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  1. Uhh, what? A couple of minor problems? The game is still delisted on the PS Store afaik. CDRP made a lot of money on C2077 (in an underhanded way), but I don't think you can call it a massive success by any stretch nor were the problems minor.
  2. Someone mentioned in another thread that with the closing of the PS3 store, patches will no longer be available to download for PS3 games. That's not my understanding - just that purchases will no longer be available. Can anyone confirm?
  3. I was going to mention the Wonder Boy mess myself, but @jgkspsx did a much better job of laying it out than I ever could. One thing I've always found fascinatingly weird with regard to the three TurboGrafx releases: The first game, Monster Lair, was of course a launch title for the TGCD add-on. Next, Dragon's Curse but on TurboChip. Lastly, Dynastic Hero back to CD again.
  4. I'm trying to wrap my head around these changes. Maybe someone who sells on eBay regularly can enlighten me? I sell an item on eBay and buyer pays by PayPal. eBay has my banking info and takes their cut before they deposit the money into my bank. So far that makes sense, but where do PayPal's fees come into play? Do they take their cut from the buyer's payment before paying eBay?
  5. Of course trade games and hardware here! You luck will just depend on what you have in your trade pile and what you are seeking in exchange.
  6. I guess I shouldn't expect a $500 console to have all the bells and whistles, but it sure would be good to know what Sony has planned so that I can plan my purchase. Some of the 2021 TVs I'm looking at are Sony's own A90J and A80J OLEDs, which are supposed to have VRR. Does Sony plan to implement VRR on the PS5 with the launch of their newest TVs? I've read that Sony promised VRR with an update to their 2020 TVs, but from what I can gather it hasn't happened yet (and may never happen). I don't want to base any major decisions on promises or speculation, so I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.
  7. I'm curious if any PS5 owners can confirm exactly what A/V output you are getting? I'm reading that even though HDMI 2.1 can handle 48gpbs, the PS5 is capped at 32gbps (and Xbox Series X capped at 40gpbs). Can anyone confirm this on their setup? I'm also curious if Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is enabled on PS5 yet? I'm looking to buy a new TV (and a PS5) this year and hope to maximize A/V quality from the PS5. Ideally, for 4K you would want the full 48gpbs which allows for 4K @ 120Hz @ 4:4:4 (12-bit). So the big question is can the PS5 output at 48gpbs and if not, will Sony update the firmware later to allow it? Here's an article about the cap found via a quick google search: https://www.gamesradar.com/ps5-hdmi-21-capped-at-32gbps-compared-to-xbox-series-x-40gbps/
  8. Had an excellent transaction with Tombstone for a few items I have wanted for a long time. Thanks again!
  9. I completely understand SNK's thinking, now with hindsight. I meant that based on hardware alone, I'm stunned to think what could have been done in other genres on a home console if things had been different. As a not-rich teenager the AES was never going to be an option for me and (at least at first when the AES was being rumored and then confirmed) there was some comfort knowing I wasn't missing much if Ninja Combat was what we could expect. Not to disparage the history and library of the Neo, just what "could have been" with the AES. One day I would love to play SSRPG, but it's impenetrable to me until we finally get a translation. But even if it had been released in English bitd and I had been an AES owner, I still can't imagine it being worth the cost as opposed to so many other bigger, better RPGs on Genesis and SNES. Likewise, there are no platformers on the Neo that come close to Super Mario World or even SMB3 gameplay-wise. The Neo outdoes them all of course in animation and sprite work in the later titles, which are still nothing but stunning to this day and so Neo will always be the king of 2D in the beauty department, no doubt about that
  10. Like most of us in this thread, I was blown away when I first played Magician Lord in the early 90's mall arcade. I remember reading about a home console that cost insane amounts of money, but wanted one so bad. However, I had bought a Genesis at launch and was pretty much in love with it. I also remember thinking how ridiculous it was that the games that cost SO MUCH money were often poorer quality than Genesis games. Look at Ninja Combat, with it's slightly hokey graphics and terrible translations. For that kind of money, I would expect MASSIVE, earth-shattering games like epic RPGs better than Phantasy Star II, which I paid $75 for in 1990 (a lot for a game, even now). It wasn't until much later that the truly great games for the Neo arrived, but by then I had moved on to PS1, N64 and Dreamcast. It boggles the mind to think what could have been done on the Neo if SNK hadn't put so much focus on fighting games. Anyways, this poll needs more than 4 choices!
  11. I picked one up about 5 years ago for $20 and it's still in the blister pack. If you happen to find one loose @sixersfan105 I'd be happy to trade. For most systems I typically prefer to have carts loose, but I can't justify breaking open the blister pack to play the demo I already have on the multi-cart.
  12. Sheesh, I wish you luck my friend. You're gonna need it.
  13. A pit pricey but darn it sure looks sharp (and much, much more comfortable).
  14. One thing SNK has going for them is the insane amount of money that fans are willing to spend on Neo Geo items. I'm no big tymer but I'm certainly guilty of it myself. If SNK pushes out a low-run, "boutique" console that costs waaay more than we know it should, I'm confident it would still sell out. And that's assuming it's a piece of crap like the NG X. If SNK were to actually put time, effort and love into a new console, it stands to do MUCH better than Ataribox, Amico or any of these others. That said, afaik SNK hasn't specifically said it's a new "Neo Geo" console, so it could end up being something completely new and surprising. I'm ready for disappointment, but staying cautiously optimistic about this for now.
  15. The thought of a KFC console disturbs me so much that I don't even want to click on links to read about it. Maybe this is the universe telling me to get the fuck away from video games for the rest of my life? I saw there's also a KFC movie out (or coming out) too? I already boycott KFC and all this bullshit needs to stay as far away from me as possible. What the actual fuck is wrong with people?
  16. Classy. You've gotten so defensive about negative comments about this game. Why is that? The game was not finished for PS4/XB1, and won't be until at least Feb 2021, but was released on disc for PS4/XB1 in Dec 2020. The bottom line is the game shouldn't have been released yet. Obviously people will complain, and rightfully so.
  17. @Mikebloke Without trying to sound snarky, I'm struggling to grasp your point. On one hand, if seeing speedrunners doing their thing is a downer for you, then just don't watch speedruns. On the other hand, what difference does it make what anyone else does or how they play their games?
  18. Perhaps a minimum post count (10 or 20ish) before new users can post in Marketplace would be a good idea?
  19. That's bs and I'm sorry to hear it. Be sure to post his ebay ID here so we can avoid the bastard.
  20. I think this little bit of trivia is worth highlighting. I can't confirm or refute that it's true, but I'm not coming up with any earlier title with a main female character on my own. So thanks for sharing this! I love video game firsts like this. I wish someone more knowledgeable than me would compile a book of video game firsts.
  21. Not sure if your comment was directed at me, but I understand there are no major games released without glitches. So even though I'll be getting the game for Xmas, I'd rather wait and start it later while I continue working on my backlog. Cyberpunk 2077 will likely be the last game I play on PS4 next year before upgrading to a PS5.
  22. I've asked for it from Santa and I'm looking forward to it, but I'm going to give the devs a few weeks to patch up glitches. I'm planning on taking some much-needed time off early next year and I'll dive in then.
  23. I'll concede that in 2020, when looking over the entire history of video games, some would say that a simpler game like Pac-Man or Tetris should be ranked higher than OoT, since they are more accessible (pick up & play) now. However, you're judging the game with the hindsight of 20+ years, which is unfair. There are flaws and I don't think anyone would argue that it's truly "perfect" (because nothing is), but that is beside the point. It was and still is a massively important, influential and fun game. Compared to it's contemporaries it was the best of the best and that's why it still gets mentioned as possibly the best video game of all time even now.
  24. I can also vouch for gaming fatigue, but that fatigue has always come and gone in phases throughout my life. It always passes and I'm assume (hope?) that yours will too! My advice would be to put down the controller for a few months and pursue something else for a while. That said, after a relative break from modern games I decided to start hitting my PS4 backlog. I just finished Ghost of Tsushima (amazing game) and I'm about 20 hours into AC Odyssey now. Even though both games are very similar (as far as gameplay), I feel a renewed enthusiasm and find myself watching the clock at work, ready to get home and get back into the world of ancient Greece. It can be all too easy to forget just how incredible modern games can be, even with tropes like "fetch this herb" side quests, and how much work goes into them to create the player's experience.
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