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  1. I won't say it's an A+ game either, but I've always loved it and thought it head and shoulders above the majority of the 2600 library.  Enjoyed your review though.


    Side thought: is there any chance River Raid was a direct inspiration for Xevious, which came out a year later?

  2. 4 hours ago, TankedThomas said:

    @Paul Slocum's estimate of June at best is probably accurate right now. But I wouldn't be surprised if it gets delayed even past that. 

    I think we all know the coronavirus will be the excuse Atari desperately needed to shut the whole project down, while offering their sincerest apologies to the backers in that really hard-to-write email.

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  3. Games are always best on original hardware, end of story.  That assumes of course that everything is in working order.  Over the last 2 years I have started toying with emulation (RetroPie, then Hyperspin) and I would say the main draw is the convenience.  If I pull out a cart, for instance, I have to clean it with 91% alcohol/Q-tips before I even start it and that shit takes time away from gaming.  NES carts are usually the dirtiest!  It's still my preferred way to play though, even with the hassle.


    I adore emulation for MAME and older (or foreign) computers that I don't have.

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  4. Heh, it's interesting that the value of Devil's Third shot up like that when most Wii U game values seem to be falling (at least for now, they'll only go up many years down the line).  Hello Kitty Kruisers was selling for over $100 at one point and now seems to be about half that according to GVN.  Having played both, neither one is worth that much!

  5. I also agree the answer is no, and like others have said or suggested, it was really the 32X that started SEGA's downward spiral.  There was no saving the Saturn, but (to look on the positive side) I think the best thing to come of its poor reception and failure is that it made the launch of the Dreamcast one of the most exciting console launches ever.

  6. Yowch, you're a tough critic.  I personally felt the game was incredible, with interesting characters and top-notch production values.


    I can't respond to all of your points, but mainly wanted to say that though the game's characters are androids, imo the devs were trying to make a parallel with those in our society who are overlooked, silenced and oppressed.


    Loved every minute of the game.  Easy plat, too.

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  7. It's always been a favorite of mine, though admittedly it's been on a pedestal since I was a child.  If you remember (or imagine) before the crash, before NES, before SMS, when Atari 2600 ruled the gaming world - the 5200 was a top-of-the-line elite machine that appeared to completely blow away anything we saw on the 2600.  I only knew one family who had one and seeing Pac-Man on it blew my mind.  Hindsight has cleared things up a bit and history hasn't been very kind to the 5200, but to me it'll always be special.


    I wish you luck on your hunt.  You'll love it.

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  8. 5 hours ago, awhite2600 said:

    I think that all of the Zellers games were copies.  What makes this so interesting is that Zellers was a large department store chain with stores across Canada.

    I believe Inca Gold is an exception among Zellers carts, an all original game.

  9. And when you send him a list of all the common and slightly uncommon games to purchase, you MAY get a response and it may say that he has just too many games to dig through to find just these common carts that you want.


    At least that's the treatment I got, after having at least 2 successful transactions with him.  He made me feel like an asshole for wanting to buy (more) games from him, so he lost me as a customer forever.  Good luck, but I highly suggest you look elsewhere.

  10. I have to agree with Flojo here that Adventure, to me, doesn't quite rise to the level of "masterpiece."  Whatever the next step down from masterpiece is, that's where Adventure is.  Space Invaders as well as Pac-Man might be two of the very first to meet that high standard, though I'm also inclined to push it even further back (forward?) and say Super Mario Bros. is the first video game "masterpiece."

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  11. Wow, impressive pics @high voltage!


    My rarest carts are probably Tooth Protectors, Out Of Control or Quadrun, going by AA's rarity guide.  However, all R9's are certainly not the same as far as rarity goes.  I mean, compare (say) Bumper Bash, which comes up somewhat often for sale, to the NTSC Bomb games, which rarely do.  I guess you could say I don't have any of the "rare" R9's :)


    My closest brush with an R10 was back when Game Gavel was around.  I kept getting outbid on Music Machine and finally gave up because the person who kept outbidding me was none other than Mike Kennedy, the owner of the site!  This was before the Retro VGS/Chameleon disaster, but it left me forever grumpy about him.  He didn't do anything unfair, exactly, but how in the hell are you ever going to outbid someone on their own auction site??

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  12. I didn't watch the video yet either (YT blocked at work), but as a long-time collector I'll second Hoshi's suggestion that the "case" is one of the first things I look at.  He suggested artwork facing out, but I prefer to clearly read the titles on the spines because some artwork can make it hard to read/find the title or may only be on the spine.  However you do it though, you should put a price tag also right there facing out so a customer doesn't have to politely ask "And how much is that one?  And that one??".  If you or the person behind the counter is busy, and the customer is curious about some games but is shy/unsure/impatient, then you've just lost a sale.  Good luck!

  13. I've always thought the Borderlands games were fun but not ground-breaking, and I'm curious what kind of reviews we'll see for BL3.  My buddies and I co-op'ed the first 2 and we've been waiting for BL3 for a while now, but I'm in no major rush to play.  Also, I'm about 3/4th of the way through Rage 2 right now, so I may need to take a break from the post-apocalypse-wasteland-type setting for a little bit and come back to BL after the price has dropped a bit.

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