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  1. I always like the DC controller and voted good, though of course there was room for improvement.  My main complaint would be the long throw of the analog triggers.  If you want to compare it to the most popular previous system, the N64, the controller was a marked improvement by simply having the D-pad and left analog stick both workable from one standard hand position.  Keep in mind that when the DC came out, the only real home console controller creators were Nintendo, Sega and Sony.  Sega couldn't exactly straight up copy the PS1 DualShock, and everyone nowadays seems *aghast* that they didn't, but the DC controller was just fine for the majority of games coming out for the system.  Yes, we all love the DualShock layout now, but hindsight in 2020 is 20/20 and it just wasn't a standard in 1999.


  2. Your collection is a dream to view @stupusI truly appreciate all the love and time you invested in finding those over the years.  It's humbling.  I'm happy to know I could contribute in one small way by trading my boxed Intv Tutankham to you years ago.  It definitely belongs in your collection; loose is fine by me on Intv.  I hope you'll keep showing us some other system collections as well one day, especially some of the more esoteric stuff :)

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  3. Is there ANY chance SoR4 might get a wider, non-LRG release later?  The Wonder Boy remake was a big deal when LRG published it physically, and some of you may remember that LRG allowed their "friends" to order their copies of the highly-desired game earlier than everyone else.  Then we find out later it got a wide release by Nicalis.  I'm eager to buy the game but not really eager to give more money to LRG after staying away from them for over 2 years!

  4. Thanks for the heads-up on that @NE146!  A good friend of mine has been talking about setting up RetroPie but I told him he should wait a bit for RPi4 support.  He'll be happy to hear.


    I would guess that the RPi4 should be powerful enough to handle N64 and DC, which is where the 3 fell short.  I really enjoyed setting up RetroPie on my RPi3 but I've since moved on to a more powerful solution.  Still, for the price you really can't go wrong.  I may pick one up down the line just for fun.

  5. OK fair enough.  DK Junior just looks so ugly though!  I hate the 2600 port!  Merlin's Walls may look and play like ass (I admit I haven't played it), but it's considered a homebrew is it not?  Seems unfair to lump homebrews in - maybe a separate list would be better?


    Basic Math is present but no love (err, hate) for Eli's Ladder?  Karate is pretty damn awful and would probably be my #1.  Sssnake is a solid choice for the list too but Bugs (also by Data Age) is right up there and it holds a special, bitter place in my heart.  I bought Bugs with birthday money as a kid and I think I'm still sour about it!

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  6. If you insist on including Donkey Kong, then you must include Donkey Kong Junior which was many, MANY times worse than DK.  DK was actually playable and I would say it falls nowhere near the bottom 10 of the *entire* 2600 library.


    Also should Merlin's Walls be included since it came out after the 2600's lifespan?

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  7. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/04/turbografx-16-mini-review-mostly-best-in-class-retro-gaming-sometimes-wtf


    Ars Technica review of the TG16 Mini.  The controllers seem nice since they appear to be almost exactly the same as the originals.


    The selection of games is rather weird though.  Neutopia I and II in both English *and* Japanese?  Why??  That is so dumb.  In fact, it's my opinion that NO Japanese games (as good and plentiful as they are) should be included on a TG16 Mini.


    I know some people will be overjoyed to own this, but I'll be taking a pass.  My brief time with the NES Classic was enough to demonstrate that the lag and silly selection of games aren't worth it (to me).

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  8. On 3/25/2020 at 2:28 PM, stupus said:

    Yeah, its a crazy 1 sided system. No reason to even have an option for sellers to give feedback if it can only be positive.

    And last i read its actually against ebay policy to leave any non positive comments in a positive feedback post.

    The buyer can have them easily removed and the seller can actually get a strike for doing so. WTF!

    It was a big change when eBay stopped allowing sellers to leave negative feedback.  Overall, I think it was for the best though.  Too many sellers were using (or were able to use) feedback as leverage or petty "revenge" for a negative from an unsatisfied buyer.  I think there should still be -some- option for sellers to leave feedback on non-paying bidders or other troublemakers without having to make it "positive."


    I am curious though @stupus, did you end up leaving feedback for him with your remarks?

  9. I picked up some uncommon AES games from scandl71 and everything went wonderfully.  They are authentic and he was always friendly and responsive in our correspondence.  I couldn't have hoped for a better transaction.  Cheers!  =D

  10. Well there are only so many racing games on the Dreamcast, and even fewer that race with cars.  It shouldn't be too hard to figure out which one, but I'm too lazy to search for ya.  My best guess though would be Metropolis Street Racer.  (I don't believe Speed Devils has licensed models, though it's been years since I played it.)

  11. Both of those sound great too, especially Berzerk which has always been a favorite of mine.


    If you do plan to make further wraps, perhaps I can suggest an "overall" Vectrex theme with logos and artwork from all the games, or at least the more notable ones?  That way it would give the Vectrex more of an "arcade in a box" feel rather than focusing on just one game.


    Still, that Minestorm skin is very easy on the eyes.  Impressive work!

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  12. I have to disagree with you @Tempest only because Super Mario 64 and SoulCalibur exist. ;)


    I feel like I'm the same boat as most of you: not in a huge hurry to have a PS5.  I waited about 2 years before buying a PS3 due to the price, and it worked out great because, during that time, Sony released the DS3 instead of the crappy Sixaxis it originally shipped with.  Waited about a year to buy a PS4 simply due finishing games on PS3 and a lack of must-have early titles.


    I don't think PS5 launch will be any different.

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