Historian?

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  7. I had a Wii drive peeter out on me and I had it replaced, but I don't believe total drive failure a common problem with Wii. (Mine was purchased on launch day) In fact, it was likely my own fault because it was due to dust buildup. I was heavily into WoW at that time, so the Wii got neglected for many years. Most games would play fine, but I first noticed a problem with Super Smash Bros. Melee. After exchanging and then ruling out the SSB disc, I found out it's because SSBM is a dual-layer disc and my dusty drive just didn't like it. I found a stopgap solution online which involved putting some lint-free cloth down in there to dust it out, but before you go doing that, check online for the exact procedure. It helped for a while, but would still sometimes not read, so I just had the drive professionally replaced.


    Try various discs - it could just be a dusty drive!

  8. Speaking of "I" words, back in the NES days I used to call Kid Icarus: "Kid eye-CAR-us" instead of Kid "ICK-a-rus." None of us really knew any better.


    What about Ikari Warriors? "eye-KAR-ee" or "ee-KAR-ee"? I've always said the first but the 2nd is probably correct.


    Raiden was "RAY-den" instead of "RYE-den"


    Ninja Gaiden was "Ninja GAY-den" instead of "GUY-den"


    Gradius was "GRADE-ee-us" and I'm still not sure if that's correct, or "GRAD-ee-us". I still use the first.


    Seriously, wtf was up with some of those NES titles? Astyanax, Xexyz, Faxanadu.

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  9. I'm a good ways into Chapter 2, and I really like the game, but I also have to admit that some of Rockstar's magic has been lost on me (gameplay-wise). I haven't played a Rockstar game since GTA5 on PS3 and I find myself constantly fumbling with the controls (for instance, I expect reload to be Square, not Circle), and all the little nuances are slowly coming back to me (as in, make sure to put your weapon away or don't rudely push people out of the way). Some moments can be rather boring - the constant traveling from one spot to the next on horseback or methodically opening every drawer in a room looking for supplies. (I'm pretty terrible about that at the beginning of any game: going slow and searching every nook and cranny trying to hoard up supplies and money).


    It's a beautiful game, but like GTA5 I can't help but feel like I've done it all before. Not a bad feeling exactly, but it's there. I'm sure it will pass as I get further in and I've still got a looong way to go!

  10. I clearly remember my grandma playing Video Pinball, saying it was the only Atari game she liked.


    My wife, who is a little younger than me, told me she found out her grandma would play Super Mario Bros. after everyone had left for work and school. She wanted to keep it a secret because of course grandmas aren't supposed to play video games!

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  11. I'd be interested to see how it compares to the RGB mod that Juice (now-banned ex-member) did on my Intellivision. Some colors are not perfect, most notably the jellyfish in Shark! Shark! are not purple and blend in with the background/water. I'd love to know if it's his mod or if all Intv RGB mods will have this problem.

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