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  1. One thing SNK has going for them is the insane amount of money that fans are willing to spend on Neo Geo items.  I'm no big tymer but I'm certainly guilty of it myself.  If SNK pushes out a low-run, "boutique" console that costs waaay more than we know it should, I'm confident it would still sell out.  And that's assuming it's a piece of crap like the NG X.  If SNK were to actually put time, effort and love into a new console, it stands to do MUCH better than Ataribox, Amico or any of these others.


    That said, afaik SNK hasn't specifically said it's a new "Neo Geo" console, so it could end up being something completely new and surprising.  I'm ready for disappointment, but staying cautiously optimistic about this for now.

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  2. The thought of a KFC console disturbs me so much that I don't even want to click on links to read about it.  Maybe this is the universe telling me to get the fuck away from video games for the rest of my life?


    I saw there's also a KFC movie out (or coming out) too?  I already boycott KFC and all this bullshit needs to stay as far away from me as possible.  What the actual fuck is wrong with people?

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  3. 6 hours ago, youxia said:

    So, up yours, boo-people ;)

    Classy.  You've gotten so defensive about negative comments about this game.  Why is that?


    The game was not finished for PS4/XB1, and won't be until at least Feb 2021, but was released on disc for PS4/XB1 in Dec 2020.  The bottom line is the game shouldn't have been released yet.  Obviously people will complain, and rightfully so.

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  4. 23 hours ago, high voltage said:

    Wabbit: Billy Sue, the first human female main character in a video game

    I think this little bit of trivia is worth highlighting.  I can't confirm or refute that it's true, but I'm not coming up with any earlier title with a main female character on my own.  So thanks for sharing this!  I love video game firsts like this.  I wish someone more knowledgeable than me would compile a book of video game firsts.

  5. Not sure if your comment was directed at me, but I understand there are no major games released without glitches.  So even though I'll be getting the game for Xmas, I'd rather wait and start it later while I continue working on my backlog.  Cyberpunk 2077 will likely be the last game I play on PS4 next year before upgrading to a PS5.

  6. On 12/1/2020 at 12:50 PM, bluejay said:

    @glazball Seriously, by 1998 the internet was pretty big. Nowhere near what it is now but still it was pretty damned popular. Internet guides existed in 1998, and so did Atariage although under a different name. As I've already mentioned, no doubt it was an amazing back in the day. The explore everywhere type gameplay is outdated and sometimes frustrating. Hence it's no longer used. Ocarina of Time is no longer the amazing game it was back in 1998. It's just a "good" and flawed game. What I'm saying is it doesn't deserve to be in 2nd place in 2020. I've seen to many people simply ignoring the flaws and praising it to be the most perfect game.

    I'll concede that in 2020, when looking over the entire history of video games, some would say that a simpler game like Pac-Man or Tetris should be ranked higher than OoT, since they are more accessible (pick up & play) now.  However, you're judging the game with the hindsight of 20+ years, which is unfair.  There are flaws and I don't think anyone would argue that it's truly "perfect" (because nothing is), but that is beside the point.  It was and still is a massively important, influential and fun game.  Compared to it's contemporaries it was the best of the best and that's why it still gets mentioned as possibly the best video game of all time even now.



  7. I can also vouch for gaming fatigue, but that fatigue has always come and gone in phases throughout my life.  It always passes and I'm assume (hope?) that yours will too!  My advice would be to put down the controller for a few months and pursue something else for a while.


    That said, after a relative break from modern games I decided to start hitting my PS4 backlog.  I just finished Ghost of Tsushima (amazing game) and I'm about 20 hours into AC Odyssey now.  Even though both games are very similar (as far as gameplay), I feel a renewed enthusiasm and find myself watching the clock at work, ready to get home and get back into the world of ancient Greece.  It can be all too easy to forget just how incredible modern games can be, even with tropes like "fetch this herb" side quests, and how much work goes into them to create the player's experience.

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  8. @youxia and @NE146 got it right.  The simple answer is no, it's no overrated.  Sure, it's easy to critique in hindsight but there is simply no way to overstate how groundbreaking and influential the game is.


    Let's not forget that OoT arrived in a time when the internet was unknown to most people and a game guide was your only option for looking up tips, aside from talking with friends of course.  Like the original Zeldas before it, it requires the player to explore without always knowing where to go or what item to use.  That sort of gameplay is forever lost to time now with internet/YT guides being so ubiquitous and quality-of-life features like quest markers visible from across the horizon.  No, sometimes you had to leave the N64 on for hours while at work or school so that you wouldn't waste any time exploring and experimenting trying to make your way through a complex dungeon.


    Does that mean it's a perfect game in 2020?  Well of course we have better games now - but very, very few of them require you to care about every inch of gamespace like OoT (and Mario 64) did.  It's a masterpiece and will always be considered as such.





  9. A good friend of mine was sent an invite by Sony to preorder the PS5, and he got his console yesterday.  He has prepaid PS+ through 2024, and from what we can gather, Sony selected people who have done the same with the idea that those kinds of fans want the console instead of just trying to flip it for a profit.  I thought that was a very nice and smart gesture.


    He is enjoying it but did mention that it froze up on him once yesterday.  He said he read that other PS5 users have had problems with freezing too, though I'm not sure how widespread it is.  That makes me worry a bit, but that's what you get for being an early adopter.  Myself, I've had optical drive problems/failures with every PS generation except PS4 (so far!) so I'll wait a year to pick one up, then keep it horizontal!  (My friend's is vertical.)

  10. On 11/2/2020 at 12:59 AM, stupus said:

    Thanks, thats the episode, but that just looks like info on it?

    But my son found it a few minutes ago online and i have a copy now :)

    I can post a link if its ok and anyone else would like to see it.

    @stupus I would love to see it too if you don't mind posting the link.  I love that show.  Can't even imagine what Sean Kelly's collection must look like.

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  11. Darn, I was hoping you had a good source on post-less cases.  In that case, I would try to source my own and clip the tabs myself (rather than ship bulky cases).  Granted, 30 cases doesn't sound too unwieldy but the J-cards would just be easier and cheaper to ship.


    Anyways, they look great so keep me posted!

  12. Let me know either in this thread or privately about obtaining a set if you decide to make them.  I know you mentioned that the cases are brand new - does that mean they are missing the inner tabs made to hold cassette tapes, or did you remove them like @KylJoy did for his set?


    It's a shame the UltiMultiCart cannot fit, but I guess that's all the more reason to just leave it in the console!

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