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  1. Regarding the Darksoft AES flashcart, do any of you have an unbiased, objective video or article comparing it with the NeoSD Pro?

    I'm a bit leery supporting Darksoft knowing that they will be discontinuing the AES cart.  What happens in a year or two if/when it starts acting up?  Will they support it?

    On the other hand, I keep reading that TerraOnion hasn't been giving stellar support for their NeoSD carts as of late.  They seem to have some talented and sharp engineers, but I worry that they are spreading themselves too thin over multiple consoles leaving their first project (the NeoSD line) in the dust.

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  2. Voted for Frogger as well.  It's just a classic game and even though there are better ports on other systems (or even on 2600!), I just have so much nostalgia for it.  Gyruss, Amidar and Tutankham are personal favorites too but I had to go with the iconic classic.

  3. 4 hours ago, 0078265317 said:

    Thanks for the link and responses!  I've seen that link from March, but I'm afraid it still doesn't answer my question.  PS5 will not support Dolby Atmos in games.  I'm curious if the PS5 will output Dolby Atmos at all, for instance from a 4K Blu-ray, and I cannot find a definitive answer yet :(  I may just have to wait a few more weeks for a hands-on review.


    Re PS5-TV-stereo chain: I just found out that eARC does not support TrueHD (again from a 4K BD for example) so I will eventually have to get a new AV receiver to go full audiophile.  2021 is going to be expensive!

  4. I'm in no huge hurry to buy a PS5, but I will get one next year.  In the meantime, I'm having to rethink my whole entertainment center including buying a 4K tv and A/V receiver.


    I've been trying to find some specifics about the HD audio side of PS5, and I'm coming up short.  Sony has not confirmed or denied (that I can find) that the PS5 will have Dolby Atmos support.  I know Sony has their proprietary Tempest 3D Audio technology for gaming, but I can't find if games will (also) support Atmos, or if only disc-based movies will support Atmos, or neither of the above.


    Since I will need to buy a new A/V receiver, I have to wonder if it's really worth it to run video thru a receiver anymore?  It would only introduce lag and/or artifacts, and I believe the LG OLED I'm looking at would do any upscaling if needed (instead of the receiver).  I'm thinking a setup like this would work best:


    PS5 --HDMI 2.1--> tv --HDMI 2.1--> soundbar or audio-only receiver


    Any thoughts?

  5. 20 hours ago, LoonyLucas said:

    From what I've seen, it can play indie games, it can have an operating system installed and allow me to use it as a pc for me to access my steam library and emulators.  That's cool to me and that's why I backed it.  I can set fire to my money, my house, my car.  Why do you care?  The amount of energy you guys use to hate the VCS is mind boggling.


    I'm not interested in an Amico.  It isnt something I care to support or spend my money on.  Am I over on the intellivision forums complaining to people how it's going to fail and how they missed a deadline?


    Nope!  Because I'm not a douchebag.


    A. I don't care what you do with your money.  Did you miss that point?


    B. I do care when unethical companies take money by deceit and misinformation.  Why?  Because (as with Coleco Chameleon) I was initially interested myself if everything was legit and above-board (which it wasn't and STILL ISN'T).  Everytime a company like FAtari promises the moon and takes money from people with no idea whatsoever how to follow through with said promise, it ruins the chances that a decent, well-intended, ethical company can do the same.  The only reason the Ataribox exists (as an idea) in the first place is because Feargal Mac didn't seem to know about the Coleco Chameleon debacle.


    Whatever the opposite of buyer's remorse is, you seem to have it.  Buyer's defense??


    C.  Indeed, what have you seen from the Ataribox?  Nothing has been shown in good faith, so please enlighten all of us.

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  6. 1 minute ago, LoonyLucas said:

    Yea, it fits my needs.  That's why I backed it.  It will be a bummer if it fails, but even if it does, it's still going to function for what I will be using it for.  I'm sorry if it doesn't meet your expectations.  Sounds like you shouldn't have backed it if you did or pre-ordered it if you did. 


    If you didnt do either, you sure seem to care a lot about what other people decide what to do with their money.

    Great, let's rehash the "other people and their money choices" debate for another 1000 pages.  That's not at all the point that we skeptics have been making for what, 3 years now?


    How do you know it will fit your needs when you don't even know what it does or care what software it has or doesn't have?

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  7. I wish I could say yes, but the PS5 just seems like more of the same (and I don't follow Xbox at all).  The Ratchet & Clank preview that was shown looks fun, but didn't look like something that can't be done on PS4.  We are going to eventually see some games that will fully utilize the power and features of the PS5, but those will take years just like Last of Us 2 did on PS4.


    In the meantime, customers will get re-milked with a slew of re-issues like GTA5 (c'mon Rockstar, again?!  Make a new game already!) and other "Definitive Editions" just like we saw with PS4's launch.  Since it has a physical drive, we will see companies like Limited Run Games continue to milk people week after week by pumping out mediocre games to disc, most of which will look and play like PS4 games and which will have no real reason to physically exist except to continue their revenue stream.


    I have friends that will be buying a PS5 at launch but I'm in no hurry myself.

  8. No, what you see is the dealer's cost for the pack.  Each game in the pack would have been individually marked up later for retail sale for whatever the retailer could get for them.

    I agree that Track & Fields for $2ea in bulk seems really low, but by that same line of thinking $7.50ea for Centipede seems high.  This was at a time when no one was buying.  No one.  Of course I could be wrong and apologies if so.



    Also, let's assume that the prices are per each rather than per case.  A case of 48 paddles would be $384, which would be $936.96 in 2020 dollars (per Google)!  Everyone had paddles, most families had 2 pairs and few games used them.  I don't think people were paying $8 plus retail markup for paddles in 1985.

    Or perhaps it was a sneaky trick by the Tramiels by not clearly stating "Price/Each" so people would assume it's a bulk price, order a 6-pack of Centipedes, and then get stuck with that bill of $45 (7.50 x 6)!

  9. I'm not so sure.  There's no indication that the price is per item, so I would assume that is the price per case.  After all, 1985 wasn't after the crash, that was right smack in the worst of it.  By that time a lot of places like Toys R Us were selling games heavily discounted, sometimes as low as $5 each.

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  10. I've been wondering wth Sucker Punch has been up to since inFAMOUS Second Son, which was a very early PS4 title.  I couldn't make much headway into Sekiro before giving up and Tsushima looks to be more my style.  I'll pick it up soon. 

  11. Some rage-inducing enemies from the NES era:

    1. The thieves (Plutons?) in Kid Icarus that would jump at random by/over you and steal a weapon if you made contact

    2. Like Likes in LoZ who would eat your Magic Shield

    3. Mike Tyson in MTPO.  I would get so worked up fighting him that if anyone else was in the room, I would angrily insist they be completely silent.  I never did beat him and if I ever meet the real Mike Tyson, I'm liable to smack him in the face.  I'm sure that will go over well.

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  12. That is the Sears versionTelegames was a different company that came later and never released a version of 3D Tic-Tac-Toe.  The Sears version is super common and cheap and VGPC's value is certainly wrong.


    Edit: I would steer you to GameValueNow which is an overall better site imo.  Here is their entry for it, which shows about $6 (which seems a bit high to me!).

  13. I always like the DC controller and voted good, though of course there was room for improvement.  My main complaint would be the long throw of the analog triggers.  If you want to compare it to the most popular previous system, the N64, the controller was a marked improvement by simply having the D-pad and left analog stick both workable from one standard hand position.  Keep in mind that when the DC came out, the only real home console controller creators were Nintendo, Sega and Sony.  Sega couldn't exactly straight up copy the PS1 DualShock, and everyone nowadays seems *aghast* that they didn't, but the DC controller was just fine for the majority of games coming out for the system.  Yes, we all love the DualShock layout now, but hindsight in 2020 is 20/20 and it just wasn't a standard in 1999.


  14. Your collection is a dream to view @stupusI truly appreciate all the love and time you invested in finding those over the years.  It's humbling.  I'm happy to know I could contribute in one small way by trading my boxed Intv Tutankham to you years ago.  It definitely belongs in your collection; loose is fine by me on Intv.  I hope you'll keep showing us some other system collections as well one day, especially some of the more esoteric stuff :)

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